Best Girls Resident Camp in New York

Finding a sisterhood at camp

Camp Schodack provides a safe welcoming place where girls can try new activities, spend extra time at those that they love the most and develop close friendships with their bunkmates. These relationships grow very strong in a short time and end up lasting a lifetime as the other cast of characters in their lives changes from elementary to middle to high school and then college. Whether your daughter plays soccer, hammers out leather friendship bracelets, waterskis, plays tennis or does flips at gymnastics, she will be able to try all of these in a nurturing, upbeat and friendly environment. Girls learn to work together in groups, whether to put on a lip sync performance in The Triple Crown, establishing their bunk cheer and identity or working on trust falls at the ropes course. Girls go home more confident about their skills, their sense of self and proud of their contributions to their summer sisters.

Smiling girls hang onto vertical ropes

Letting girls flourish in a technology-lite environment

Camp Schodack creates a warm, friendly environment that allow girls to play, act goofy, make ‘friends for life’, explore new adventures, and learn about girl power in different groups (bunk; team; on ropes course; on camping trip; in the musical, etc). With no phones and no computers, our campers spend their days engaged in fun activities – both those structured for them and others where they can choose what they would like to do more of – and a whole slew of off-camp adventures waiting to be explored! Our ideal spot nestled in the foothills of the Berkshires on the New York side gives us the perfect setting for a summer camp for girls. Summer days under blue skies for running, playing, swimming in the heated pools and skiing on a crystal lake – then warm evenings, with laughter round the campfire and songs to make the crickets jealous.

Empathy – home-grown counselors for your daughter

Where else than Camp Schodack will you find a bunk staff of young women, more than 90% of whom grew up as campers here at Schodack, were trained in a Leadership Training program for two summers and then have returned to give back to the campers the way they remember their staff ‘being there’ for them. It’s extraordinary – almost beyond belief – and yet that is the set up at Camp Schodack – so strong are the friendships that are formed, so caring are the counselors who have lived it themselves, that your child will be cared for by counselors who consider Camp Schodack to be their second home. After growing up at camp and a ten-day staff orientation period prior to each summer our forty or so girl bunk counselors (ratio around 1 for each 3 campers) are ready to guide your daughter to the summer of her life!

Campers and counselor group hug at summer camp

A sense of belonging at camp

Your daughter will become part of the history and tradition of strong, confident girls and women who care for each other and stay as best friends for the long haul. We take many weeks in the spring of each year creating kind, happy groups who will enjoy together experiencing everything that camp has to offer. From gymnastics, to soccer, to tennis, dance and arts and crafts, girls here at Camp Schodack become a ‘what’s next?’ type of camper, excited for the next thrill or adventure to come. In addition, girls learn to become great friends, to work together as a group, to create their own traditions and to live their dreams.

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