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Farewell, Summer 2018

The campers have departed and summer 2018 has come to a close. Thank you to our entire Schodack community – campers, parents and staff – for another incredible experience this summer. We will miss you all and hope your camp memories keep you warm until Opening Day next year.

With love,
The Krouners

Final Summer Newsletter!!

Welcome back families for, sadly, our last newsletter this summer. With only a few days of the summer left, campers are spending every waking moment making the best of the summer and making everlasting memories. The campers are in for an exciting next couple of days because Tribals has officially begun. However before we discuss Tribals, we had some exciting events leading up to these 5 days of fun.

The whole camp gathered around the pit to watch an incredible battle between the Hulk and Thanos.

On Saturday we had the final leg of Triple Crown, which was Bunk Plaque Night (known as BPN). Every bunk went up on stage to sing a song that described all their memories from the summer accompanied by their beautiful plaques made in the art shack. A huge shout out to the Algonquin Girls for winning Triple Crown for Junior Camp. After BPN, we had a beautiful day of activities on Sunday and then on Monday we were off to Six Flags Great Adventure Amusement Park.  This year for the first time campers had the opportunity to go to the water park at Six Flags, which was very refreshing because it was definitely a hot day. Upper Campers had the option of strolling through Saratoga, followed by a “cool” afternoon at the Ice Skating rink.

The Algonquin Girls celebrating their Triple Crown win.

The sun was once again shining bright on Tuesday for an afternoon of Counselor Switch Day! Counselors from all the bunks switched with each other for afternoon activities, which is always a highly anticipated event, enjoyed by staff and campers alike. Later that night we had the annual LT Show where all 93 LTs performed with 14 acts for the whole camp. Some fan favorites were dances from Danya Taub, Talia Kunin, and Campbell Weise, LT Classmates, Maya Waldman on the flute, Lanie Kotler and Lindsay Shachnow’s singing performance, and the Waiter Backward Video.  Also a notable mention to Emma Levy and David Zimiles for being amazing hosts of the show. Straight out of the LT show is when the Tribals festivities began, so let’s get to it.

The Second Years singing their “2nd Year Song” as a farewell to the LT Program. We can’t wait to see you guys on staff.

Some of the LTS performing the “Broken Record” Dance.

Throughout this whole week we have had numerous visits from some of the good and evil Marvel characters to ring in the Tribals spirit. We knew Tribals was in the air when Thanos (Baz ACS) started to steal all the Schodack Infinity Stones, which caused a lot of mayhem around camp. One very exciting part of the series of Tribals Fakes was when Black Panther (Pharoah, Senior Boys DH)  came to give the campers special cake, but Thanos spoiled his plans. Instead of cake, the kids got to have a food fight! Right after the LT show, we thought Tribals was about to break at the Old Basketball court where all the superheroes tried to fight Thanos. However, Thanos came out victorious and campers were sent to bed with no night snack because Thanos had crushed all the cookiesl. Just when we thought Thanos stole all the infinity stones and the 5 Day Spirit, campers were woken up by surprise at 1 am to see Spiderman (Hipster Mike) and the Scarlet Witch (Halle, Middle Girls DH) who took us on a journey all throughout camp that lead us to the Amphitheatre to see Thor (SPEC Josh Baker) take down Thanos. Finally with the arrow in hand, Josh broke Tribals and the spirit prevailed.

The Hulk and Thanos battle it out in the pit.

Color war is finally here. Josh Baker finally broke the arrow!

Straight after the arrow broke in two, campers finally received their night snack, and then the much anticipated readings of Generals, Captains, and Head Lieutenants were announced. For the next 5 Days, Carly Ashner (Senior 2 Girls GL) and Jonah Malter (Senior 3 Boys GL) will be the Generals for Iroquois Evolution (the Green Team) and Annie Rotman (Senior 3 Girls GL) and Jake Mechanic (Waiter Staff) will be the Generals for A Seminole Moment (the White Team). Joining the Green Team from the LT Program are Captains Kelsey McGuire and Campbell Weise and the Head Lieutenants are Darah Greenbaum and Emilio Garcia. For the White Team, the Captains are Will Polen and Macy Katz and the  Head Lieutenants are  Kate Petosa and Adam Kliegerman.

Campers react to the unbelievable Tribals Break:

“Even though they woke us up at 1 am, the plot of the fakes were very intriguing. It was dope. – Ben Perle, Senior 3 Boys

“It was very weird because it was in the middle of the night. But I loved it.” – Sadie Appelbaum, Mic Mac Girls

“It was super cool that we got woken up in the middle of the night. I was really happy.” – Eli Grubin, Menominee Boys

“It was super surprising… I wasn’t expecting it to be in the middle of the night.” – Leo Green, Algonquin Boys

“I was just so excited the entire time.” – Gordy Munk, Algonquin Girls

“All I have to say is, Wow.” – July Goldstein, Naskopi Girls

After campers were awarded with late sleep on Wednesday, and Day 1 of Tribals came in full swing with a morning of activity periods such as Euro Handball, Basketball, Water Volleyball, Gaga, and so much more. In the afternoon we had Hatchet Hunt where Generals, Captains, and Head Lieutenants battled it out in the pit for the hatchet. Ultimately, Jonah Malter grabbed the hatchet out of the pit after an intense brawl with Jake Mechanic. Straight out of Hatchet Hunt we had some rain showers, but that didn’t stop activities as we had numerous indoor activities such as Basket Dodgeball in the Garden and a Spelling Bee in the Playhouse. Later that night we had part one of Surf & Turf with the 32nd Annual Marathons, which is a race in the softball, basketball, soccer area that gets longer as each division progresses. Huge kudos to everyone who participated in this event.

What a squad! Generals, Captains, and Head Lieutenants pose up after an intense Hatchet Hunt.

Day 2 of Tribals obviously began with another Tribals Wake Up from the Generals, Captains, and Head Lieutenants. In the morning we had activity periods, and then in the afternoon we had Part 2 of Surf and Turf: the Individual Medleys. Later in the afternoon, we had the dashes, which is a race across the soccer field, sing practice, and Track Meet for night activity.

Here are some of the upcoming Tribals Events:

-Carter’s Challenge

-Apache Relay


-Bucket Brigade

-Family Feud

Division Spotlights of the Week:

Mic Macs: The Mic Macs have had another amazing week here at Schodack! This past week has had so many fun events which started off with Bunk Plaque Night! The boys and girls both did an amazing job and had the whole Playhouse bopping along to the tune of their songs. Then a few days later the boys and girls joined in on the dance recital. The boys went up as a bunk to show off their moves in front of all of Junior and Middle, while the girls had a number of routines that showed off their spirit and amazing ability! Also we had a rainy day which didn’t put a damper on the girls’ time here as they played in the rain and in a huge puddle that formed near the dining hall. Also this week we had another amazing few tribals fakes which saw Thor and the rest of the Avengers battling Thanos for the spirit of camp and tribals! In the end Thanos was defeated by Thor and tribals was broke!!! Their reactions were pure amazement and joy when seeing the breaking of the arrow knowing we were in for five days of big events and activities! They haven’t stopped cheering since! – Allison

Junior Girls: Happy Tribals to us, happy Tribals to us, happy Tribals dear Camp Schoodackkk, happy Tribals to us! One of my all time favorite camp memories is two nights ago waking up the Junior girls to break Tribals! Picture this, head staff do a fake to the entire camp on Tuesday night where we send them to bed with no night snack, little did the Junior Girls know they’d be woken up at 1am with a night snack waiting for them at the end!! Muhahaha! I was dressed as the Marvel Comic character Gamora and at 1am being woken up by a green woman saying “wake up it’s Tribals time” must have been so confusing! Their face was a picture and their spirit was magical. They got ready really quick with excitment so infectious I couldn’t help but smile the whole time! I can hear the Junior girls playing now and having fun; we don’t want this summer to end!! I wonder what they’ll think one day when they look back at that magical night. I hope you all had a brilliant week, know that we love and care for your girls so much- thank you for sending them to Schodack! – Maria

