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Introducing the Schodack Holiday Mystery Box! New for 2018!!

(Brett Cohen with his children Ilivia and Sawyer and his wife Randi)


My name is Brett Cohen.  I was a camper, waiter, bunk counselor, group leader and SPEC over the course of 13 amazing summers at Camp Schodack (1985-1997).  Currently, I serve on the Camp Schodack Alumni Association (CSAA) as the Schodack Campership Initiative (SCI) representative. SCI is a non-profit that funds camperships for children from underrepresented backgrounds to attend Schodack each summer.  I’m also the parent of two current Schodack campers.

Right now, I’m excited to combine my role as an alumni parent with my CSAA and SCI roles to launch an amazing new initiative—something that I’m hoping will become a great annual tradition in your home.

Introducing The Schodack Holiday Mystery Box!

You may be asking yourself…”Self, what is The Schodack Holiday Mystery Box?”  My answer is simple…”I can’t tell you because it’s a mystery.”

But, here’s what I can tell you:  For $50, you’ll receive EXCLUSIVE Camp Schodack gear delivered in time for this holiday season.  The box will include fun and unique Camp Schodack stuff appropriate for campers, staff, alumni and anyone who loves Camp Schodack.  The contents will remain a surprise until you or the recipient opens the box.  It will make a great Hanukkah gift or stocking stuffer.  And, you absolutely don’t want to miss out on this.

As a parent, I know that the struggle is real when it comes to finding a perfect holiday gift.  As a Schodack parent, I know my kids will love getting Schodack stuff in the middle of winter.  Heck, as an alumni, I might get one for myself!

Anyway, you get the idea.  Great for them.  Easy for you.  And, while this promotion is brought to you by the Camp Schodack Alumni Association, all proceeds benefit the Schodack Campership Initiative helping to send underrepresented children to camp.  Everyone wins.

We’re certain you’ll love the surprises that await inside The Schodack Holiday Mystery Box.  And, we’re hoping this becomes an annual tradition with new and exciting surprises each holiday season.

Order now to ensure that the box reaches you before the holidays by CLICKING HERE!!!

Ask any questions in the comments and I’ll do my best to respond.




Welcoming Back a Camp Legend: Jon Carter

Hello to all you wonderful campers, parents, alumni and staff of the 12123 aka Camp Schodack!

For those of you I have not yet met, my name is Jon Carter and I have had the pleasure of working at Schodack for 10 years. I started as an adventurous, if what slightly nervous 19 year old in 2002, and am thrilled to be joining the year-round team (again!) This blog post will tell you a little more about me, my history at Schodack and what I will be doing in the future.

My first role saw me as a Group Leader for the youngest boys on camp living in what was then called the “Annex” and is now “C1.” During that summer I also ran the Radio Shack during Camper’s Choice due to my experience working for a radio station back in the UK. I returned in 2003 to continue as a Group Leader and once again had the joy of working with the youngest boys on camp. It was in this summer that the famous (or possibly infamous) “Carter’s Challenge” was conceived – If you don’t know what it is, just ask your children!

(Official time-keeper for Carter’s Challenge this past summer)

What started as a summer adventure to live and work in America had by now become a passion and I began to wonder if I would ever spend a summer away from Schodack, So, when the call came from Owen in 2004 asking if I would like to join the Head Staff team I couldn’t refuse. I spent the next 2 years as the Special Programs & Events Coordinator (SPEC) which culminated in one of my all-time favorite memories of camp, breaking Tribals as Willy Wonka in 2005.

Following that summer I moved to Canada with 2 other British staff but that adventure was cut short when I received a call from Paul asking if I would like to join the year-round team. Shortly thereafter I was in the American Embassy in London collecting my visa to begin my role as the LT Director and Staffing Coordinator which I continued to do for the next two years.

When my visa expired I returned to the UK and was sadly unable to return in 2008 but made sure that my absence from Schodack didn’t last too long and returned in 2009 to become the Substitute Activity Counsellor (SAC). After that summer I returned to the UK once again and took on a number of roles including opening a jazz restaurant with my brothers Michael and Olly (both former Schodack staff).

(In 2009 as Co-General with Julia Kaplan for Seminole Strike)

At the ripe old age of 27 I decided that after having spent so much time working with young people I wanted to do this as a career, so I enrolled full time at the University of Roehampton to pursue my Bachelors in Education. This is where I spent the next 9 years getting my degree, working with the Student Life team, the Students Union and eventually helping to run the largest of the 4 Colleges at Roehampton. I was also elected to serve on the Board of Trustees as a Director of the University for 3 years until I left earlier this year.

