Welcoming First-Time Campers

New campers quickly feel at home at Schodack. It’s a special atmosphere. Here’s why…

A group of smiling girls hug each other at summer camp

Welcoming Atmosphere

Our warm, family environment attracts a particularly friendly, down-to-earth type of camper. This promotes a wonderfully welcoming atmosphere for new campers.

New Camper Day

At New Camper Day in early June, first-time campers meet other new campers, meet the Head Staff, and can see their bunk prior to the start of camp. Parents meet with Matt, Rachel and other key staff for a fun and informative Q&A. Everyone has their first lunch at Schodack!

Young girl gives another girl a piggyback ride

Big Brother / Big Sister Friendship

First-time campers have a “Big Brother” or “Big Sister” who contacts them before camp and becomes another special friend throughout the summer.

Counselor Camaraderie

More than ninety percent of our bunk staff are former Schodack campers and are specially trained in dealing with homesickness, facilitating friendships, and helping new children feel at home. Bunk counselors are with your child all day and night – they live, eat and travel with your child from activity to activity. New campers immediately feel the comfort and camaraderie of our dedicated counselors.

Staff member and two campers look at a plant

Young boy lies on camp bunk to write

Intentional Bunk Placement

Your child’s cabin and bed placement are very important to us so we spend two months carefully assigning every camper to a specific group, a specific cabin and a specific bed in order to give them the optimal camp experience. Much time is spent discussing what you have told us about your child. We unpack all your child’s clothes, label the cubbies, decorate the bunk, and make the bed so he/she will feel very reassured and comfortable on arrival at camp.

Engaged Directors

Matt and Rachel meet with every new camper and are always available throughout the spring to connect as families are preparing for camp. Our helpful Parent Handbook is filled with strategies and advice for first-time campers and their families.

Staff member walks alongside three young campers

Frequent Parent Updates

Within the first three days of camp, you’ll receive an update from your child’s Division Head on how your child is adapting to camp. Campers phone home twice during the First Session and twice during the Second Session so you are always “in the loop,” and we welcome parent “check in” phone calls anytime!


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