Junior Boys:  The Junior Boys have been the stars of camp, rocking it out on stage and at activities. Last week started out with our Chinook Boys performing Wavey in the dance recital on Thursday night, after working on their act throughout the summer. The whole bunk stepped on stage to a crowd of adoring fans and did a really great job. For Bunk Plaque Night, Arapaho Hyperdrive, Algonquin Rebirth, Chippewa Men Making History, and Chinooks & Crannies sang their own songs for the whole camp—they and their staff had written the lyrics about their summer experiences, and each bunk learned and practiced it together, preparing for this final Triple Crown performance. I’m really proud of how much effort they put into their work, how each of their songs was both poignant and entertaining, and how much fun they had on stage. Congratulations to the Algonquin Boys, who earned 2ndplace that night! For our penultimate week of camp, we became a united front, having plenty of playdates together: at the pool, where we took over for an entire period all to ourselves, creating Junior Boy whirlpools and jumping in; at baseball, hockey, and euro handball, we joined forces to form larger teams and have more competitive play. During our Junior Boys bonfire, campers roasted marshmallows and made s’mores while their counselors and I told funny stories to them around the campfire. After much anticipation, we loved the Tribals Break, when the Avengers saved the spirit of camp from the evil clutches of Thanos. Such an incredible week—now it’s time to take advantage of Tribals and these final days together; we’re going to miss each other so much! – Berg

Middle Boys: This may have been the most exciting week for the Middle Boys yet! It all started Saturday night with Bunk Plaque Night. The Naskopi Boys placed third with their BPN Naskopi Forgiveness, and the Menominee Boys took home the gold with Menominee Moonlight! Then on Sunday, the boys took a trip to the fjords up north for Viking Day! Activities for the day included raft racing, water balloon battles, archery relays, and team banner making. The fun kept coming the next day as we traveled out to Six Flags for a day of roller coasters and games (and, of course, the annual haul of oversized sized stuffed animals). Then on Tuesday night, after enjoying a stellar show put on by the LTs, we were awoken to the sounds of The Immigrant Song, and after a suspenseful battle between Thor and Thanos, Tribals finally broke! Day one of Tribals was full of excitement and friendly competition, and we can’t wait to see what the rest of Tribals and the rest of Camp will bring. – Kaish

Middle Girls: There’s always so much energy on camp the week leading up to Tribals. Though the kids don’t know exactly when the five days will begin, there is a palpable excitement that carries through to the end of the summer. BPN was an amazing way to end off the summer’s Triple Crown events; watching the girls smile on stage and sing their summer stories was truly a touching moment. Another week highlight was our Middle Girls Ninja Day, where we cancelled normal activities and had the girls enjoy a special afternoon. Some highlights of the day included a ninja-themed dance party in the Playhouse, an exciting game of Assassin (essentially an elevated game of tag), and an ice cream party! It was so much fun to take a break from the daily routine of camp and bond with our division. Finally, Tribals! After a surprising break in the middle of night, the festivities have begun and the girls could not be happier. This time of camp is always a bittersweet one, with the end of the summer looming right around the corner. For the next week, though, the girls will enjoy a packed few days, spend time with their best friends, and end the summer on a high. – Halle

Upper Boys: Hello once again, Schodack Family! It’s a bittersweet moment as I write this, knowing it’s my last time doing so. I have felt so privileged to get to spend another summer at this magical place and honored to work with these boys again. I have worked closely and watched these kids grow over the past 5 years. That is, and will forever be, a highlight of my life. Last week we had our special Waiters-In-Training day and I marveled at how this division has come together as a whole. On that day there were no Senior 1, 2, and 3 bunks…just Seniors. They competed, played and worked together as one unit and it warmed my heart to witness. From the 3 on 3 basketball tournament to playing 4-Square in the rain to the Mega Clean-Up, the staff and the kids expressed how memorable of a day it was. This week Tribals has begun in a spectacular way, reinvigorating everyone. Thank you all for sending your children to Camp Schodack, it has been my pleasure… – Uncle Ro

Upper Girls: Summer may be drawing to a close, but Senior Girls are still powering through special activities and keeping spirits high! Bunk Plaque Night Saturday was outstanding – all four bunks sang clever, thoughtful songs about their bunk staffs and summers, and their dance moves were incredibly well-coordinated. On Sunday, we spent the afternoon in The Well with the Messiest Day Ever, featuring an egg toss (where every cracked egg resulted in an egg to the head), a syrupy-cereal-sorting relay, Toss Your Own Caesar Salad, and a race up the hill on an oily, soapy tarp. Needless to say, the girls lather-rinsed-repeated ad nauseum in the shower. Monday we split between Six Flags and Saratoga, enjoying food and entertainment before returning Tuesday to Counselor Switch Day in the afternoon, during which the girls enjoyed giving make-overs to their male counselors. Tuesday night the girls experienced a gentle and loving wake-up call from myself at 1:03 am, leading to the break of Tribals! With only six days left of camp, I’m thrilled to spend this last week enjoying the summer sun and rolling green hills with a group of girls who have made every second of the season so fulfilling! – Shira

Here is a copy of today’s Schodack Scoop and other funs pictures from the week:

You could say “Messiest Day Ever” was a success!


The Mic Mac Boys steal the show with their swag dance moves at the Dance Recital.

Some of the Senior Girls and CITs during their Basketball Intercamp against Crane Lake.





We had a blast at the Food Fight!

The Green Team cheers as General Jonah Malter grabs the hatchet.

A moment of excitement after crossing the finish line during the dashes.

What an exciting Track Meet we had.

Campers participating in the Individual Medleys. Also a great way to cool off on a hot Tribals day.

Some of the Chippewa Boys getting ready to compete in Tribals.











Summer Newsletter: Week 4

Welcome everyone to the start of Session 2. For all you Full Session families we hope you had a fabulous Visiting Day! We enjoyed seeing all your smiling faces as you reunited with your campers. We would also like to welcome our Second Session families – my name is Izzy Tabs and I will be bringing you these weekly newsletters, updating you about everything that occurs here at Schodack each week.

For starters, we had an incredible Opening Day for our Second Session campers who arrived around 11 in the morning. Straight from the buses, the new campers were brought to their bunks and immediately got into the flow of things by going to activities. After a full day of activities, the whole camp gathered in the Playhouse for the Counselor Show Part 2. We had a wide variety of acts ranging from hilarious skits, dance performances and singing performances, including one from our very own Krouner family who sang “You’ve Got a Friend in Me.” Linda got a whole lotta love from her outstanding performance on the piano. What an incredible way to start off the session!

Paul and Matt singing “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” during Counselor Show.

Some of the staff members who all go to the same school put together a skit showing their school spirit.

Here are some other noteworthy events to kick off the Second Session:

The LTs had their 3rd Challenge Day of the summer on Monday and it was very, very “cool.” Upon wake up, the LTs were welcomed with treats from Dunkin’ Donuts to warm up for an exciting day of activities to celebrate the festivities of….Winter Day! After they warmed up, we had a sleigh ride race down the corral hill where each team had to grab a snowball and hit a target. The LTs then made Christmas floats accompanied by members of their respective teams as elves, reindeers, and Santa. The Christmas and winter cheer was spread to the campers when the LTs delivered presents to every bunk in a relay-style package-run extravaganza straight from Santa’s workshop. To end off a busy holiday season, the LTs watched Elf with milk and cookies.

Each of the Challenge Day teams shows off their holiday floats with their Santa.

¡It’s a fiesta! On Monday night for our themed meal we enjoyed Tex-Mex cuisine featuring a fusion of American and Mexican foods such as Chicken Enchiladas, Pico de Gallo, Guacamole, Tortilla Chips, and Mexican Rice. To top off this savory and spicy meal, we devoured churros for dessert.   

We had another very fun and exciting Trip Day on Tuesday. Junior/ Middle Camp packed up for a mini beach getaway to Grafton State Park where they spent a day making sand castles, playing beach volleyball and cricket, and swimming in the lake. Doug and his grilling sidekicks even prepared a very special lunch for the campers with hamburgers and hotdogs instead of the classic Trip Day sandwiches. Upper Camp went to Lake George where they visited the local shops and ate some delicious food. Some campers even took on the Holy Grail of Ice Cream Sundaes by eating the Vermonster at Ben and Jerry’s. Overall, Trip Day was a fun one, as always.

Abracadabra! Wednesday night we had a special visit from The Extreme Magic of Eric Wilzig who certainly left all of our campers amazed with his unbelievable tricks. From the stage of “America’s Got Talent” to our very own Playhouse, Eric read our minds, made people disappear, and shocked us with his very own unique card tricks. It was a night to remember for everyone.

Campers watch in awe of Eric’s magnificent tricks.

Eric performing one of his amazing tricks where he makes his assistant Stephanie disappear and then reappear again.
























Throughout this whole week we are holding the Soccer Penalty Shootout Contest for every division. The winner will earn their eternal spot in the Book of Records.

The Adventure Team hit the rapids again this week for two special trips to Crab Apple. On Wednesday we went whitewater kayaking and on Friday we went white water rafting. They also took a group of campers to an overnight to Lake Shaftsbury, VT to enjoy the company of nature while making delicious s’mores.

For the second time this summer, a group of campers went to MASS MoCA, The Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art, to explore some of the most lively and evocative art in the United States.

