Best Coed Sleep Away Camps

Best of all worlds for boys and girls

Camp Schodack provides a warm, nurturing environment where boys and girls thrive in an active, participation based array of activities. Campers get the best of both worlds, learning sports, swimming, waterskiing and so on by bunk, but being able to take part in musicals, mixed doubles tennis tournaments, the lip sync and go on adventure trips with both boys and girls.

All of our daily-scheduled activities are done by bunk – each group spends 45 minutes at that activity before moving onto something else. This allows for instruction and skill development to be done within the confines of the bunk group along with the counselors. However special events that might also include the Rock, Paper Scissors Tournament, The Talent Show, Bunk Spirit at Mealtimes are best enjoyed in a co-ed environment which models the rest of society.

Group of young campers goes for a day hike

Group friendships for all our campers

Camp Schodack creates a warm, friendly environment that allow boys and girls to play, be silly and enjoy growing up in a technology-free environment where communication by talking is the reality and not the exception! The friendly competition that exists between the boys and the girls at the bunks’ Triple Crown events has become a thing of legend and the cooperation to put on outstanding musicals and revue shows has been tremendous.

Campers develop friendships over the years with girls and boys and this continues right through the Leadership Training Program and onto staff.

A co-ed staff – former campers becoming your child’s counselors

Camp Schodack has the most dedicated and loyal bunk staff that there is – which is hardly surprising since more than 90% of them grew up here as campers, then took part in our two-summer Leadership Trainee program and have returned to give back to the next generation. It is an astounding percentage, and we are so proud of having an environment where young men and women who grew up here are giving back to the campers of today, becoming the heroes to the new generation the way their counselors were for them several years before. This happens because of the supportive, pressure-free environment that we help the girls and boys grow up in. Social, co-ed issues barely exist at all even as the campers get older, because of the focus on group friendships and the way our days are structured. Your child will be cared for by counselors who consider that Camp Schodack is their second home. With one bunk counselor (none of whom teach an activity, by the way) to just over three campers, your child will have a level of nurturing and care unmatched anywhere.

Group of campers sits next to rock pool

The legacy

Your child will benefit greatly from the atmosphere at Camp Schodack. Girls and boys grow confident as their skills at activities improve and as their personal relationships and friendships grow stronger. Before camp starts we take great care in forming the bunks and staff so that we create bunks that are kind to each other, work well together as a team and enjoy all of the activities and special events that make up the summer.

As the campers grow older and become Leadership Trainees, girls and boys work together for much of the summer to put on events for the enjoyment of the camp The Carnivals, The All For One Special Event and the Theme Dinners for example – having grown up together it is great to see the boys and the girls working together as an 85-person team to achieve great things. Traditions run deep at Camp Schodack and the strong, compassionate, supportive-of-each-other girls and boys are the ones making it all happen.

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