10 Reasons to be Excited for Summer 2019!!!


We are now only 37 days away from Summer 2019, so we thought it was time to remind you about some things to be excited for!

1. Carter & Rachel!

Over the last few months, we have made 2 pretty big announcements about our year-round staffing team. Both Jon Carter and Rachel Max Lewis have been working over the winter in their new roles and this will be the first full summer that both of them will be back here at the 12123. They are very excited to be part of Schodack this summer and for many years to come.

2. Seeing Your Camp Friends

Ok, so this is a pretty obvious one, but how could we talk about being excited for Camp and not mention Camp friends! Some of you will have found ways to hang out over the off-season but for many of you, this will be the first time you are all back together in one place and we hope you are looking forward to it as much as we are.

3. Brand New Schodack Videographer

We have added a brand new position to our summer staffing to compliment the already excellent work of our Camp Photographer. This new role will allow us to add video slideshows and other great media content throughout the summer. We are really excited about this new position and for the great opportunities that this will create.

4. New Head Staff Team

We have an amazing Head Staff team. Some of our team are returning from last year to continue in their roles and some of our Head Staff are new to their positions this year. Each of them brings valuable years of both Camp and real-world experience and we know that they are going to do an excellent job.

5. Staying ‘Green’

In an effort to reduce our waste at Camp and generally improve our environmental impact, this summer we are looking to recruit staff and camper volunteers to help with some ‘green’ initiatives. This team will help at certain meals, such as cookout, to encourage people to recycle correctly, to reduce their food waste and leave Camp looking clean and tidy. They will also track how much food we compost throughout the summer! After all, there is only one Schodack, so let’s look after it.


You are probably thinking that you get excited about Tribals every year, right? But this year the Special Events team have been talking and planning all winter to make sure that this year the Tribals schedule will be better than ever before. New games, new events, and new challenges will be unveiled!

7. The New Camp Logo

Technically we revealed this last summer but that means this is the first summer our new Schodack Gear is available with the new logos. We have already seen some of you sporting the new logos in your amazing pictures for ‘Wear Your Camp Shirt Day’ and we cannot wait to see lots more over throughout the summer.

8. Delicious Food Options 

You may have seen the blog post a short while back announcing we partnered with Camp Nutrition Specialist, Marla Mittler. This partnership has seen us take on many new ideas for healthy food options at Camp while also making sure we hold on to your favorites meals and snacks such as Chicken McSchodack, Giant Cookies, Chipwiches and many more!

9. There are only 37 days until CAMP starts!

That’s right, you read it correctly…Just 37 days until you will be boarding the busses, driving cross country, meandering up Krouner Road, then finally getting off at your second home, the 12123!

10. It’s CAMP!

As if you even need another reason to get excited about the summer than simply living and playing with your best friends in the warm Schodack sunshine all day, every day. We cannot wait to have you all back here with us at Schodack.

See you all in just 37 days!