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Head Staff Spotlight: Sports at Schodack!

Throughout the year we all love to look at photos from camp, speak to friends and generally reflect on great camp memories. Equally we find ourselves wishing that summer could come around quickly, taking us back to the place that makes us happiest. Around this time every year, it starts to dawn on me that camp is drawing closer and closer, along with the overwhelming feeling of excitement.14451_10151859965256584_10743441_n

Now entering my sixth year at camp, I’ll be embarking on a new challenge as Schodack’s  “Team Sports Coordinator.” It’s a job I’m very focused on completing with due diligence and enthusiasm. I am delighted to be in a supervisory role, and aim to bring my experience as a personal trainer and collegiate soccer player to great use this summer. My position gives me the opportunity for a new level of mentoring for campers and staff; a platform which I find extremely rewarding.

On top of focusing on my activity areas, another main goal of mine is to have a positive impact on camp, for both staff and campers. I aim to achieve this by being full of positive energy and exuberance and by giving help and advice whenever needed.

There are so many aspects of the summer I look forward to. First, Tribals, one of the most exciting parts of camp. Talking from a very personal level, there is nothing more special than the spirit of the green and white teams competing and coming together to embody the true camp experience. I am also thrilled at the chance to meet new people from around the world, participate in all the activity periods with the kids and the staff, organize the sublime ‘Ultra Leagues’ and the inter-camp games. And of course there is the craziness of the dining hall, the songs and cheers, Triple Crown, the USA vs. International Soccer Game and much more.

Speaking of inter-camp games….I have already been hard at work getting us signed-up for some awesome tournaments and sports at other camps. We’ve got 15 planned so far in various sports and for all age groups with more to come!

For me, this year marks a significant milestone in my camp history. It is not just the activities that I look forward to, I am equally excited for things like the sunshine (I’m British), the smell of the grass, talking to friends both new and old, seeing the sun set from atop the corral hill and star gazing on the clearest of nights.  As they say, it is the simple things in life.

I’m really excited to be back and I can’t wait to see you all there! Bring on Summer 2014!



Camp Improvements Update!

David, Terry and Steve, our year-round team of maintenance workers, have been very busy this year! Like always, we are constantly updating and improving the physical layout of camp, but this off-season we took on particularly exciting projects!

Look at some of what we’ve done:

*Our 3-year goal of adding a beautiful deck to every bunk on camp has been successfully completed! By adding on to G1a, G5, G6, G7, G7a and G4b, now every camper bunk has a beautiful outdoor space to hang out on!

*Bunks B, B1, B2 and G1 have all undergone interior renovations! Campers in each of these buildings will love the newer open floor plans and enhanced lighting.

*Sadly, the beloved “Stop-SIgn Tree” by the Office succumbed to old age and had to be removed, but in its place is beautiful new landscaping and plantings all along the edge of the main lawn.

photo(A look at the HUGE deck that covers the whole G6 and G7 complex!)

photo(The brand new deck for G7 and G7a)










Once again, the warmth and generosity of Schodack families has fueled the CLOTHING EXCHANGE – many of you have written to offer out-grown Schodack clothing for other families to use. if you have gently-used clothing that your child has outgrown and that you’d like to donate to someone else, send me an email with the style/color/size and I’ll match it up with families looking for camp gear.

Then, simply pack the clothes in a plastic bag marked “clothing exchange” and pack it in your child’s duffle. When we unpack your camper’s duffels, we’ll take the donated clothing and distribute it as needed.

For those of you who are looking for camp clothing, send me an email with what you’re looking for (i.e. green zip-up sweatshirt, size youth small) and I’ll try to find a match. If I find a match I’ll let you know, and we’ll then make sure the clothes, with your child’s name written inside, get to your child’s cubbies.

We’ll keep the extras washed and folded and ready for emergencies!

Happy Pkaren-leadershipacking!!


Staff Spotlight: New Tour Coordinator and Food Liaison!

We are thrilled to officially announce that after two summers working in the camp office, Dana Goldberg will be our new Tour Coordinator and Food Liaison this summer! As Tour Coordinator, Dana will be the face of Schodack to many of the new families who come to visit camp throughout the summer; as Food Liaison, a brand new role we created along with our gluten-free kitchen, she will coordinate meals for all of the campers who have special dietary needs and communicate with their parents both before and during the summer as necessary.

Here is some information to help you get to know Dana:

Dana Goldberg was a camper at Schodack from 1977-1981 and she is thrilled to be working at camp again this summer. Dana lives in Brooklyn with her husband and two sons, Lewis and Ben Woloch, who are both continuing the family tradition as happy campers. Dana brings her empathy for parents and their children, her commitment to healthy eating, and her love of camp induced laughter, and early Schodack mornings to her summers at camp.










(left: Dana as a camper, right: Dana now, with sons Lewis and Ben.)

Dana holds a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology along with a Master of Arts in Counseling from N.Y.U. and a Bachelor’s degree from Colgate University. Dana completed her post-doctoral clinical training at the William Alanson White Institute and she spends the school year working at Brooklyn Friends School as the Admissions Screening Consultant, and at N.Y.U. as an Adjunct Professor in the Master’s Program in Mental Health and Wellness. Dana is planning to integrate her varied work experience and open a group clinical practice in Brooklyn in the near future.

We are thrilled to have Dana in these expanded roles this summer!

Announcing Brand New….Fishing!!

Each summer we find ways to expand our program by offering new and exciting activities. In recent years we have placed a particular focus on increasing our outdoor/adventure offerings for campers who want to experience nature in fun and exciting ways. This summer, in addition to greatly expanding our outdoor cooking program and doubling the number of white-water rafting trips we offer, campers will be able to say they’ve…Gone Fishin’!

gonefishingCampers will have the option to sign-up for Fishing as an optional activity during Camper Choice at the Lake. An angler himself, Matt Krouner will be supervising the start of this activity along with members of our lake staff.

We have received a number of requests for fishing over the past few years and know this will be a popular addition to Schodack in 2014!

Schodack Staff Achievement!

Taking part in the Leadership Trainee Program at Schodack is a big deal – it’s an experience that undoubtedly provides you with friends for life and important life-skills for whatever you choose to pursue. Because we take great pride in the impact camp has had on our campers’ lives, we are excited to share this impressive list of colleges where our current staff who took part in the LT Program attend. We are very proud of the accomplishments of all our LT’s!



















Emerson College


George Washington University




Miami (The U)




Penn State

Rhode Island


SUNY – Binghamton



UMass Amherst

Wash U


Congratulations to all of you!