After a 7-year hiatus, I came back to visit Schodack for the 60th reunion in 2016 and realized just how much I had missed camp. I came back to visit again at the end of summer 2017 and then received another life-changing call from camp, this time from Matt asking if I would like to come back full time! That brings us to the present, when on Monday, October 1st I officially began my role as Alumni, Communications and Events Coordinator which will see me taking on a number of exciting things at Schodack.

I hope to meet all of you in person over the coming months and cannot wait to dive head-first back into my Schodack adventure.

All the best – Carter

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing”

Carter currently lives in London, England with his fiancee Anya.



Summer Newsletter: Week 5

Hey everyone, I’m back again to bring you another update from the Foothills of the Berkshires. As always, we had loads of fun this week filled with endless laughs, memories and even a little rain. From Fire Circle, to Special Event Afternoon Sundays, to a variety of activity periods, we kept busy here at camp.

Here are some noteworthy events from this week:

The Algonquin Boys led Fire Circle this week with the theme of Perseverance. The whole camp bolted out to Rachel Platten’s Fight Song after the boys spoke of their theme. Straight out of Fire Circle, we held our annual Rock, Paper, Scissors competition or in the words of Owen Pennant Jones, Rock, Paper, Snerson in honor of alumni Evan Snerson’s lasting legacy as a 5x RPS winner. This year CIT Danya Taub came out victorious in this infamous competition with a notable mention to Jake Ackerman from the Chippewa Boys for coming in 2nd place.

The final round of the Rock, Paper, Scissors Competition. You can really feel the intensity of this moment!

The Algonquin Boys speaking about their theme of Perseverance.

Carter and Matt battle it out in Rock, Paper, Scissors.

On Saturday, the whole camp enjoyed the  LT Carnival featuring the Wimblesquare Tournament, a Dunk Tank, a Slip ‘N Slide, the always -favorite cooking decorating, as well as a host of other fun booths.

Monday night was Western Night, and campers were serenaded by special guests Paul Rosenberg and his Traditional Music Band at dinner line-up. Following a delicious meal of homemade cornbread, pulled brisket and corn on the cob, campers joined the fiddlers for a traditional hoedown in the Playhouse. Paul and his band played and sang live fiddle music as campers learned new dances and songs that filled the playhouse with spirit and laughter. Campers came dressed in their flannels and jeans and had lots of fun learning traditional western and folk dances.

The campers enjoying a special lineup where Paul Rosenberg and his band led them in a dance.













Also on Monday the LTs had their final Challenge Day of the summer where the athleticism, creativity, and enthusiasm of all past Challenge Day themes were combined to bring “All Star Day.”  The day began with a 7am Army Day wake up by their staff members, and then they channeled their inner country persona for the classic Challenge Day event where they dig for worms in a huge mud pit (this one was a personal favorite of mine) for Country Day. They also had a paint fight, a cooking challenge (because is it really Challenge Day without a cooking event?), then had an event from Gambler’s Day. We can’t wait to find out who are the winners of this year’s Challenge Days and as always Go Grink.

The Camp Schodack Dance Team’s hard work has finally paid off as the whole camp enjoyed watching the Dance Recital on Wednesday night.

Oh Canada! Last night the LTs came back from a fantastic 3-day trip to Montreal, Canada where they devoured Poutine, explored New and Old Montreal, got some swag Roots Apparel, went jet boating, and went to La Ronde, a Six Flags Amusement Park. Many of the LTs even came back to camp with treats for their bunks, such as Maple Candies, which they really enjoyed. Below are pictures of the jet boating experience. Truly a surreal moment. 

While the LTs crossed international borders, the rest of camp enjoyed their own Trip Day with trips to the movies and bowling for Junior and Middle campers, and a movie and  scenic 2 mile hike at Schodack Island State Park for Upper Camp.

Congrats to the Mic Mac Girls for winning the Cleanliness Cup this week and for the second time! Keep it up ladies.

Throughout this whole week we are hosting the Bonus Ball Tennis Tournament. The tournament is held during Camper Choice periods and the goal of the game to to accumulate as many points as possible. Every 3rd point is a bonus point, which is why it is called the Bonus Ball Tournament!

