2015 Head Staff Announcement – Special Events Coordinator (SPEC)





Abe Gatling, Special Events Coordinator (SPEC)

Joining us for his 11th summer at Schodack, Abe is MORE THAN READY to join our fantastic Head Staff team. He’s as versatile as it gets, having led multiple activity areas at camp and also being a standout Group Leader and Tribals General throughout the years. His passion for working with children extends beyond camp too, as he recently graduated from Vassar College with a degree in Psychology with a Concentration in Child Development. Currently working for a childcare company in Brooklyn, Abe is also finding time to hone his skills as a stand-up comedian in NYC. Among his many distinctions, Abe holds the honor of being the only person in Schodack history to be able to jump flatfooted from the ground onto the top mattress of a bunk-bed! Talents like these make him a true Schodack Legend! Join us in welcoming Abe to Head Staff 2015!!!!