Bunk Life

One of our favorite things to hear from our campers is: “My camp friends are my closest friends in the world.” This is our ultimate goal for your child: to make friendships at Schodack that will last their entire lives. We are successful in facilitating these relationships because of our family-feel and our focus on creating a positive bunk dynamic.

A “Bunk” at Schodack consists of about 12 boys or girls and their 3 or 4 Bunk Counselors. This grouping of campers and staff live in a cabin together, eat their meals together and travel to bunk activities all together. Each bunk is given a unique name and they create their own cheer on the first day of camp that they use to show their bunk pride for the rest of the summer. Your “Bunk” is a major part of your identity at Schodack and gives campers an immediate sense of belonging.

Interior view of Camp Schodack boys cabin
Interior view of Camp Schodack girls cabin

We all know that close relationships form through spending time together, so at Schodack our campers are with their bunkmates a lot. While there is plenty of time throughout the day for campers to choose what they would like to do, the scheduled bunk activities comprise about 70% of a typical day. We also make sure that lots of positive bonding activities happen throughout the summer that reinforce the friendships and sense of bunk identity that becomes a special part of the Schodack experience.

Boys playing cards in their camp cabin

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