The time is finally here for campers to challenge their counselors in the ultimate tennis battle of the summer. Today we have our Canadian Doubles Tennis Tournament where 2 campers will play against 1 counselor to see who will come out on top.

Huge shoutout to our 5th grade boys who played an awesome game of hockey at Camp Pontiac this week. Today we are wishing our 7th grade boys good luck as they head back to Pontiac for a basketball tournament.

We have a very exciting weekend ahead of us. We can’t wait to see some of you alumni families tomorrow for Alumni Day! Additionally, we are holding our second Rookie Day of the summer followed by the LT Carnival.

Here are the Division Spotlights of the week:

Mic Mac: First week of the second session and the Mic Macs are enjoying every second of it.  The craziness of the first day was amazing. We did tons of name games with our new friends and showed them all around camp.  During Camper Choice we did the second game of Camper’s Choice Bingo. Some groups were able to complete the whole board which was so exciting!  On Monday night we had our very first bonfire as a whole division. Storytime and s’mores; nothing better than that. Tuesday was our trip day to Grafton State Park.  Hanging out there was a blast. The BBQ for lunch was perfect. Can’t wait for another fun week of activities! – Allison

Junior Boys:  On Sunday our second session campers arrived to beautiful weather and a cheering crowd. After name games, welcoming them into the Junior Boyz Squad, we went to the Junior Camp Playground for a basketball game and taught gaga to our new arrivals who didn’t know how to play. Campers Choice Bingo was a big hit, with plenty of junior boys running around camp to try and fill up their boards with all the different activities. Monday morning we had lake, our choice of fishing, knee-boarding, waterskiing, or wakeboarding. On Tuesday we went to Grafton Lake State Park, which has a sandy beach for activities and a picnic area where we barbecued hamburgers and hotdogs. An incredible magician performed on Wednesday night—Jake Ackerman of the Chippewa Boys went on stage as a volunteer for one of the tricks; a twenty-dollar bill vanished and appeared inside a lemon. What a stunning performance! Our new arrivals have added an extra dose of spirit to an already amazing summer. – Berg

Junior Girls: We had a beautiful day at the beach on Tuesday!! We played in the sun, had a cook out and dipped our feet in the water. Junior girls are in great spirits having had a big kiss from the sun! We played a big game of Aye aye captain where all the Juniors pretended to be Pirates! The week has been great so far and the counselors have had a blast with all their Junior girls, can’t wait for more fun in the sun! – Maria

Middle Boys: It’s hard to believe it, but the second session is already well underway! While we’re sad to see all of our first session friends go last Saturday on Visiting Day, we were so excited when the buses rolled up on Sunday with our new friends to begin the second half of the summer! Everyone jumped right into it on Monday at activities, with awesome displays of enthusiasm and spirit in everything from volleyball to the pool. On Tuesday we took a beach day with a trip to Grafton Lake! We spent the afternoon relaxing and playing beach games, and we also enjoyed a BBQ made by our very own Doug Herbst and Drew Gumins. Despite the rain over the past couple days, the middle boys’ spirits cannot be dampened, and we can’t wait for what the rest of the summer will bring!  – Kaish

Middle Girls: It is hard to believe that we are already into second session, and what an amazing week it has been! The tone was immediately set as the campers gathered to welcome the second session campers off the bus; it was truly incredible to see the girls greeting their new bunkmates with hugs and smiles as they ran onto camp! From there, the seamless transition into second session continued with brand new bunk rules, lots of fun bonding games, and the first days of normal activities! The girls also began Middle Girls Hush Buddies, with each of the girls giving and receiving anonymous gifts and clues. Second session has already been a blast, and I can’t wait for what the rest of the summer has in store. – Halle

Senior Boys: Schodack Family! I hope everyone’s doing well. The start of the Second Session has brought of wave of excitement and joy all over camp. Everyone from myself, to the staff, to the campers have been revitalized after being reunited and or meeting all the 2nd Session campers. The session started off with a bang with our second counselor show that night. The boys let me know how much they enjoyed seeing me up on the stage yelling “Let’s Go Orange!” during Staff Classmates. The following day was bit rainy but that turned into some great bonding time in the bunks and out on the quad. During that time the boys were great about integrating the new arrivals into the fold. The following day we had a great trip out to Lake George. We had some great food, saw some beautiful views and the brave amongst conquered the legendary Ben and Jerry’s Vermonster. All in all it’s been a good week but I expect things to get even better and we really start to settle into this session. Until next time…- Uncle Ro

Senior Girls: Welcoming all of our second session campers brightened up a pretty stormy week weather-wise, and we’re back in full swing with activities! Tuesday, the Senior Girls traveled to Lake George for Trip Day, braving the rain to snack on food and shop along the lakeside. Wednesday we were treated to a magnificent magic show and cookies in the evening, and Thursday evening we enjoyed smores out at our Senior Girls Bonfire Pit, featuring music, games, and a sing-a-long! Coming up this week are a few special activities: Senior Girls movie night with popcorn, a debate night and ice cream party, and a special Senior Girls afternoon (featuring some classic camp activities)! We’re warding off the rain with our positive mental attitude and endless excitement for all things camp! – Shira

Here is a copy of today’s Schodack Scoop and some pictures from this week:

The Menominee Girls having an awesome time at volleyball!

Some of the Junior Boys smile after a refreshing swim period in the Schodack sun.

The Naskopi Girls finish off playing a great game of soccer.

All of Junior Camp after night activity where they played “Switch Your Counselor.”


Summer Newsletter: Week 3

Welcome back for another weekly update here in the 12123. With Tribals breaking and the end of the first session festivities, we are really busy up here at Schodack. And with Visiting Day right around the corner, we’ve put together a “How-to” guide for tips on enjoying this fun day at camp! 

All campers and staff gathered in Siberia for Rope Burning

What an incredible 2-Day Tribals we just had. After we found the hatchet that was “stolen” by former SPECS (Special Events Coordinators) Carter and Doug, we were finally able to begin this 2-Day competition. With the hatchet finally in hand our SPEC Josh Baker proudly ignited the spirit of Tribals on the Rec Hall steps by breaking the arrow. A full-on rush of energy followed the break as the whole camp ran to the amphitheater for the reading of the Generals. Max Walker (Menominee Boys Group Leader) and Rachel Wolk (Lumbee Girls Group Leader) lead Mohican Mindset and Ben Weiner (Chippewa Boys Group Leader) and Ella Browne (Mic Mac Girls Group Leader) were the chosen leaders of Seneca Success. The LTs joined the crew becoming team Captains with Matt Goldman and Brooke Klurman on Mohican and Betsey Clarke and Matt Zieman on Seneca. Finally, we have our Head Lieutenants who were Lauren Snerson, Kira Epstein, Josh Miller, and Hanson Yuan. What an elite squad.

The first day of Tribals events began with 3 activity periods filled with basketball, water volleyball, steal the bacon, tennis, gaga, and so much more. Campers showed their team spirit with loud cheers and accessorizing their outfits with necklaces, face paint, tutus, and more. At the end of Day 1 Generals, Captains, and Head Lieutenants battled in the pit to find the hatchet at Hatchet Hunt. After minutes of digging, General Rachel Wolk found the hatchet; it was a thrilling victory for Mohican Mindset.

General Rachel Wolk proudly grabs the hatchet out of the pit.

The second day of Tribals began with more activity periods, then in the afternoon the whole camp gathered for the Camper Dashes, which is a race across the soccer field separated by division and gender. Then we had the Individual Medleys which is a swim meet separated by division as well. 2-Day Tribals came to a close Sunday night with rope burning, where campers worked together to gather and feed the best wood to their team’s Head Lieutenants, Captains, and Generals, so they could build a fire. The goal of this camp tradition is to ultimately build a large fire to burn through your team’s rope. Although Mohican won rope burning with completing the task just under 8 minutes, the best part of the activity was when the whole camp cheered on Seneca to the finish line. At the end of the day Mohican was victorious, but the whole camp came back together as one to finish off a great 2-Day Tribals with the singing of “Friends.”

We still had a lot of fun after all the excitement of 2-Day Tribals. Here is what else happened this week:

We had two AMAZING  “Fire Circles” this week, one in the middle of 2-Day Tribals and one on Thursday night. The Chippewa Boys spoke of the theme of “Teamwork,” which appropriately speaks to and honors the spirit of Tribals. Then the Senior 3 Girls chose the theme of “Family” and the whole camp jammed out to “We’re All in This Together” from the classic Disney movie, High School Musical. 

