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Summer 2017

Another incredible summer completed. Soon our campers will be sharing their wonderful memories from camp with their families and dreaming of the 12123. Thank you to all our campers and staff for making 2017 so special. We will miss you and be thinking of you until the buses arrive next summer.


The Krouners


Summer Newsletter: Week 6

Hello all! Welcome to the final newsletter of Summer 2017! Wow, the summer has flown by!

Last week’s Bunk Plaque Night was a huge success, and we have our first Middle Camp Triple Crown winner since 2007! Special congrats to the Omaha Boys, who wrote their own lyrics to “One of Us” by New Politics and created a Netflix-themed plaque called “An Omaha Original.” Our winners for Junior and Upper Camp were the Kiowa Girls with “Kiowas in the Hood” and the CITs with “CIT Story.”

Also this week was the final Trip Day, to either Six Flags or Saratoga Springs and Ice Skating. Thankfully, the rain held out for the majority of the day and campers were able to enjoy the wild roller coasters, the delicious food, and the smooth ice of the Albany Hockey Facility.


Michael Samuels and Jake Steiner (Special Programs and Events Coordinators) breaking green and white arrows to symbolize the start of Tribals.

The following day we had the LT Show. Campers and staff alike always look forward to this night each year. From singing and dancing in front of the whole camp to working stage crew or the tech booth to creating the 15-page program, every single LT participated in the show in one way or another. It’s incredible what this terrific group has achieved this summer.

Later that evening, the entire camp was transported to another world for Tribals break of 2017! Continuing with this summer’s Scooby Doo theme, a group of Head Staff dressed as monsters led the whole camp from the Playhouse to the Garden, only to be whisked back to the Playhouse which was decked out in glow-in-the-dark lighting, cobwebs, and all sorts of spooky stuff. Finally, Head Staff members dressed as the Mystery Gang came back to save the day, restoring Tribals for all of the campers and staff.



Green and White battling it out at a Hockey period during Tribals.


Day One of Tribals began with the announcement of the team names. Jacob Plotkin (Super Senior Boys GL) and Megan Jaske (Super Junior Girls GL) took the helm of Seminole Creation, while Evan Snerson (Super Junior Boys GL) and Kristyn Bennett (Head Pool) led Iroquois Prestige. Following the reveal, everyone headed out to the pit for Hatchet Hunt. After an intense 20 minutes, Jacob and Evan finally pulled the hatchet out of the dirt, hand in hand, meaning that both Iroquois and Seminole split the first points of Tribals.

After a jam-packed day of activity periods, everyone headed down to the 31st Annual Marathons. Separated by gender and division, each group got the option to take their turn around the course, at varying lengths depending on age. While the winners did get their names entered into the Book of Records, each and every participant earned a point for his or her team.


Our four Generals in the pit right after Hatchet Hunt.


We continued yesterday with another pair of activity periods, followed by the Dashes across the Main Soccer Field and the Individual Medleys at the pool. In addition, our traditional Spelling Bee and Family Feud Trivia events also took place for major Tribals points! All of these events were organized by division and gender as well, and are favorites for allowing the whole camp to participate together.


View from high above the Junior Boys Marathon.


Still to come in the next few days are:

– “Sing,” where the whole camp gathers in the Playhouse and the two teams take turns singing their final songs for a panel of judges. This is always an emotional night as it signifies the nearing end of camp.

The Apache Relay, where each individual camper plays a role and contributes to their team’s performance in an all-across-camp relay race.

The Final Services, which will be led by the 2nd Year LTs.

Banquet, the final dinner on camp, which includes a special menu and decorations on every table. This is always one of the most spirited meals of the summer!

Thank you all for joining me this summer! I hope this newsletter gave you an insider’s eye into the goings-on around camp, and please feel free to send us a note at for any comments or suggestions for next summer’s newsletters!

– Sam Holland



Summer Newsletter: Week 5

Hi everyone! Welcome back for an update on the goings-on from Week 5 at Schodack!!!

