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Staff Spotlight: Andrew Lief’s Guest Blog Post!!




Growing up, I knew one weekend every summer I would be taking a trip up to camp with my parents (both Schodack alumni) and my sister, Brittney, for the annual alumni weekend. This was a trip that I always looked forward to.

This trip allowed me the opportunity to play any sport I wanted to and to be able to run around on what I thought was the biggest field of grass in the world (which I later learned was called Siberia).

Fast-forward to today, I am preparing for my 13th summer at camp after spending eight as a camper and four on staff. This summer, I will be one of the Leadership Trainee (LT) Coordinators and I could not be more excited.

I can’t wait to work side-by-side with Owen, Nisha, our tremendous staff (AB, Michael, Schechter, Jamie, Maya, Sydney) and all of the awesome LTs we will have this summer. We have a lot of fun things planned for this summer that will make it one that will truly be unforgettable!



(Left; a very young Andrew visiting camp for the first time)



(Right; Andrew working on the moves that would later make him an Ultra Leagues Legend)





Not only will working with this year’s LTs be awesome, but I also can’t wait to be on staff with the LTs from 2013.  I had the honor of being their counselor in 2013 and we had an incredible summer, so I’m very much looking forward to seeing them on staff this summer.

Of course, spending another summer with my sister is an added perk of coming back to camp that I will always cherish. You my dawg, Brittney.

Camp is approaching rapidly, so I’m looking forward to continuing to prep for this summer, but deep down inside I’m still that kid who has the desire to play any sport I want and run around in Siberia!

Can’t wait to see everyone in 105 days!

The Green and White Gala: Celebrating Owen Pennant Jones and 30 Years of Schodack Spirit!

If you know and love Schodack, you know and love OPJ. We are so excited for this wonderful event, hosted by the Schodack Campership Initiative (SCI), as we honor Owen and help raise funds for deserving children to experience summer camp. We hope to see you all there. Details below!!!


Karen’s Korner – 2015 Clothing Exchange!!!!



Once again, the warmth and generosity of Schodack families has fueled the CLOTHING EXCHANGE – many of you have written to offer out-grown Schodack clothing for other families to use. If you have gently-used clothing that your child has outgrown and that you’d like to donate to someone else, send me an email with the style/color/size and I’ll match it up with families looking for camp gear.

Then, simply pack the clothes in a plastic bag marked “clothing exchange” and pack it in your child’s duffel. When we unpack your camper’s duffels, we’ll take the donated clothing and distribute it as needed.

For those of you who are looking for camp clothing, send me an email with what you’re looking for (i.e. green zip-up sweatshirt, size youth small) and I’ll try to find a match. If I find a match I’ll let you know, and we’ll then make sure the clothes, with your child’s name written inside, get to your child’s cubbies.

We’ll keep the extras washed and folded and ready if we need them!


Happy Packing!!