We celebrated the ancient Olympic Games during theme dinner this week by feasting on Greek cuisine including Souvlaki Chicken, Hummus, Falafel Skewers, Pita, Spanakopita and more. An Opening Olympic Ceremony at line-up lead by some of the LTs and LT Staff captured the essence of the games to introduce this delightful meal.

To close out our last Trip Day of the First Session, Junior and Middle Campers visited Howe Caverns, a cave that is nearly 6 million years old. Campers received an in-depth tour of the cave with a boat ride. Upper Camp relaxed at the cinema where they had the option of seeing Incredibles 2, Ocean’s 8, or Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom and then had a short walk-about where they got to visit local eateries for an afternoon snack.

Huge shoutout to the Senior 4 Girls for winning this week’s Cleanliness Cup. Keep up the good work, Ladies!

The cast and crew of the summer’s first-session production, Mulan, put on a fantastic and heart-filled performance Wednesday night. Snipped front the show will be performed by the cast on Visiting Day morning.

The cast and crew of Mulan getting ready for a spectacular show.

The 3-year shirts and 5-year blankets were handed out by Matt and Paul in a very special ceremony at lineup this week to honor those campers and staff members who are currently spending their 3rd or 5th summer at camp this year.

Celebrate good times come on! On Thursday we held our fabulous “Celebration” where the whole camp gathered in the Playhouse for the ultimate dance party. The festivities didn’t stop in the Playhouse because after “Celebration” was over everyone moved to the Dining Hall for a post Celebration snack. Cookies, ice cream, chips, and more sweet treats were deliciously devoured.

We had a very exciting Cultural trip this week. Some of the campers went to the Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival to see the Cie Art Move Concept, where performers did a series of hip-hop dances.

We also had a plethora of adventure and intercamp trips this week. The golf team took several campers to Evergreen Country Club to get an opportunity to play on a full 18-hole course. We had our first Mountain Biking Trip at the Albany Pine Bush Reserve Park where campers biked through official Mountain Biking Trails. We took two trips to Crab Apple Whitewater this week to go Funyaking and Whitewater rafting, where campers had an incredible time soaring through the rapids. Finally, we once again participated in many intercamps this week in basketball, soccer, and baseball at various camps such as Scatico, Mah-Kee-Nac, and Pontiac. We additionally had an intense co-ed chess intercamp at Scatico, which was very exciting.

Due to popular demand, the Foodie Focus Group is back for another summer. Each summer Matt hosts regular ‘Foodie Focus Groups’ where campers have the opportunity to sit down with him to talk about everything to do with meals here at camp. Participants included campers from every division – Junior Camp all the way up to our Leadership Trainees, and the meeting involved a lively culinary discussion about what our campers want to see on the menu in the future. No need to worry, Chicken McSchodack still remains a firm favorite amongst campers and staff.

Tonight is the second leg of Triple Crown, Lip Sync. We can’t wait to see what each bunk has prepared for this special event.

Division Spotlights of the Week:

Mic Macs: The Mic Macs have had such an exciting 3rd week of camp. Monday was Pirates and Princess day for our division.  During gymnastics and archery periods, all the campers collected dozens of treasure chests.  All the treasure was then brought to the pool for an all Mic Mac special pool period.  In small groups of Mic Mac Boys and Girls, we made rafts out of cardboard, noodles, and tape.  Then each camper had to float on the raft with some treasure across the “ocean” to get the treasure to the Princess on her island.  Once all the treasure was successfully transported on the rafts, the Princess thanked the Mic Macs with an ICE CREAM PARTY.  We can’t wait to see all our parents tomorrow! – Allison

Junior Boys: Time sure flies. It seems like just yesterday the buses were pulling in and we were meeting our new juniors boyz and reuniting with our returners. What an incredible first half we’ve had! Horseback riding, scho-karting, mountain biking, zip lining, ultra-leagues, the Golden Bow, hot days spent dancing in sprinklers and sliding down the waterslide, a movie night at camp with cookies and a trip day at the cinema with popcorn, Howe Caverns and Schodack Park, waterskiing, swimming, and fishing at our lake, three Fire Circles, 2-Day Tribals, a Carnival and a Talent Show… and just this week we had an amazing Pirate Day where the entire division dressed up and played at the lake as pirates! The Junior Boyz have had such an incredible time and I couldn’t be prouder of their amiability, energy, and spirit. In only three weeks they have made bonds with friends to last a lifetime and benefited from extraordinary experiences you can find nowhere else. We’re going to miss our friends who are leaving Saturday, so so so so so much! Luckily, we still have another session with far more on the agenda—Summer 2018 ain’t over yet – Berg

Junior Girls: 

My favorite part of this week has been…

“Gymnastics because I learned how to do a back bend kick over!”

“Spending it with Lauren GL and Maria DH.”

“Seeing the slideshow and awards.” 

“I loved Trip Day it was fun. It was cold in the cave and I love the cold!”

“I loved the lunch ride at horseback because we went through the woods and it was pretty.”

“The play, water slide and cook out!”

“Lake was so much fun!”

“Practicing lip sync.”

“The horseback lunch ride was fun! The counselors and horses are nice.”

“Making up the show dance for the basketball game.”

“I loved meeting new camp people at the intercamp.”

“I loved horseback, I got to trot!”

This week has been amazing with Junior Girls! Thank you all for being the sunshine to our days – Maria

Middle Boys: It was another fantastic week for the Middle Boys here at Schodack. It began with 2-Day Tribals finally breaking Friday night and the reveal of the new Camp logos! After the hatchet was put into the wood, we all went to the amphitheater where Max Walker, one of the GLs for our very own Menominee Boys, was named General! The next two days brought awesome amounts of energy, friendly competition, and Tribals spirit. After Rope Burning, the final event of 2-Day Tribals, the Middle Boys slowed it down with cookies and some stories on the Old Basketball Court. On Tuesday we took a trip underground at Howe Caverns, and Wednesday we played a division-wide game of capture the flag across half of Camp! With Celebration Thursday night, Lip Sync on Friday, and Visiting Day on Saturday, there’s still a lot left to look forward to here in the 12123! – Kaish

Middle Girls: What an amazing week it has been for the Middle Girls! Whether weaving baskets at the art shack, getting in some extra time down at the lake, or killing it at cross fit, the girls have been taking advantage of everything that camp has to offer to wrap up first session. A highlight of the past week was, of course, two day tribals- it was such a joy to watch all of the girls cheering on their teammates and giving their all at their favorite tribals events. The Lumbee Girls were especially thrilled when their GL Rachel Wolk was chosen to lead the white team as general, and even found the hatchet during hatchet hunt! The two days truly encompassed everything that camp is all about.It is hard to believe that first session is already coming to an end. It has been so amazing getting to know all of these kind, mature, hilarious girls, and watching them thrive at their favorite place. I can’t wait to see what second session has in store. – Halle

Senior Boys: Heeeeeyyyy, looks like it’s time for another check in Schodack Family. Can’t believe the First Session is winding down, time really does fly. This week has for sure felt like a blur with everything that went down. Friday afternoon in Senior Camp we held the First Annual Senior Camp Splurge, an event that consisted of a division-wide 2.5 hour game of assassin paired with various activities and a few catches. Once again, congratulations to Jack Cohen and Quinn Sclafani, our winners. Friday’s excitement didn’t stop there as 2-day Tribals broke that night. The boys competed hard on Saturday and Sunday and helped to spread Tribals spirit all over camp. Now it can be tempting to think about how close we are to the end of July Session and get sad but there’s still so much to look forward to. Lip Sync is right on the horizon and the Seniors have been doing some serious prep. It’s sure to be an awesome night and I can’t wait. Until next time… – Uncle Ro

Senior Girls: It’s just wild that the first session has nearly finished, but the Senior Girls are enjoying every minute to its fullest! Last Friday, all of Senior Camp took the afternoon off to participate in The Splurge, a massive game of tag crossed with team sports. To celebrate a great game, we had chicken fingers and French Fries from My Place Tuesday night! Saturday and Sunday we played hard during 2-Day Tribals, with the girls participating in their first game of the iconic activity Water Basketball. Monday night, the Senior Girls played Ask Me Another, quiz games based on real-world and camp trivia. After dozens of rounds of intense competition, the Senior 1 Girls came out on top and won an IOU from me! Tomorrow night we’ll finish out the session with Lip Sync, and Senior Girls are bringing their A-game. I’m psyched to see the girls take on the CITs and Waiters and give the performance their all! Looking forward to seeing so many smiling faces on Visiting Day! – Shira

The Menominee Boys showing off their silly side.

