Best Sleepaway Summer Camp in New England

New England’s best Summer Camp Staff

Camp Schodack has the best, most dedicated bunk staff anywhere in New England. A bold statement, but we know of nowhere else that has such a focused Bunk Staff – this is not the tennis instructor that sleeps in the cabin at night, but one of 3 or 4 bunk staff per cabin who spend all day with your child. And while having dedicated bunk staff is a great idea but not unique, what does stand out at Camp Schodack is that 90% of them grew up as campers and then were trained by us! Astonishing!

The campers at Schodack care about their camp, its traditions and nurturing, supportive way of life. Their number one priority is to return as bunk counselors so that they can give back to the next generation!

Moreover, the campers are beyond excited because they know the history and background of their counselors as they have seen them being trained and prepared for the role! In addition, Camp Schodack has activity specialists from all over the USA and also the UK and Australia – and the very best of those may return in bunk counselor and group leader roles in future years, providing the best quality team of staff to look after and inspire your child.

Warmth, Tradition and Spirit

Camp Schodack is a wonderful sleep-away camp in New England, but if you want your child to bring his/her iPhone and to spend hours on the computer during their time, then this is not the camp for you!! We know there are plenty of benefits from technological age, but we believe that for the summer time at camp, a technology-free focus on group friendships is the way to go. Camp Schodack provides a warm family environment for girls and boys in an upbeat, fun and kid-oriented tempo! Campers participate in a wide array of activities, from sports, the dramatic and creative arts, horseback riding, swimming and waterskiing.

All campers are exposed to everything, with instruction and skill development at each activity and the bunk group moves through the day together, excited at each new adventure. Each camper however is able to choose his or her favorite activities and spend a couple of hours a day away from the family group – encouraging a sense of independence – to make sure they are able to develop most in those areas they enjoy and are particularly interested in.

Girl climbs wall toward camera at summer camp

Lots to explore in New England

Camp Schodack is ideally placed in New England to take advantage oflots of cultural attractions not readily available to most sleep-away camps. Located in the foothills of the Berkshires, Camp Schodack attends Jacob’s Pillow dance recitals, visits the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art, and the Norman Rockwell museum. Just north of us we take campers each year to both the ballet and the opera at the Saratoga Performing Arts Center.

All of these are optional extras (though there is no additional fee) and it is wonderful each year to see campers thrilled and inspired by what they have seen and heard. “I never knew how much I’d love it at…” is a regular response afterwards! Camp Schodack’s campers enjoy whitewater rafting and kayaking, indoor caving and spectacular campouts as much as any kids do, and like most camps offer – but we are thrilled to be able to offer these cultural experiences that our location allows.

Boys gather to look at something

An atmosphere to cherish in New England

Camp Schodack’s atmosphere will encourage and help your child thrive and grow. Girls and boys grow confident as their skills at activities improve and as their personal relationships and friendships grow stronger with each passing summer. Extraordinary care is spent in placing each child and counselor in the best cabin for them (there are 3 or 4 bunks to each age group) in order to create a family atmosphere where campers are kind and enjoy spending considerable time with each other, forming an extremely strong bunk identity.

And while activities during the day are spent with the bunk group, both camper choice periods and special evening programs allow plenty of opportunity to spend time with campers from other bunks. As younger campers see what lies ahead at Camp Schodack – the opportunity to become Leadership Trainees (with the extra responsibility, fame and even glory that comes with that) and then become staff members like the awesome ones they have right now – these campers are thrilled and excited that there is a long, varied and exciting future laid out for them at Camp Schodack. It truly becomes their second home.

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