We had a very special Services this past week — including the crowd-favorite story affectionately known as “Uncle Lou Hated Rocks.” This story tells the tale of how Lou Krouner dug up all of the rocks around camp in order to begin farming on the land we all enjoy today. Later that night was the 12th annual Rock, Paper, Scissors Tournament, and I’m proud to announce that Evan Snerson (Super Junior Boys GL) was victorious for the 5th time in eight years, rendering his “RPS x4” shirt practically unwearable!


Josh (Super Senior Division Head) interrupted yesterday’s lunch lineup for a Tribals fake.


We’ve had a lot of comings and goings at camp as well. Junior and Middle Campers went to Grafton Lake State Park for a trip day at the beach, featuring some delicious hot dogs and burgers grilled by our very own Doug Herbst.

Meanwhile, our Super Seniors spent two days touring the great city of Boston, making their way to Gillette Stadium, Faneuil Hall, the Massachusetts State House, and Quincy Market.

While that was happening our fantastic group of Leadership Trainees were on their three-day excursion up to Montreal! Highlights included the ever-popular jetboating trip on the Lachine Rapids, an afternoon of shopping on Saint Catherine Street, a trip to La Ronde, and some time well-spent walking around Old Montreal.


Here’s a quick word from Matt:

Few places in the world can match the exuberance of the Camp Schodack Dining Hall. Spontaneous, positive energy is truly infectious during meal times and on certain days the decibel level can be off the charts. As proof of this, a few years ago a friend came to join me for lunch at camp and arrived a little late. Getting out of his car, he was concerned he had missed the meal but I was able to assure him he hadn’t by pointing out the cheers we were hearing all the way from the parking lot!

Cheers fall into a few main categories: Schodack Classics like the following have been around for years and years and will probably last forever: “Iggy-Wiggy,” “Kings and Queens,” “Sponge-Bob,” “Gandalf.” Other cheers are created for and performed by a specific person and pop-up for one summer out of nowhere and often fade away. A few of this summer’s favorites are “Mike for Hipster Mike,” “Kit for Shakespeare.” “Alan for Freestyle,” “Simone’s Special Iggy” and “Luke for Pool Song.” Each cheer has its own following – campers and staff who particularly love it – and each one celebrates an aspect of camp culture or an individual personality in a very special way.

If you’re looking for something to chat about during phone time this weekend, I encourage you to ask your camper about their favorite cheer from the Dining Hall. The stories and descriptions will give you a good glimpse into the spirit they experience at camp and will help connect you to some of the special traditions we have here at Schodack.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

One of our largest Whitewater Rafting trips to date!


Here are some other notable happenings from this week:

– Throughout this week the Steve Kurtz Hitting Contest is going on at Baseball, featuring a brand-new point system that better reflects a camper’s ability to hit — something that Ethan Gold, our baseball counselor, has assured me is 100% accurate based on current statistics and expert advice!

– Paul and Linda took a group of campers to see the Boston Symphony Orchestra at Tanglewood last week, and another modern art trip to MASS MoCA is in store for early next week.

– The Schodack Open Tennis tournament is quickly approaching. Next Tuesday, campers will square off in a traditional singles tournament.

– Pharoah organized a special event afternoon for his Middle Boys – a special University Day featuring college classes and meditation sessions!

– Our Adventure trips are wrapping up for the summer, but not before one final Indoor Caving trip and an overnight trip to Jamaica State Park in Vermont.

– The final leg of Triple Crown, Bunk Plaque Night, is tomorrow! Only one bunk, the Omaha Boys, have the potential to win a Triple Crown, since they also won Talent Show and Lip Sync.

Tribals “fakes” are in full swing. Many members of Head Staff have been interrupting lunch and dinner lineups, in full-clad costume, each time only to reveal a bit more about the theme of this year’s break (Scooby-Doo!). See below in the Scoop for a wonderful photo and blurb!

That’s all for this week. I’ll be back next Friday with one final newsletter, but for now, check out today’s Scoop. (I decided to give the LTs the day off, as they only just returned to camp!)