We can’t wait to see all of you tomorrow on Visiting Day. Here is your go-to guide on how to make the most of this special day (see schedule at arrival for times):

Upon Arrival:

Be ready to join us for the Annual Countdown, when parents and campers line up on opposite side of the flagpole and “count down” the last ten seconds to 10 am when Visiting Day begins! It’s a sight to behold. Counselors will all be on hand to make sure all families and campers find each other at the end of the countdown!

Activities and things to do and check out around camp:

– Meet your camper’s counselors! The staff members cannot wait to meet all you and show you around the bunk.

– Join us for a parent-camper “2- Ball Tournament” on the Main Basketball court.

– Try some delicious snacks and desserts at the Cooking Demonstration brought to you by the Outdoor Cooking Counselors. See (and taste!) what your campers make at Outdoor Cooking during various Camper Choice periods.

– Participate in Parent/Child pick-up games at soccer, basketball, hockey, and softball throughout the day.

– It’s going to be hot, so don’t forget your bathing suit and take a dip in the pool with your camper(s).

– Other activities for you and your family to participate in include the Zip Line, Climbing Tower, Arts and Crafts, Archery, Water Slide, and Tennis.

– We serve a delicious buffet lunch for everyone in our Dining Hall – please join us!

What you should expect throughout the day:

– Happy campers for starters. The campers have been eagerly anticipating your arrival and are super excited to show you guys their second home. Campers will definitely be filled with high energy, so be ready to follow them around as they show you their favorite activities, places, and people around camp.

– An abundance of activities awaits you. Schedules will be available when you arrive.

Things to ask your camper(s):

– Ask your child to take you on a tour of camp. They are the experts of this magnificent place and we want all of you guys to see every aspect of it.

– Talk to them about bunk life and their counselors. Meet your camper’s bunkmates because these kids will likely be your child’s friends for life.

– Ask them about their favorite activities and if they have tried anything new. At Schodack, we strive to have campers try new activities so go around to the activities open during Visiting Day, so your child can show you their new skills.

– Find out about the trips your child has been on including weekly Trip Days and the optional Adventure and Cultural trips.  Every week we have multiple out-of-camp trips options,  ranging from biking to whitewater rafting to hip hop dance performances, and we encourage campers to expand their horizons and try new things.

We also have a very special treat in store for everyone tomorrow. To accompany our delicious buffet, we are bringing back the ORIGINAL Chipwich. Yes, this is very exciting news:

Matt’s brother-in-law, David, has been in the food industry for years and just took on the exciting project of reviving the Original Chipwich brand. Ice-cream cookie sandwiches have always been one of the most popular desserts served at Schodack, so David decided to come hand out free Chipwiches to everyone on Visiting Day! That’s right…Chipwich’s for everyone!!!!! Keep an eye out for his table near the office!

And finally here is a copy of today’s Schodack Scoop. Enjoy!





Summer Newsletter: Week 2

Hey guys! Welcome back to camp for an exciting update on Week Two’s events here at Schodack! I can’t believe how fast these past 2 weeks have flown by. We’re halfway through first session and so much is happening every day that it feels like camp’s been in session for months. We had such an active and exhilarating week.

For starters, we had a very memorable and special “Fire Circle” this week. After the Lumbee Girls spoke of the theme of Positivity, it was time for Paul’s story and we couldn’t wait to see what he had in store for us this week. As soon as he picked up a large rock off the ground, loud cheers immediately followed as campers and staff alike knew the story “Uncle Lou Hated Rocks” would be told. A personal and camp fan favorite, this story is one of the few stories Paul repeats due to its remarkable history.

Rolling into the weekend, we had not only 1 but 2 very special event activities. On Saturday, the whole camp took a trip to the Wild West and had a blast at this year’s LT Carnival. This year’s Western-themed Carnival had a special twist to it, in which campers had to go to the Gold Mine and search for gold coins in order to play some of the games and go to the booths. Campers enjoyed frolicking to and from the Garden and the Playhouse to find the best activities such as the Three-Box Challenge, the Dance-Off, sock wrestling, the massive Pumpkin Bouncy House, and a blowup Water Slide.

Campers exploring the grounds of the LT Carnival.

Campers had so much fun at Carnival. Here’s what some of them have to say about this spectacular event:

“My favorite part about Carnival was searching for all the gold coins and then using them to play the games.” – Jordan, Algonquin Boys

“I never ran out of activities to do because there was just so much going on. I had a lot of fun that day.”   – Sophia, Senior 4 Girls

“I was at every booth that involved food. Anything you could eat, I was there. It was so yummy.”   – Samara, Naskopi Girls

“My first Carnival was such a fun experience!” – Connor, Mic Mac Boys

The rush from Carnival never left the campers as they were eagerly awaiting Sunday’s arrival of the first leg of Triple Crown! All 24 bunks, including the CITs and Waiters, got the opportunity to perform on stage with their bunkmates in skits and dances that they will remember for many years from now. For Junior Camp, the Algonquin Girls placed 1st with their explosive and high energy dance performance of Michael Jackson’s Thriller. The Menominee Boys won for the Middle Camp division with Anchorman, in which they broadcasted live all the hot news going around camp from the Schodack Stage. And for Upper Camp, the vie for 1st place was so intense that the Waiters and the CITs both ended up coming out victorious with their stellar performances. The CITs put together the greatest show at Schodack with The Greatest Showman, which was straight out of a circus act. The Waiters gathered their humor with a hilarious skit called Undercover Waiter. Every bunk made an everlasting impression on the stage that night, and we can’t wait to see what is in store for Lip Sync, which is in a week from today.

The Chippewa Boys suit up for their big Talent Show performance of “Camp Guy.”






The Algonquin Girls steal the show with their winning dance performance.

What else is new and upcoming here at Schodack:

About 50 campers to the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art (MASS MoCA), one of the largest modern art museums in the United States. The exhibits were just exquisite, and campers even had the opportunity to make their own masterpieces at the museum.


Campers observing all the art they saw around the museum.
















Tribals are definitely in the air. Everyone is busy searching for clues as to when it is going to break! Tribals break “fakes” have been occurring all around camp this week, and campers can’t wait for this color war to begin.

Head Staff members Pharoah, Berg, and Shira during a Tribal’s fake.















Junior and Middle Camp spent this week’s Trip Day on a beautiful 2-mile hike through Schodack Island State Park and then cooled down with a visit to the movies. Juniors saw Incredibles 2 and Middle Camp had the option of seeing Incredibles 2,  Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom or Ocean’s 8. Upper Camp went ice skating and then enjoyed an afternoon at the bowling alley.

This week the Greg Maddux Pitching Contest is taking place at Baseball. Campers have the opportunity to test their pitching skills by throwing the baseball into certain boundaries established on the field. If you throw the ball within the boundaries of the grid set up on the field, points will be awarded. The winner of this contest will earn their spot in the Schodack Book of Records.

The Adventure team took a group of campers to Crab Apple for the first Whitewater Rafting trip of the summer. This trip is easily one of the most popular and anticipated adventure trips of the summer. Another group of campers will be heading out to rafting next week!

Kemp the Storyteller is back for another summer. Campers in all divisions gathered in the Playhouse to listen to Kemp share some magnificent stories that involve some catchy toons. Every camper was jamming out with Kemp especially with a notable favorite, “The Cat Came Back.”

We had a very busy week of intercamp games. The 6th grade boys travelled to Camp Winadu to play basketball, and then the 7th grade boys played them in soccer a few days later. The 8th grade girls took a trip to Camp Pontiac  for a soccer game on Wednesday and today they returned to play them in tennis. We played with great athleticism and spirit. Great job to everyone who participated!

On Monday night we took a trip back to the Middle Ages for Medieval Night. With no fans, utensils, or lights, we enjoyed a festive meal of bread bowls with soup, corn on the cob, and chicken wings.

The horses making a special appearance during dinner line up before the Medieval festivities.
















The Mixed Doubles Tennis Tournament took place this morning. Congrats to Gabe Fine from the Senior 3 Boys and Sophia Spiegel from the Senior 4 Girls for winning the tournament. An honorable mention to Ben Rhodes-Kropf from the Senior 2 Boys and Lilly Shiavo from the Senior 1 Girls for being the runners-up in the tournament. 

