Best Coed Overnight Summer Camps

The positivity of a coed environment

Camp Schodack has been a coed camp since its creation in 1957. We believe that a healthy coed environment mirrors the real world and is good for children to experience while at camp. Boys and girls develop friendships while at Schodack, and gather together for meals and all-camp events. Being coed also allows siblings or cousins to spend some time together and strengthen their relationships while at camp. While this sense of an overall camp community is paramount at Schodack, we also appreciate the need for when a separation is important as well.

All instructional sports and activities at Schodack are attended as part of your bunk, which is a group of boys or girls grouped together by age and personality. We also have competitive sports leagues, which are separated by age and gender as well. Our philosophy of encouraging our coed camp community to all get to know each other, while also providing lots of time and instruction for just a child’s specific age group and gender, works perfectly to help our campers both feel comfortable and push themselves to try new things. We create a special feeling at Schodack, and the cohesion of our coed community is a big reason why.

Group of campers sits next to rock pool

The Best Staff for a coed camp

The incredible staff at Schodack is part of what makes us stand out. Starting with our leadership, the Krouner family has owned and operated the camp since in creation in 1957. Paul Krouner holds a doctorate in education and Matt Krouner is a licensed psychologist. Everything decision we make in operating the camp comes from a deep understanding of child development and what helps children grow and have fun.

Another unique aspect to Schodack is that more than 90% of our bunk counselors grew up as at Schodack as former campers.

This incredible aspect of our community ensures that your child will love their staff, and that each of counselors are perfectly suited to be the supportive role model you want for you camper. All of our female bunk staff have been specially trained to work with the age group of girls they are placed with and your daughter will bond immediately with her staff. Our male counselors go through the same training, and our specialized attention to various age groups is why our campers return summer after summer. You will know the comfort of having such wonderful, dedicated staff when you meet your child’s counselors on our New Camper Day at camp in early June.

We Offer it All

We are proud to be a camp that offers a varied and exciting program for all children, no matter what their favorite areas of interest are. Schodack has many campers who die-hard sports fanatics, choosing to play team sports all day at the highest level. We also have campers whose interest is more aligned with the outdoors and adventure opportunities. For these campers we offer an extensive adventure course on camp and countless off-camp adventures as well. Many of our campers are passionate about creative and performing arts and thrive in our dram program and arts and crafts facility.

We also offer many cultural trip opportunities to local museums and performances for campers who wish to attend. Our varied program allows children the perfect combination of trying new things and delving more deeply into the things they are already passionate about. We also want to point out that no matter what you camper chooses: private tennis lessons, extra waterskiing, horseback riding, off-camp trips, Cross Fit Instruction etc., there are no extras or hidden fees at Schodack. We feel strongly that camp tuition should cover everything a camper chooses to do while they are at Schodack.

Group of young campers goes for a day hike

A break from Technology in A Coed Environment

21st Century life has brought many wonderful advancements, but it has also brought increased challenges for our children to overcome. The anxiety produced from navigating social media and the social pressures inherent in our current life can be draining for children throughout the school year. At Schodack, we want the summer to be a break from that and we truly believe we have found a way to cerate an environment that gives children their much-deserved break. It starts with a simple policy around technology: we do not allow any devices with access to the Internet, video games or movie. Camp is not a place to be glued to your screen but to engage with your friends, enjoy your beautiful environment and learn to live at a simpler pace.

Our campers are also required to write letters home each week. That’s right…handwritten letters sent via snail mail! We believe this type of communication is important in that it acts a time of reflection for children. Fitting with this theme, we also have semi-uniform at Schodack where Schodack campers all wear camp shirts throughout the day. This policy reinforces that camp is not place to worry a out how you dress or to compete for the fanciest clothes, but to be active and carefree in a non-judgmental environment. Our campers and our camp parents love these policies and it’s these traditional values that keep Schodack thriving.

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