The final leg of Triple Crown, Bunk Plaque Night (BPN), is this Saturday. Bunks have been practicing their amazing songs all week and plaques have been brewing in the art shack.

Once again Tribals is in the air as this whole week there have been many Tribals fakes. Campers are anticipating the return of the whole Marvel Universe to help us break Tribals.

SPEC Josh Baker dressed up as Thor.

Division Spotlights of the Week:

Mic Macs: This week was another great week for the micmacs! We had a great trip day to the movies and bowling followed by a week of fun activities.  Yesterday we had a big division event called “Messiest Activity Ever.” We found gummy bears in whipped cream, skittles in flour and ended with a giant micmac egg toss.  We also got to perform the dances we have been working on all summer with Elicia dance at the camp dance recital. We are so excited for BPN on Saturday. We can’t wait to show the rest of camp all our hard work! – Allison

Junior Boys: Another spectacular week for the junior boys! Not only have we been rocking it out at activities—everything from archery and soccer to the climbing tower and horseback riding—but we’ve also had excellent special events. At the Carnival, we loved playing in a huge bouncy-castle waterslide, hanging out with mimes, and trying to win carnie games run by our leadership trainees. On Monday for night activity, we line-danced and sang along with a hilarious hoedown band, doing the Cowboy Walk and hearing different types of string banjos and wood instruments. On trip day, we went to the movies, to see either Hotel Transylvania 3 or the new Teen Titans movie, and afterward hit the bowling alley for glow in the dark bowling. We’re having an amazing time and can’t wait for Superhero Day and Tribals around the corner! – Berg

Junior Girls: The girls have had another wonderful week here at camp! The week was full of so much fun and excitement, the girls this week “snuck out” with their counselors to the hockey courts and old basketball for some great bunk bonding time, and star gazing! The girls had a great time eating their cookies under the stars looking for all the constellations they could. The LT’s then put on an amazing carnival with so many different games, and activities such as face painting, fortune telling, dancing to some of the best tunes, cookie decorating and so much more! The girls then put on their dancing shoes, and plaid for a night of line dancing and a wonderful hoedown! The girls got to learn some new line dances and enjoy some classics such as the cupid shuffle, and cotton eye joe! And on trip day the girls went to see a movie and then go bowling! The girls had the option to see Hotel Transylvania 3 or Teen Titans! Both of which the girls had a blast seeing and to add to the excitement they were able to have their favorite movie snacks, and right after were off to bowling. Bowling was a great time where they got to listen to blasting music while having the neon lights and black lights on in the alley. Thanks for reading! – Maria

Middle Boys: We had another AMAZING week here at Schodack! The middle boys had a fun packed week, starting off with alumni day. So many of our campers got to see some old friendly faces around camp, as so many of their former counselors came back to say hello and bring some unexpected excitement to the weekend. The following day we had such an amazing afternoon with the LT’s putting on a wonderful carnival! There were tons of games, and activities such as cookie decorating, basketball, dancing, mimes running around, face painting, fortune telling, and so much more! Then Monday night everyone put on their best plaid and cowboy boots for the hoedown, where we learned line dancing of all kinds to current and past time favorites! Then trip day came around and we went to bowling and a movie! Bowling was a blast as black lights were going, the lanes were lit up, and music was blasting! And to end the day we had a thrilling time at the movies where the boys went and saw Ant Man and the Wasp or Hotel Transylvania 3! As they came out the campers were left with excitement and joy from watching such great movies and having their favorite snacks! And as the week is coming to a close the boys are working hard on perfecting their BPN for this weekend! – Kaish

Middle Girls: It has been such an incredible week for the Middle Girls Division! The girls have been having a blast with their hush buddies, writing clues and giving gifts like drawings and string bracelets to their friends in other bunks. They are all looking forward to the big reveal in the next couple of days! It has been so nice watching the girls get fully into the swing of second session; despite a couple of rainy days, the girls have been enjoying a normal camp schedule and loving all of their favorite activities (gymnastics, lake, swim, and arts & crafts being some of the most popular). The girls have also worked hard preparing for last night’s s dance recital, where each bunk performed a routine from their dance sessions! Things are about to get crazy for the home stretch here at camp, with the Variety Show, BPN, and Tribals coming up around the corner. We can’t wait to finish the summer on a high. – Halle