This week’s division spotlights:

Mic Macs:  We have had a week of amazing scheduled activities with exciting special events in between.  Both bunks enjoyed the LT Carnival, walking around all the booths in the Playhouse and Garden and visiting with our favorite CITs and Waiters at all the booths. A favorite night activity this week was cookie decorating.  We used cookie cutters to shape the cookies and then decorated them with icing after they cooked.  So yummy!  Then we had talent show on Sunday.  Both bunks put on a great skit and the Mic Mac Girls got 3rd place!  We finished off the week with our first bonfire.  We hope we have s’more soon.  Can’t wait for Week 3! – Allison

Junior Boys: Another exciting week has happened here at Camp Schodack with big events such as triple crown, trip day, and tribals fakes! For triple crown each of the bunks got up and did their own performance making the camp laugh and enjoy a wonderful night of entertainment. The Algonquin boys took home second place in the division with Schodack movies, making a twist on classic movies such as Forrest Gump and Titanic. This past week also marked the start of tribals fakes! The boys have seen their Division head Adam Berg on the rooftops of camp and they are trying to solve the mystery of who has stolen the hatchet so that they can start 2 Day tribals. The boys have some theories that Adam is the thief wanting to break tribals himself this year. Stay tuned to find out who it really was! The boys have also enjoyed another trip day of hiking at Schodack Park on a clear and beautiful Tuesday, and were able to watch the incredible movie Incredibles 2! They have also had another wonderful week of activities and swim lessons with them getting stronger and stronger each week in the pool!

Junior Girls: If you were an emoji what would you be!?…The Junior Girls got in character as we kicked off emoji day bright and early! I chose to dress as the cat love-heart eyed emoji with help from my red lipstick for the heart eyes and eye liner for the nose and whiskers! Among the crowd we had the rockstar, happy face, puppy, pregnant lady and my all time favorite the poop emoji! Everyone looked amazing! We had a fun afternoon as a division where we had an emoji debate, emoji story board and create your own emoji. I loved the creation of the gangster unicorn! We topped off the day with a night time activity of a beautiful bonfire with s’mores. During the day I split the division into groups of 5 and they each acted out an emoji skit! Each group did an awesome job and were great to watch in the Amphitheater! The junior girls counselors at the end improv’d their own skit which brought a lot of laughs! Thanks for a great week Junior Girls!! – Maria

Middle Boys: The Middle Boys have had a wonderful week here in the 12123! It started out with Triple crown with each of the three bunks putting on a skit for the rest of camp in which the Menominee boys were able to take first place in the division with their own rendition of Schodack Anchorman! The Naskopi boys had their own version of the “talent show that went wrong” and Lumbee boys did Saturday Night Lumbee tipping their hats to SNL. Both the Naskopi and Lumbee boys had the playhouse in stitches. We also had a great trip day walking around the Schodack park for a beautiful hike on a wonderful summer day, with not a cloud in the sky! And after a nice hike the boys were off to see Incredibles 2 at the movies for a nice relaxing end to trip day! The boys had canteen drop this week where they were able to compete for extra canteens for their bunks. The Menominee and Lumbee boys in their final round bet it all to try and gain eternal canteen glory but came up just short on their answers, while the Naskopi boys ended up with four extra canteens for their bunk! And finally we have heard the start of firecrackers leading up to 2 Day Tribals. We aren’t sure when it will break because someone has stolen the hatchet and we must find out who took it so we can break tribals! Stay tuned for next week! – Kaish

Middle Girls: Hello from the Middle Girls division! Schodack has had another whirlwind of a week with a lot of exciting events which was kicked off by the first leg of triple crown, talent show. The middle girls did an amazing job with their talent shows placing third and second this year! The Naskopi girls placed second this year with their own rendition of camp vines which had the playhouse bent over laughing, while the Menominee girls placed third with a version of the bachelor using different camp counselors as their characters to have hilarious questions and responses. And the Lumbee girls showed off their spectacular dance moves with different fortnite dances! On trip day the middle division hiked around Schodack Park and saw some incredible views,  followed by a trip to the movies to see the Incredibles 2. The middle girls will be starting hush buddies this week, giving each other small hand-made gifts and leaving clues as to who is leaving these small gifts for them. Finally the hatchet has been stolen so tribals can’t be broken until it is found! There are many clues being left behind and the camp is in a rush to look for who it is! Stay tuned to find out who the culprit is! – Halle

Upper Boys: It’s that time of the week! Another seven Schodack days have past, filled with fun and excitement.  Shoutout to the LT program for running a great carnival, the boys told me they absolutely loved it. Following all those festivities the boys performed their first leg of the Triple Crown,Talent Show, on Sunday. The Senior 1 Boys put on a great show planting ideas in our minds with their interpretation of Inception. The Senior 2 Boys showed all the youngbloods how to really ball in Uncle Drew. Last but definitely not least, The Senior 3 Boys had us all cracking up when they revealed what really happens in the Schodack office. Trip Day this week was an enjoyable pairing of ice skating and bowling. The boys were energetic and enthusiastic the whole time.  A few weeks in and this summer has been far from mundane and routine, and we’re loving every second of it. Until next time… – Uncle Ro

Upper Girls: Hard to believe two weeks have already flown! The Senior Girls have had a blast this week at activities, and we’ve gotten into full swing with bonding and fun! Saturday we had cookies on the basketball court after Fire Circle, and the girls had to find one uncommon thing in common among themselves within their small groups. On Monday night, we belted through Senior Girls YouTube Karaoke – the girls split into mixed-up groups, picked songs, and then sang to the rest of the Division (featuring broom handles and ping pong paddles as microphones). Some highlights were “Love is An Open Door” from Frozen and “Fabulous” from High School Musical! We ended Wednesday with another Senior Girls Bonfire out at Archery, where the girls shared their punniest jokes to lots of groans and laughter. Here’s to another jam-packed week of exciting events, new friendships, and smiles abound! – Shira

Here is a copy of today’s Schodack Scoop and other photos from the week:


Purple Reign playing Orange Glory in Middle/Upper Basketball Ultra Leagues.










The Arapaho Girls showing off their 70 foot long daisy chain they made during a Camper Choice period.










Campers playing one of the most popular games on camp, 9-Square.






















Summer Newsletter: Week 1

Hello there, it’s me Izzy Tabs again reporting live from Nassau, New York on the latest activities, special events, trips, and tournaments from Week 1.  Congrats to all of us for surviving the first full week of camp in the sweltering heat. The Schodack sun was definitely shining to finish off a hot week of activities, LITERALLY.

Saturday was a big day for new beginnings here in the 12123. We had our first adventure trip of the summer… YEAH, ADVENTURE. Our two amazing adventure counselors, Grace and Denholm(both going 2 years strong), took 40 campers to the Albany Indoor Rock Gym to explore the shadowy depths of the indoor caves. Not gonna lie this trip is a pretty big deal because it is the only indoor caving system in the entire country…wow! It was also a chance for campers to escape the blistering 95 degree heat with some luxurious air conditioning. Equally as exciting as the first adventure trip was the beginning of Ultra Leagues. During our new extended Camper Choice, Junior/Middle camp teams and Upper camp teams participated in the opening Ultra Leagues games playing basketball and soccer. Additionally, Junior/Middle Ultra Leagues now have new team colors: yellow, crimson, lime green, navy blue and light blue.

Later that night when things cooled off, we had our first Fire Circle of the summer. Previously known as Services, Fire Circle is a time where the whole camp gathers in the amphitheater. Here, one bunk chooses a theme and leads us in a song, we listen to a story from Paul, and campers and counselors have the ability to show their gratitude to friends by dedicating a stick to them. This week, the Senior 3 Boys lead Fire Circle with the theme “Determination,” and then the whole camp sang Survivor’s “The Eye of the Tiger” in harmony.  

The traditional silent walk to “Fire Circle.”















The heat continued throughout the week, and when it’s this hot at Schodack, the only thing campers dream about is a “Blister Day.” During Sunday and Monday’s afternoon periods, the whole camp gathered around our two pools and the adjacent shady areas, swimming and splashing after a hot morning of (modified) activity periods. Campers also had rotating visits to our massive waterslide on the Corral Hill and played in sprinklers placed all around camp.

The pool area filled with campers and counselors during Blister Day.















While campers were enjoying “Blister Day,” the LTs held their first Challenge Day leading with a “Prisoner Day” theme. The LTs were accused of stealing Junior Camp cookies, and in order to prove their innocence, they had to do a series of challenges to find out who framed them. The whole camp could feel the adrenaline rush coming from the colors grink, red, blue, and yellow as they approached each event with enthusiastic intensity. 

LTs on Grink avoiding the laser beams of the spider’s web, while escaping the prison during a Challenge Day Event.
















Water activities continued for Junior and Middle camp through Tuesday, when they kicked off the first Trip Day of the summer to a visit to Zoom Flume Water Park. This trip couldn’t have come with better timing, as campers were able to enjoy trips on the Lazy River, a ride down many water slides, and splashing around in the wave pool. Senior camp and the first year LTs shopped, ate and explored their way through Saratoga Springs. There’s nothing better than spending quality time with your camp friends in one of the most beautiful towns with some of the best food and ice cream in New York.

