2018 Head Staff Announcement…LT Coordinators!


Join us in welcoming back these two awesome Schodackians to our Leadership Trainee Program!!! With Owen’s at the helm and these two as Coordinators, this is bound to be a very special summer for our LTs!!!!


We are so happy to welcome Rupesh Shah back for his 5th summer at camp and third as LT Coordinator! A man of many talents, when not at camp Ru has been working a lot with Facebook and Oculus Rift Virtual Reality. This job allows him to pursue his passion for travel as he is sent around the world to train and demo their new products with all sorts of exciting people…. including the superstar Will.I.Am!

Ru’s favorite camp memory is celebrating the end of another incredible LT summer by getting super messy with a massive paint rave in the LT Hollow! It was EPIC!

His favorite camp meal is Chicken McSchodack and Ru is most excited for the first services next summer during orientation that is run by the fabulous Work Week Crew!

Yes, that’s right….after previous summers as a camper, bunk counselor and LT Staff member, Abigail Tubin will be returning for her 10th summer at camp as LT Coordinator (insert huge cheers and excited applause from all her former campers and LT’s)! During the year she studies Political Science and Mathematics at Wake Forest University and cannot wait to be back at Schodack.

Abigail’s favorite camp memories are from when she won Triple Crown with the CITs in 2012 and jet boating on the Schodack Canada Trip last summer! This summer she is most excited for Challenge Days, stargazing on the tennis courts, and endless memories in the Lodge with her CITs! She is also excited to see her campers from last summer do amazing things as first-year staff!

Fun fact: Abigail studied abroad in London this past fall