Upper Boys: Scho-dack Fam-i-ly!!! I hope you all have been enjoying your week. We sure have.  The highlight reel of the past seven days is phenomenal. Night Activities was definitely where the most activity was this week (no pun intended…ok it was slightly intended). Just a few nights ago, we threw on some flannels and bandanas and had ourselves a good old fashioned hoedown. I must admit some of the boys were apprehensive at first but after five minutes we were all in the swing things, learning some new moves. If I had to pick my favorite day of the week however, it would definitely be today. With the LT’s away in Canada Senior Camp stepped up to the plate and volunteered to serve the meals. I beamed with pride as we set up the dining hall flawlessly, serve the meal efficiently, and cleaned up pristinely. The future of the LT Program is for sure in good hands. This next week should only get more exciting as I have another Senior Boy Special Event Day up my sleeve. Can’t wait to fill you guys in, until next time… – Uncle Ro

Upper Girls: Another incredible week for the Senior Girls! We spiced things up Sunday night with our first-ever Senior Division Debate Night, hosted by myself and Pharoah! We split into 12 teams and debated hot-button issues such as “Should camp build a second tunnel?” and “Should senior campers have to compete against the LTs in Triple Crown events?” The healthy, good-spirited competition lifted everyone’s energy throughout the fifth week. Wednesday, we got rained into the Rec Hall for a movie afternoon, and Thursday night we played Just a Minute to test our improvisation skills and enjoyed stop times to quiet down at the end of a rainy week. We’re so excited for Bunk Plaque Night this Saturday (all of the girls’ BPNs are phenomenal!) and to launch into end-of-season special activities! – Shira

Here is a copy of today’s Schodack Scoop and some other pics from the week:


The Chinook Boys getting ready to play the very popular game of 9-Square.







The Senior 3 Girls getting ready for a fantastic day of activities up in the 12123.










The Naskopi Boys getting creative in Arts & Crafts.





The Chinook Girls and the Art Staff having a great time.
















Senior Boys playing some hoops in the Garden.


Division Head Allison Worms leads the Mic Macs in a special event!










Guest Blog Post – Carly Abramowitz!

As I enter my 7th summer at camp and 1st year on staff I have a bittersweet feeling. My 6 summers as a camper at Schodack changed me tremendously as a person. I found my voice at camp over the last 6 years. My two summers in the LT program were incomparable for so many reasons. Being a second year CIT and having a permanent bunk that I connected with gave me a taste of what it is like to be a bunk counselor.

However, I believe the best is still yet to come. A big part of what made me fall in love with Schodack was the staff. Over the years I have had counselors that have changed my life and aided me in becoming who I am. Seeing their love for camp, whether it be their first summer or tenth, inspired me. I did not realize at the time but the way they talked, expressions they used and things they liked became a part of me. My counselors were there to help me fall asleep at night my first summer, take me to the tennis courts to stargaze, sit next to me on my first upside down roller coaster at Six Flags, read “The Wollman Test of Reality” to the whole bunk before bed and wear silly outfits to make me smile. I hope to make an impression on my campers’ lives like my counselors had on mine. The most caring, selfless and supportive figures I have encountered in my life have been my counselors.

I can’t wait to be there for my campers. Counselors know their campers unlike anyone else. I will be able to form close bonds with my campers and watch as they grow over the span of just 7 weeks. Knowing that I have the ability to make this coming summer incredible for a group of girls is exhilarating. I want to share my love for all the small parts of camp I look forward to all year: the “let’s remember” speech at services, CIT BPN, dancing in the rain, silent meal during Tribals, 3rd camper’s choice when the sun is setting and the Waiter Talent Show. My goal is to spark the same passion for camp that I inherited from my counselors.

There is a powerful feeling because there’s no way to go back in time to relive those moments yet I am reminded to savor those ahead. So, even though my chapter as a camper has ended, there are still many memories to be made in the future as a counselor. Summer 2018 is less than 90 days away and I can’t wait to feel the warmth, tradition and spirit again!

Karen’s Korner: Packing Tips!


PACKING 101: Everything You Need To Know About Packing Your Child For Camp!

• Start now!! You’ll feel less stressed if you start early. Review our Packing List and make a list of what you have, what still fits, what you need.

• Check out the Camp Spot’s Road Show Schedule if you want to try on items before
purchasing; check out their delivery times for orders (much longer than we’ers are used to!!)

