2017 Head Staff Announcement – Division Heads!


We are BEYOND excited to announce this next group of our Leadership Team! Our Division Heads play a huge role in making sure each Schodack camper has the summer of their lives. We could not be more proud of this talented group and can’t wait to see them in action at camp!


Adam Berg is back for his impressive 15th summer at camp and first as a division head! During the year he lives in Boston and attends Emerson College where he is working toward his master’s degree in creative writing. In his free time he can be found writing, drawing, reading and singing karaoke!

He is most excited to be back at camp where he can see the view of camp from the top of the climbing tower, seeing his previous campers and also meeting all of the new campers!

Fun fact: Adam and his brother, Ethan, have an elaborate handshake that’s about twelve years old now!



We are excited to have Ciara “Gooi” Ooi back for her 5th summer at camp and 4th as a division head! During the year she has been traveling and living in London and currently she is doing a ski season in the French Alps!

“Gooi” is counting down the days until she receives her five-year blanket and can’t wait to be back playing elaborate games of bunny bunny!

Fun fact: “Gooi” can wiggle both of her ears independently of each other!


We are happy to have Pharoah Sutton-Jackson back for his 10th summer at camp (dedication summer!) and first as a division head! During the year he attends Syracuse University where he is studying for his degree in pre-law philosophy! In his free time, Pharoah can be found weight training and playing basketball!

Pharoah can’t wait to get back to camp and enjoy his favorite meal, Chicken McSchodack!

Fun fact: Even though Pharoah is allergic to cats, he is still a devout cat lover. He lives with two brothers from the same litter, Kobe and Billy!


We can’t wait to have Dani MacKay back for her 6th summer at camp and 5th as a division head! During the year she is a Classroom Interpreter for a pre-kindergarten Deaf and Hard of Hearing class in Orlando, Florida!

Dani is looking forward  to games of roof ball off the Jerry-K roof, seeing both new and returning campers and checking out the view from the corral hill!

Fun fact: Dani has never read or seen any of the Harry Potter books or films! What?!?!?


We’re excited to have Josh Baker back for his 4th summer at camp and second as a division head! During the year Josh lives and works with one of the Schodack families in New York as their au pair or ‘bro pair’, which is a term he coined!

Josh can’t wait to be back at camp for ‘The walk’ to services, which is one of his favorite parts of the week! His favorite camp meal is on the 4th of July when delicious burgers are served!

Fun fact: Josh only planned on coming to camp for one summer and then going home to start a job in London, however 3 years later he is living in New York looking forward to another wonderful summer!

We are ecstatic to have Allie Johnson back for her 6th summer at camp and 5th as a division head! During the year she is a 4th-grade teacher in San Antonio, Texas and loves exploring the city of San Antonio!

She can’t wait to be back at camp where she loves watching the sun hit the soccer field trees, which makes them glow during third camper’s choice! She also can’t wait for the awesome theme-night dinners served by the LTs!

Allie has already begun counting down the days until camp begins and is excited to see everyone back at her favorite place in the world!

Fun fact: In 2014, Kelsey Didion was Allie’s stunt double for a Tribals break!