Best Camp for Teens in New York

A Summer Home for Your Teen

Camp Schodack offers the ideal summer camp experience for your teen. For over 60 years, Camp Schodack has been the beloved summer camp for thousands of teenagers, the place to make life-long friendships, discover passions, enjoy exhilarating activities and revel in the beauty of our picturesque upstate New York camp grounds. Located in the foothills of the Berkshire Mountains, Camp Schodack brings teens together for a program of fun, excitement and personal growth.

Nestled in the beautiful mountains of Upstate New York, your teen will experience a summer of activity, discovery, friendship and more.

We are more than just a summer camp with fun activities and a host of amazing special events; we are a summer camp that cherishes kindness and friendship and offers a wealth of spectacular experiences that will expand your teens’ horizons and help them develop into the young men and women they will soon become. Our mature and experienced summer staff, many of whom are former Schodack campers themselves, proudly share the “warmth, tradition and spirit” that are at the heart of Camp Schodack. Filled with passion and exuberance, our counselors are carefully chosen to be superb role models for the teens that join us. We know the importance of mentors in a teens’ life, and our staff are meticulously trained in how to help teens have the best summer of their lives.

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A Place to Discover Yourself as a Teenager

Camp Schodack offers teens a chance to find out who they are, who they want to be and what they love. In the course of a day at camp, teens will have the opportunity to try a myriad of activities, from basketball to tennis to archery to waterskiing and more. At each activity area, teens will find kindred spirits, experienced activity counselors eager to share their skills and enthusiastically prepared to help your teen excel. Teens can further their interest in an activity by signing up for private lessons, or by choosing to continue that activity during any one of the three daily Camper Choice periods. The structure of planned activities and choice periods offered each day allow campers to try everything that camp has to offer, while also encouraging them to return to participate even more in the activities they love.

It is always so exciting to see a teen’s newfound love for an activity develop as they try something for the first time. From lacrosse to horseback riding to flying across the camp on the zipline, teens are encouraged to step out of their comfort zone and try their hand at a new activity. If their interest is piqued, opportunities abound for your teen to acquire new skills and new friends. Many a teen at Camp Schodack has gone on participate on a high school sports team after learning the fundamentals at camp, or to shine on the high school stage after performing in one of Schodack’s musical numbers. And it doesn’t stop there: Schodack’s legacy includes numerous professionals in a variety of areas who say they gained the essentials of their future career from their summers spent at Schodack.

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A Camp Where Friendships Matter

Of utmost importance to campers in their teen years is the concept of friendships. Camp Schodack knows the relevance of making lifelong friends at camp and creates multiple opportunities for teens to meet and develop friendships. Through shared interests, a multitude of fun activity-based interactions, low-pressured sports events and social time centered on fun games and activities, teens are given every chance to meet like-minded teens and to develop connections.

With our prevailing appreciation for inclusion and kindness, teens feel loved and welcomed into a world of compatible, friendly campers. And it doesn’t stop when the summer is over – Camp Schodack holds reunions, meet and greets, on-line games and photo contests, and more to keep teens engaged and focused on fun and friendship during the winter months. An antidote to the social and academic pressures teens feel in their everyday worlds, Camp Schodack makes an effort year-round to remind our teens that they are unique and cherished. At Schodack, we don’t take friendships for granted and our teens know how much friendships matter.

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