Best Boys Sleepaway Summer Camp in New York

Finding a brotherhood

Camp Schodack provides a warm, nurturing environment where boys can learn new skills, improve at activities that they love the most and form friendships over a large number of years that will last a lifetime as the other cast of characters in their lives changes from elementary to middle to high school and then college.

Whether your son shoots hoop, makes clay pots, drives go-karts or likes the challenge of the ropes course, he will be able to try all of these and more in a nurturing, upbeat and friendly environment.

We have a beautiful facility in upstate New York, just 2 hours north of Manhattan. This is uniquely situated to offer a wide range of attractions in addition to all the activities that are included on the daily schedule. Boys at Schodack have long taken great advantage of this and parents are often surprised when their son returns from camp talking about caving, whitewater rafting, funyaking and an overnight camping trip – along with excursions to Jacob’s Pillow for dance recitals; Saratoga Performing Arts Center for ballet and opera and the Museum of Contemporary Art.

Camp Schodack provides all of these opportunities at no extra fee and we are always thrilled when boys come back saying, “I never knew…” with smiles all over their faces. With just 145 boys on camp, each camper is able to discover the activities and events he truly likes best and is able to spend more time developing these interests.

Camper dribbling ball across court

Letting boys flourish – without all the technology

Camp Schodack creates a warm, friendly environment which allow boys to play, be silly and funny, become a band of brothers, explore new activities, and learn about ‘team’. That’s not just sports – it’s being in the play; going with a group on a camp out; learning trust falls on the ropes course; taking part in bunk competitions against other groups. And there are no phones and no computers forcing kids to ‘look down’ – the boys have eye contact and are connected in their summer world on a level that is becoming rarer in the modern world.

Camp Schodack’s boys play all day – both at activities that we put on their daily schedule (they get to try everything!) and also including a wide variety of off-camp adventures waiting to be explored! We are just 2 hours north of Manhattan and west of Boston, which is an ideal setting for a summer camp for boys. Warm days under brilliant blue skies for running, waterskiing, swimming and the like; then starlit nights for storytelling round the campfire and rollicking, crazy evening programs where legends are made and make-believe dreams are realized.

The legacy – camper to leadership trainee to counselor

Nowhere else will you find a dedicated bunk staff like there is at Camp Schodack. More than 90% of your son’s counselors have grown up right here at Camp Schodack as campers, then taken part in our two-summer Leadership Trainee program and have returned to give back to the next generation. It is almost an inconceivable percentage, and we are so proud of having an environment where young men who grew up here are giving back to the campers of today, becoming the heroes to the new generation the way their counselors were for them several years before. It’s extraordinary – almost beyond belief – and yet that is the set up at Camp Schodack – so strong are the friendships that are formed, so caring are the counselors who have lived it themselves, that your child will be cared for by counselors who consider Camp Schodack to be their second home. The ratio of care in the bunks is a little over one counselor for three campers – and all of those are dedicated bunk counselors – the activity specialists are additional.

Counselor playing cards with campers in cabin

A History for Boys to Join

Your son will become part of the history and tradition of strong, confident and compassionate boys who care for each other in a brotherhood that lasts forever. Prior to camp we take great care in forming the bunks and staff so that we create bunks that are kind to each other, work well together as a team and enjoy the whole gamut of activities and events that Camp Schodack offers. Whether it’s go karting, basketball, waterskiing, the climbing tower or tennis, boys at Camp Schodack live in the moment and are excited for the next activity as soon as the previous one ends. Traditions are in the making; brotherhood strengthens each year and your son will likely say in the fall ‘Thanks for letting me be a part of it!”

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