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Brand New Gluten-Free Kitchen!!

We are very aware of how important food is in the lives of our campers and are proud of the healthy and varied options we serve in our dining hall every day of the summer. That’s why we are thrilled to announce that we just became an even better place for children with gluten-free diets and other food allergies/sensitivities!


Gluten Sensitivity/CGLUTEN_FREE_Green_LOGOeliacs:

While we have had children at Schodack with gluten-free diets for years, beginning summer of 2014 we will have a separate, gluten-free kitchen where we will prepare alternatives to the main meals for campers who can’t eat gluten. We will also have a current parent (and Schodack alum) live on camp and act as a food-liaison for campers with all dietary needs.

This new staff position along with our new gluten-free kitchen and all of our other options at every meal (salad bars, fruit stations, soup stations, deli bar and pasta stations in addition to our main meal served family-style at each table) are exciting additions to culinary life at Schodack!


Head Staff 2014 Announcement!!!

We are incredibly excited to announce our Head Staff for the summer of 2014!! This group is an especially talented and enthusiastic bunch, and we feel very lucky to have them all on board this early in the year! Take a look!


970915_10152425643532814_1281682159_nTessa Shapiro, Division Head
After shining as a camper, Bunk Counselor, Group Leader and 2-Day Tribals General, Tessa will be a super addition to our leadership team as she returns for her 11th summer at Schodack! Her experience with Junior campers makes her an ideal fit for the youngest girls on camp.







Allie Johnson, Division Head
Returning for her second summer on Head Staff, Allie is loved by all her girls and brings amazing positivity to camp! Her passion for working with children continues throughout the year as she is an Elementary Ed and Special Ed Major at College! Last year’s Super Juniors are now growing up and in middle camp and in Allie they have the perfect role model to guide them.







Ciara Ooi, Division Head
Few people make as big a splash at camp their first summer as Ciara did! From the Playhouse stage to her warmth and maturity in dealing with campers, Ciara will be a fantastic addition to our Head Staff Team and the Senior Girls should prepare for an amazing summer.







Danielle MacKay, Division Head
Danielle was a powerhouse with the Junior boys and girls last summer and we’re thrilled to have her return for her second year on Head Staff. She caught her first shark off the coast of Florida this fall, lives for Gators football and is super excited to be the DH for the youngest boys.













Dontae Wilson, Division Head
As a third year Head Staffer, Dontae brings great continuity and experience to our leadership team. An educator during the rest of the year, D-Train is the undoubted Master of “The Cleanliness Cup” and his bunks are sure to be spotless!










Mike Palese, Division Head
They say that trends flow from West to East across America and once you’ve met this phenomenal Group Leader out of El Segundo, CA it is hard to disagree. At the forefront of Dining Hall cheers, Hipster Mike made a huge impression in his first summer at camp and will make a great Middle Boys DH.












Max Bradley, Team Sports Coordinator

Back for his 6th summer at camp, Maxie has been a Soccer Counselor twice, Group Leader, LT Staff Member and Substitute Activity Counselor (SAC), 2-Day and Tribals General and now Team Sports Coordinator! As a college athlete he will bring great knowledge and enthusiasm to the role and will be the leading face of Ultra Leagues and Inter-Camp games!













Astrid Rudder, Activity Counselor Supervisor (ACS)

With an unparalleled love for camp, Astrid will follow-up her two summers as Head of our Ropes Program and becoming a 2-Day General by earning the role of ACS! Her outdoor/adventure expertise and creativity will be huge assets to the team!










Stew Hume, Activity Counselor Supervisor (ACS)

As a WSI Lifeguard and seasoned Head Aquatics Director, Stew is a vital member of the head staff team. Famous for bringing “Pool Olympics” to Schodack and with experience as both a pool counselor, Head Pool and 2–Day General, Stew will get to be even more involved in camp than ever before.













Jessie Nosenchuck, LT Coordinator

Wow. This will be 13 summers for Jessie at Schodack! As a graduate of the LT Program, Jessie was amazing as a Bunk Counselor, Group Leader and Tribals General. Jessie is excited to join the LT program again, bringing her upbeat personality with her!







Harry Rose, LT Coordinator

With creativity and energy, Harry has excelled in three years as Head Drama, Group Leader, 2-Day General and Division Head. After overseeing a wonderful Super Senior Program, Harry will bring his fresh ideas to an already amazing LT Program!








Doug Herbst, Special Events Coordinator

Not to be surpassed, Doug Herbst will be returning for his 20th year at Schodack! Continuing his family’s amazing legacy at camp, Doug has done just about every major role on camp: Bunk Counselor, Group Leader, Tribals General, ACS, Division Head and The SPEC. His experiences both at camp and as a teacher throughout the year add so much to Schodack!

From The Mind Of OPJ…

I received an email the other day from a young woman, probably around twenty-seven years of age. The gist of it was that she is going to be inducted into her high school’s athletic hall of fame at the end of the month, and would I (as one of her coaches from back in the day) like to join her table for the dinner at the event?


Talk about being hit by a ton of emotion from just a few lines on a screen. Memories of practices and games from a decade ago, thinking about the example she set which has influenced future players who know of her only by reputation, even of the poem I wrote which summed up her soccer career in 2003.

And that set me thinking back to a couple of years ago when I had returned to visit the boarding schools of my youth and sought out those teachers who had had a big and lasting effect on me. And thanked them for it! I thought at the time, and it was brought back to me the other day, how happy those schoolmasters looked when they heard my words pretty much out of the blue.

All of which brings me to why I am telling you this. Pretty obvious, huh? Whether you are a camper, a staff member or a parent, you all must have had counselors, teachers, coaches or mentors that made a big difference in your life. It may have been recently, or maybe it was several years or more ago. But when was the last time you told them about it?

You know, the irony is, it may well be that what was a huge deal to you is something that they may barely remember – or at least not in the detail that you do. But I can assure you that they will love hearing what a positive impact they were able to make. And the longer ago it was, the more impactful your telling them my be.

So, November’s the month for Thanksgiving, right? Time to pick up a pen, surf through Facebook, get out an old yearbook, scroll through your iPhone; heck some of us oldsters may even have a dusty rolodex filed away (kids, ask your parents about that!).  Find that person or people and let them know how you feel!

And then take that goodness that was shown to you and pass it on!

Schodack Sightings!

Check out where Schodack campers have been spotted in the past few weeks!

Ben Gardy on the Highline in Lower Manhattan…Matt Shearer on the ice at CityIce Pavilion…Julia and Jacob Friedman at Camp Schodack for Fall Fest…Cory Halpert at the basketball courts in Riverside Park…Sasha Kudon, Darah Greenbaum, Janae and Zora Hemmings on the soccer field (shown below on the left) Alec and Craig Carroll with Sydney and Andrew Rolnick in Chicago (shown below on the right)…Carly Ashner and Lianora Villarreal-Halprin on the Newton South soccer field…Julie Silverman at our Needham winter office!





We love hearing about (and seeing) what Schodack campers are up to throughout the fall. Send us emails and picture updates so you can be in the next edition of “Schodack Sightings!”