What Makes Schodack Special

“We have never met children who are so friendly and so happy.”

Why do visitors at Schodack make this comment time and time again?

We think it’s because Schodack is committed to creating an environment that brings out the absolute best in children, and in doing so we attract like-minded families looking for a certain set of values.

What are these values that are like an antidote to our technology-driven, 21st century life? They are simplicity, active participation, sharing, lots of laughter and exciting challenges. Because Schodack brings out the best of childhood, because campers thrive in our culture-of-kindness, they do not miss their TVs, computers, cell phones, and electronic games. Campers feel safe, loved, and appreciated — Schodack becomes like a second home.

AND IT SHOWS Growing Up at Schodack

Group of campers cheering

Most of our 160 staff grew up at Schodack and believe in what it stands for. Schodack is committed to its small size, family atmosphere and amazing traditions.

I’m so grateful for the 10 summers I spent at Schodack and I’ll forever consider camp one of the biggest, most positive influences on who I am today.Schodack Alum


How we foster special camaraderie and fun

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