A Summer Home Where Boys Shine

Camp Schodack believes in the transformative power of play. We provide opportunities for boys to try their hand at new skills, shoot hoops, build a birdhouse, join a baseball team, hike a trail, drive a go-cart, participate in a variety of exciting adventures such as rappelling from our 5-sided climbing wall, whitewater rafting or zip-lining, and play their hearts out on our beautiful, 100+-acre facility in the New York foothills of the Berkshire mountains. New York state offers a plethora of outdoor adventures and excursions, and in addition to the sports, arts, games and water activities on their daily schedule, boys at Schodack can choose to hike, climb, bike or horseback ride on the stunning land and trails in our own backyard. In addition, Schodack campers take advantage of the many adventures nearby, such as caving, whitewater rafting, funyaking and overnight camping trips. With only 140 boys, each individual child is given the attention he needs to explore what he loves, whether it’s sports, creative arts, water activities and more. Every boy has the opportunity to shine, and every camper feels that they belong.

Boys doing archery at summer camp

Letting Boys “be boys”

Camp Schodack creates a warm, friendly environment that allow boys to play, be silly, engage in close friendships, explore new adventures, and learn how to “be boys” in the best sense of the word: leaving technology behind, our campers spend their days engaged in fun, great conversation, a carefully-constructed balance of structured activities and self-guided play, and a myriad of outdoor explorations waiting to happen! Our fantastic location in upstate New York provides an ideal setting for the perfect summer camp for boys: bright, warm summer days, spot-on for a fun afternoon of waterskiing and basketball or a dip in one of our two heated pools, and cool, comfortable summer evenings, ideal for s’mores and campfires and star-covered skies.

Boys playing cards on the grass at summer camp

Outstanding Role Models for your Son

A unique and favorite aspect of Camp Schodack is the large number of “home grown’ staff, young men who have enjoyed the comraderie and bounty of Schodack as children and return to give back to the Schodack community. Bunk counselors are chosen for their warmth and friendliness and are trained throughout their Leadership Training years and Staff Orientation in the skills necessary to be safe, responsible staff members. Almost all of our bunks are staffed entirely by counselors who have grown up with the Schodack values of kindness and active participation, and they are eager to share their love of camp and love of life with the boys in their charge. Awash in the traditions, warmth and sprit of Camp Schodack, these college-aged young men offer our boys an unparalleled opportunity to learn what it means to be a happy, engaged, kind and thoughtful young man in the 21st century.

Counselor carries camper on his shoulders

Summer of His Life

At Camp Schodack, your son will become part of a tradition of happy campers, well cared for by carefully trained, experienced counselors, and surrounded by friendly and inviting boys of all ages. We strategically create each group of boys to be a kind, cohesive group, eager to participate in all camp offers, and we create each bunk schedule to allow each boy to try every activity available at Schodack. From horseback riding to tennis to go-karts and more, boys at Schodack revel in the fun and excitement of each day at camp. We know that important lessons learned at camp are more than just a better tennis serve or a slalom ride on the waves; boys at Schodack learn to be kind and compassionate, learn what it takes to make life-long friendships, learn to be resilient and independent, and learn to be proud of all that they are. There’s a reason Schodack boasts a highly-coveted rate of return – over 90% of our campers return year after year, which speaks to the happiness boys find at Schodack.

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