• Circle your calendar for the date that bags are required at camp – since we unpack all
campers in preparation for opening day, bags for first and full session
campers need to arrive no later than June 18th. (note: Second Session campers bring bags on Second Session Opening Day). The Camp Baggage service picks up bags the weekend of
June 16th, and FedEx/UPS need enough lead-time to meet our deadline. You’ll be
happier having the bags all packed and out of your home, not scrambling last minute
and paying overnight delivery charges!!

• Feel free to pack the minimum number listed (10 additional t-shirts rather than 16, for
example) if you know your child will not care which t-shirt he wears! If he has lots of
favorites he wants at camp, go for the 16!

• Remember that extra clothing or other items get stored away. You want your child’s
favorite t-shirt to be in her cubby, not packed away because you packed too many!
Counselors count everything they unpack. Items on the “do not pack” list (rugs, folding
tri-pod chairs, electronics, etc.) will be stored.

LABEL EVERYTHING!! Consider pre-labeling clothing through the Camp Spot – big time
saver! Sharpies work for most items, and silver sharpies are great for black/dark
clothing. Those waterproof stick-on labels you can get from a variety of sources are
great for inside shoes, water bottles, toiletries, tennis racket, baseball glove, crazy creek chair, etc. Remember that the first summer is the most time-consuming – many of the
items you purchase and label in year one will be used in future summers!

• We allow up to 2 storage containers that fit in cubbies (see cubby cube or plastic
shoebox in the clothing catalog for examples) but other storage boxes won’t have a
place in the bunk. Don’t forget to pack a shoe bag (extra space can be used for “stuff”)
and a laundry bag. Many campers use their backpack, hung at the end of their bed, for
additional storage!

• Consider packing everything in recycled grocery bags or extra-large zip lock bags–
shorts in one, camp shirts in another, socks in another. It’ll help you keep track of what’s
going in the bag, and it will be easier for counselors to keep like-items together when
they unpack your child! It’s a great time-saver and organizer!!

• Our counselors unpack everything at the same time so no need to worry too much
about which stuff goes in which bag. It’s helpful when organizing, however, to put
bedding/towels, any sports equipment/toiletries/stationary/shoes/crazy creek chair in
one, and all clothes in the other.

Consider pre-addressing stationery – even older campers appreciate address labels!
And if a pre-addressed envelope reminds your camper to send a letter to Grandma and
Grandpa, all the better!

• Pack toiletries in zip lock bags; it’ll help prevent spillage in transit!

• If you want a specific set of sheets on your child’s bed, put the pillowcase of that set you your child’s pillow before packing it! Or include a note! (and yes, twin sheets/comforter will work – not necessary to invest in cot-sized!)

• If your child will be bringing some of their required items on the bus (sneakers, or their
pillow) include a note – it will save you receiving a phone call!

• Put batteries in flashlights and fans – place extras in a zip lock bag, with a note saying
what they’re for so your child knows that AAAs are for the flashlight, Ds are for the fan,

• Don’t over pack! Put a copy of your inventory list / checked off packing list in the camp
bag – it’ll help us make sure everything comes back home to you at the end of their

Final Hint: Stay calm and enjoy the process of preparing your child for an amazing summer experience!!

A Note From The Krouners On Our Upcoming New Logo!!

Hello Schodack Families,

We hope you had a wonderful holiday season and we wish you a happy and healthy start to 2018. The beginning of a new year always signals the nearing of another camp season and we can’t wait!

As you know, there are few things more important to us than continuity, tradition and a continued commitment to improving camp. With that in mind, we are writing to let you know about an upcoming change to Schodack’s logo.

For many years, our logo depicting a Native American has been one of camp’s most identifiable symbols. It originated from our strong commitment to honor the rich history of our land and we continue to be proud of the ways we incorporate Native American culture into our camp program. However, our society is moving away from using cultural symbols for branding purposes and we agree with this shift. We want our camp imagery to be better aligned with our values, both now and into the future.

Now, here is the fun part….we can really use your help! FILL OUT THIS BRIEF SURVEY to provide us vital feedback as we create the new logo for Camp Schodack! We would love to hear about the images, words, and feelings that most remind you of Schodack and best represent what Schodack means to you.

Thank you so much for taking the time to help with this, and of course always feel free to call or email with your thoughts as well. Your ideas and suggestions are very important to us!

Wishing you all the best,

Paul, Linda, Matt and Adelle