Best Girls Sleepaway Summer Camp in New York

Choosing the Best Camp for Your Daughter

Camp Schodack, privately owned by the same family for over sixty years, tops the list of best camps for girls of all ages due to its top-notch leadership, compassionate and energetic staff, beautiful facilities, and enduring philosophy that lets girls enjoy a summer of fun in a happy, safe, nurturing environment.

Whether you’re looking for a wide array of activities or an engaging summer of fun for your child, Camp Schodack offers a camp experience that is second to none.

With abundant playing fields, a thriving culture of friendship and comradarie, top-notch dramatic and creative arts programs, outdoor cooking, gymnastics, softball and much, much more, Camp Schodack appeals to girls of all ages and interests. Our dynamic leadership beings with the Owners/Directors, Paul Krouner, a legend in the camp world, and his son, Matt, a clinical psychologist by trade and a passionate and caring camp owner and director, and trickles down to their amazing leadership team. Their belief in the shared experience of fun combined with the careful tailoring of each campers’ success creates a camp that delivers an unforgettable sleepaway summer camp experience for each and every camper.

Girls laugh while walking across summer camp lawn

A Perfect Blend of Structure and Choice for Girls

Paramount to a camper’s experience at Camp Schodack is our emphasis on encouraging girls to try new skills, speak their minds and gain new confidence in a nurturing, safe environment. Camp Schodack offer a perfect blend of structured activities that each girl attends with their bunkmates, from waterskiing to archery to horseback riding, and then opens up all activities during 3 Camper Choice periods each day.

During Camper Choice, each camper can choose to return to any activity they desire. If they want to swim, they can head to the pool. If they’d like to improve their tennis serve, they can head to the tennis courts. Whether it’s archery, lacrosse, the climbing wall, dance or more, campers learn to make choices and acquire new skills, while gaining a sense of independence in the process. With friendly, knowledgeable staff at each activity area, campers discover new strengths and interests. In addition to all the activity areas available to campers during Camper Choice, Schodack also offers engaging workshops during these times.

From creative writing to drama workshops to photography and more, campers can get involved in a variety of individual and group activities each day.

Further opportunities for creative expression include tapping into one’s journalistic sills for our daily newspaper, the Schodack Scoop, or creating a two-story architectural delight out of LEGOS in our comfy game room. Girls at Schodack can compete in intercamp games and in-camp leagues or join an optional trip to the Baseball Hall of Fame. They can also take part in a musical performed in our beautiful Playhouse, attend optional trips to the ballet, musical performances, art museums and more. Hikes, water parks, cross-fit training, nature trails and whitewater rafting round out the choices available to Schodack campers.

A Camp that Nurtures and Inspires Our Female Campers

At Camp Schodack, we believe the ideal summer sleepaway camp should be a place where life skills such as teamwork, independence and resiliency are fostered in a safe, loving environment. To that end, we train our staff in the philosophy that permeates all we do – the importance of kindness. Schodack campers and counselors are reminded often of the emphasis we put on treating each other with kindness, and to see this in action is a refreshing peak into an amazing and envied camp experience. The enduring friendships that are built in the summer camp environment are not to be taken for granted. At Schodack, the wonderful traditions of summer camp – silly games and all-camp activities, celebrating friendships, and engaged, passionate counselors – are offered in an environment that promotes kindness, confidence and friendship in a nurturing community environment.

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