Campers react to the first trip day of the summer:

“The Canyon Plunge was definitely my favorite ride. I was screaming my head off the whole time.” – Leo, Naskopi Boys

“The Family Ride at Zoom Flume was so fun and fast. I liked that we could all go on the raft together!” – Avery, Arapaho Girls

“I had the best sushi ever in Saratoga. It was superb. Especially the wasabi.”   – Natalie, Senior 1 Girls

“Kilwin’s was the highlight of the trip. It was necessary because it was such a hot day.” – Ben, Senior 3 Boys

Here are some more noteworthy events of the week:

-Bard Drama and the cast of this summer’s play Mulan are getting down to business with rehearsals. We can’t wait to see this notable and fan favorite Disney movie come live to the Playhouse stage.

-The Senior Camp Boys took a trip to Camp Winadu for a basketball intercamp. They played three very tough and intense games, and although they only won once, they still had a blast.

-The First Year LTs put together an amazing camp event on Sunday called “All for One.” The event speaks to and honors the most important philosophy here at Camp Schodack: participation. The goal of the event is to complete as many activities as possible such as trivia contests, a gymnastics obstacle course, cookie decorating(a camp favorite), and so much more. Congratulations to the Menominee Boys and Senior 2 Girls who tied for 1st Place.

-Due to high demand, CrossFit is back for another summer. Campers and counselors are ready to work hard and have fun with our incredible instructor Carolyn. 

-Game, set, match! The Camper Counselor Tennis Tournament, one of the most highly anticipated tournaments of the summer, was definitely a smash hit. It came down to Brett Siegel and Ben Rhodes- Kropf vs. Josh Damast and Brady Fine in the final match, with Ben and Brett coming out victorious. Awesome job to everyone who participated. 

-The first leg of Triple Crown, Talent Show, will be this Sunday. Bunks all around camp have been intensely preparing their skits for a memorable performance.

-Big shout out to the Chipawa Boys for winning this week’s Cleanliness Cup. Those junior camp boys living in the Farmhouse might be small, but they sure are master cleaners.

-Paul and Linda took a group of campers to the Opera performance of “Merry Widow” at the Saratoga Performing Arts Center(SPAC). 

Overall what a fantastic first full week of activities. Here are some of the division spotlights from the week:

Mic Macs: The Mic Mac’s have had an amazing first full week at camp! We have been spending so much time in the pool because of the crazy heat.  Lake has also been a great way to cool down.  Some first-time waterskiers, kneeboarders, and fishers!  We also enjoyed Zoom Flume as our first trip. Our night activities have included Reader’s Theatre as well as Night at the Races.  Can’t wait for a great next week ahead of us!   – Allison

Junior Boys: Last week the Junior Boyz had a blast staying cool in the sun. Over the weekend, we splashed around in the sprinklers between morning activities and splashed around in the pool during free swim in the afternoon. Not to mention the Junior Favorites: playing water basketball for Camper Choice and going down the waterslide again and again and again. The weather couldn’t have been better on Tuesday for Zoom Flume. Those raft rides were hilarious, the Canyon Plunge was epic, and the tiki pool had waterfalls to chill out in. We watched Disney’s CoCo after Zoom Flume—definitely the best Pixar film of all time—and went back to regular activities on Wednesday. What a great week! – Berg

Junior Girls: Shout out to the Arapaho’mies, Algonqu’eens and Chin’ookies. What a week we’ve had girls! Blister days were fun when it was too hot, but now we’re ready to enjoy all of the fun activities! We have many fans of gymnastics and arts and crafts so be sure to ask us about our Camper Choice activities! Cookout on Wednesday and the fireworks were amazing! We’re settling in now and making Schodack our home, singing our bunk cheers all around camp. Bring on week 2 of camp! – Maria

Middle Boys: It has been an exciting first full week for the middle boys! Despite the heat, the boys have remained cool and been rocking it at activities. On Sunday we had our annual all-camp event for Fourth of July, All For One, which our very own Menominee Boys won! Monday night we had our very first bonfire of the summer where Doug answered all of our burning questions about what camp used to be like when he was a camper, and on Tuesday we were able to escape the heat at Zoom Flume. With Talent Show coming up on Sunday and some cooler weather on the way, next week is shaping up to be even better than the last! – Kaish

Middle Girls: It is hard to believe that the first week of camp has already come and gone! And what a crazy, jam-packed week it has been. The Middle Girls have loved spending time at the pool and lake to cool off during these super hot Blister Days, and had a blast at Zoom Flume water park going on rides and eating funnel cakes for the first trip day! Another highlight was the Middle Girls bonfire, where we made s’mores, jammed out to our favorite songs, and played bonding games with the whole division. It has been amazing getting to know all of these kind, smart, hysterical young women, and I can’t wait for the rest of the summer to unfold. – Halle

Senior Boys: Hello again Schodack Family! The first week of camp was far from typical. We got both ends of the weather spectrum, one day it’s showers the next excessive heat. For me the last seven days served as an example of the resiliency of Schodack campers and staff. Even in these weather extremes spirits were still high and we got outside and found ways to have some fun. The Senior Camp Water Fight was definitely a highlight of my week. Tuesday brought a much needed switch up as we had our first trip day out to Saratoga. The boys had a chance to get some great food, do a little shopping and relax in the shade of Congress Park. I found it a well-timed change of pace for all of us.  Back on camp, further developments this week include Ultra Leagues getting into full swing and Talent Show preparations ramping up. I’m sure the next sevens are sure to be just as eventful, if not more! Until next time… –  Uncle Ro

Senior Girls: The Senior Girls had a great first week! We concluded the second day of camp with an Amazing Race night activity, where each bunk was awarded a prize, including options of clean-up help from Head Staff or an IOU from me! On Sunday Night, the Senior 2 Girls won our first special event of the summer, All For One, and they will receive a pizza party prize for their efforts! Tuesday we headed to Saratoga for Trip Day, and we enjoyed lots of sushi, mac & cheese, ice cream, and more. It’s great to finally get into the swing of activities after a blisteringly hot start to the summer, and we’re going to wrap up this first week with a Senior Girls Bonfire at the newly-restored cookout pit by Archery! I’m psyched for another sun-filled, energetic week with these wonderful girls! – Shira

LTs– The LT program has been incredibly full and busy during the first week, embracing the heat during a dizzying array of activity in what has become known as the Summer of Sweat! Running laps around camp; playing tennis, soccer, basketball and 9-square – cooling off in the pool and undertaking hikes in both Congress Park in Saratoga and at Sutherland Pond in Ooms Conservation Area in Chatham, NY. The first all-camp event of the summer was also a triumph for the LTs, who conceived, planned, ran and cleaned up after All For One, a twenty-two bunk participation challenge that is now in its twelfth year.The first Challenge Day featured an escape from prison, a clear-your-name chase that took them back and forth across camp to the cheers of the younger campers and finally a courtroom case where ultimately their names were cleared of the dastardly crime of stealing the Junior Campers’ Cookies!We are gearing up to run the Wild West Carnival this weekend, an all camp event scheduled for Saturday afternoon, and then turn around and put on a stellar Talent Show on Sunday! All this while performing their community service in the dining hall, LTing in bunks and activities, writing and editing the morning Scoop each day and providing an upbeat active pulse for the rest of camp!

Enjoy some more awesome photos from the week and today’s edition of the Schodack Scoop:

Look at those colors burst! We saw some amazing fireworks right on our own campgrounds on the Fourth of July.










Views from the Camper Counselor Tennis Tournament. Campers and counselors serving up a good time on the newly renovated tennis courts.

The Arapaho Boys pose after tumbling around at gymnastics.

Senior campers working and sweating hard during their CrossFit session. Great form guys!
































































Summer Newsletter 2018: Welcome to Camp!

Campers and counselors alike, whether returning or new, have spent many months eagerly anticipating what we all know is the best day of the year… the first day of camp! At approximately 11am the first bus rolled up to 40 Krouner Road and the campers were welcomed with warmth, tradition, and spirit by all our staff members who had been excitedly awaiting their arrival. Schodack has officially begun its 62nd summer and boy, it’s going to be a summer to remember!

I invite all of you guys to join me on this wild ride of a summer. To start off, my name is Izzy Tabs and along with Claudia Photo and the help of some our 93 Leadership Trainees (LTs), I will be delivering you the finest news as it develops throughout the summer at Schodack. I have been calling Schodack my second home ever since 2008 when I was a Chipawa girl, and my journey came full circle when I spent my first summer on staff in 2016 after successfully graduating the LT program.  My time here at Schodack for the past 11 summers has truly been life changing, so in case your camper forgets to include lots of vivid details in their letters home (because they’re having so much fun!), I will be here to guide and tell you about the fantastic events happening each week. This blog will be published on Fridays, but we’ll send you a reminder email each week once it has been posted.

So what should you expect every week:

-Overviews, recaps, and details about one-of-a-kind Schodack events, activities, trips, tournaments, and more

-Excerpts from the Schodack Scoop, the daily newspaper written here at camp by the LTs. Our campers and staff members love beginning their day with Schodack’s very own version of the New York Times just like many of you.

-Quotes from campers with their reactions, feelings, and thoughts regarding the unique events and activities here at camp. And yes pictures WILL be included!

-Mini blog posts from each division on camp, featuring a glimpse of what they did that week.

We are so excited to kick off Summer 2018!

The first two days of camp were full of high energy and excitement with old friends uniting and new friendships booming. As campers arrived from buses and planes and cars, they were brought to their new bunks where they found their own beds beautifully decorated and organized, immediately feeling at home. Name games were buzzing all around camp accompanied by the biggest and brightest smiles as campers were finally able to say “I’m home!” The best part of opening day was right around the corner, sizzling from the dining hall. Within minutes of arriving at camp, the LTs served Schodack’s most famous meal, Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup, that was flying out of the kitchen at 10 plates per second. Wow, you could say that’s a lot of cheese.




























After lunch, we began the first day of camp shenanigans. HEALTH CHECKS, SWIM TESTS, BUNK PICTURES oh my. Throughout the afternoon campers played name games, swam laps in the pool and learned their bunk cheers, and of course got glamoured up in their green camp shirts for the annual bunk photo (which will be sent home at the end of the summer). Counselors gave tours to their campers, and each bunk individually sat down with Paul and Matt for a welcome meeting where they shared camp expectations, rules, and traditions. More name games, ice breakers (including a camp and personal favorite “Bunny Bunny”), and camp songs radiated all over camp in between the “First Day Rotations.”

Later that night campers took their first camp shower of the season and bundled up in their PJs to watch “The Counselor Show.” Staff members including bunk counselors, activity counselors, and head staff put together a show of 13 acts that highlighted some of their secret talents, passions, and skills. A notable favorite was when head staff members Baz (ACS) and Berg (Junior Boys Division Head) put on their annual reenactment of Aladdin’s “A Whole New World.”  Matt got to introduce Olivia (Schodack’s youngest camper) to everyone and the final act was a much-anticipated visit from Koshemak (who holds a remarkable resemblance to our very own Paul Krouner), sharing the history of many of Schodack’s beloved traditions. To end off a sweet day, campers enjoyed Schodack’s famous chocolate chip cookies and then drifted off to sleep in their new cozy beds dreaming about the next day’s activities.

We thought we’d ask some new and returning campers what they are most looking forward to this summer:

“I was happy to come back to camp because I got to reunite with  my friends whom I haven’t seen all year.” – Tiernan, Lumbee Girls

“I really want to try horseback riding this summer… It seems like so much fun.”- Carly, Chinook Girls

“I am so excited to be back at camp because I love Tribals. The activities are so fun!”– Sawyer, Algonquin Boys

“Ultraleagues really excite me at camp. It gives me the opportunity to play competitive sports, and it seems so much fun.”- Aaron, Chinook Boys

“Yay… I’m finally back at my home.” – Jordan, Arapaho Girls

“I’m really excited for basketball and the new tennis courts because it’s an opportunity to play sports with my friends.” – Brady, Menominee Boys

Thursday was when the real fun began. Campers were reunited with some of their favorite activities and were introduced to new skills, sports, and artistry. A little rain did not dampen the bright smiles of the campers as they swam, golfed, danced, played basketball, soccer, tennis and more. That evening, The 8th Annual Night at the Races took place where each division competed in a series of events such as relay races in hopes of achieving the opportunity to lead “Fire Circle.”

Well, that’s a wrap for the first two exciting days of camp. Stay tuned because I’ll be back next week for a full run through and review of Week 1!

Division spotlights from the first few days:

Mic Mac Boys and Girls:  “Day one was such a blast! We all played so many name games, toured camp and learned all about our new summer home!  Grilled cheese for lunch was a classic and always makes the first camp lunch a hit.  We played some intense gaga and tetherball and we had a great day of activities on Thursday. Get ready for summer 2018 to be the best one yet!” – Allison

Junior Boys: “The first day of camp was the best. Right off the bus, the junior boys brought the spirit that Schodack thrives on, stepping into a crowd of cheering counselors who couldn’t have been happier to finally see them. Thank you to my Group Leaders—Jason Karen and Jake Zeiman of the Algonquins, Melvin and Kush of the Chinooks, Luke Berry of the Arapahos, and Weiner of the Chipawas—for the totally cool cheers they came up with for their bunk names and for organizing how much fun we all had on the Junior Camp Playground, playing Gaga, Basketball, Four Square, and Tetherball. From Name Games to freeze dancing in the bunks, to their first grilled cheeses and the hilarious Counselor Show, these Junior Boyz started out the gate ready for the best summer of their lives!” – Berg

Junior Girls:

Some girls get off the bus and step onto that sweet Schodack grass

Calling out for the Arapaho’mies, Algonqu’eens and Chin’ookies

Happy times are coming, happy times have already started

Ohh what a blast these last two days have been

Dancing in the bunk and making new friends

At camp the fun never ends!

Come find us we love to play

Knock knock, who’s there? JUNIOR GIRLS!

                   – Maria

Middle Boys: “Hi! My name is Jeremy Kaish and I am the Middle Boys Division Head this summer. While it’s only been a day and a half since everyone got to camp, the fun has already begun! Everyone was out bright and early this morning rocking it at activities like hockey and volleyball. Some bunks have even begun working on their talent shows, which will be next weekend! With more activities to come and an awesome trip next week, it is shaping up to be a fantastic summer!” – Kaish

Middle Girls:  “Watching that first bus pull up on day one of camp is always the most surreal feeling. Summer after summer, I am astounded and exhilarated by the energy that the campers bring as they flood camp grounds, uniting with old and new friends and counselors. Yesterday was no exception; from seeing their beds for the first time, to learning bunk cheers, to enjoying some classic first day grilled cheese (my favorite), my Naskopi, Lumbee, and Menominee ladies had an amazing and jam-packed day with plenty of hugs and laughs. If day one was any indication, summer ’18 might just be the best one yet.” – Halle

Senior Boys:Hello Schodack Family!  My name is Pharoah Sutton-Jackson and I have the privilege and the pleasure of being Senior Boys Division Head this summer. On the heels of Opening Day I am overjoyed to have all my boys (plus a new addition!) back at camp. In Senior Camp it’s always a goal to bring the entire division together as a whole so it was amazing to see the boys ring in the session at the first meal with a division-wide stacking game with cheers that almost blew the windows out of the dining hall. I know we are headed for a fantastic summer. Until next time…” – Uncle Ro  

Senior Girls: “Seeing all of the Senior Girls’ shining faces as they stepped off the buses was the highlight of my year! After a rainy opening day of settling in and hanging ten thousand photos by our beds, the Senior Girls closed out day one with cookies and goodnight hugs, eager to wake up to a summer of unbelievable fun. We have so much in store for the girls – from special night activities and theme days to Senior Girls Bonfire Bonding and movie nights. I am totally stoked to spend the next seven weeks with the wackiest, funniest, sweetest, wildest girls on the planet!” – Shira


Below is a copy of today’s Schodack Scoop, and some other fun pics captured from the first few days of camp:



























New Camper Day…A Day To Remember!!!

We look forward to New Camper Day all winter long. After so much anticipation, it’s a chance to finally host all our new families and get them excited for the summer. We love watching campers meeting new friends, knowing many of these connections will last for years and years. After getting to spend this day with everyone, there is no question 2018 will be a special summer. We are counting down the days (16!) until Opening Day!!!!













(Thumbs-up for Schodack!!)













(Bring on Opening Day!!!)



(Summer silliness already….)


(Hanging on the Main Lawn!)


(Name Games and getting to know each other!)


(Matt chatting with parents)


(Enjoying their first camp lunch all together!)


(Olivia: New Camper Day in 2025 ;))



Junior Girls’ Division Head!!!

We are very excited to announce that Maria Reed will be joining our Head Staff Team as our Junior Girls’ Division Head this summer! This will be Maria’s 3rd summer at camp after being a Bunk Counselor and Head Drama and she can’t wait to reconnect with all of this summer’s Junior Girls. One of Maria’s all-time favorite camp memories is swaying and singing to “friends friends friends” and during her spare time she likes to play Netball and listen to Elvis. Maria is looking forward to what will surely be her best summer yet! Fun Fact: Maria used to work at a radio station reading the travel news!