Karen's Korner: Packing Tips!



PACKING 101: Everything You Need To Know About Packing Your Child For Camp!

• Start now!! You’ll feel less stressed if you start early. Review our Packing List and make a list of what you have, what still fits, what you need.

• Check out the Camp Spot’s Road Show Schedule if you want to try on items before
purchasing; check out their delivery times for orders (much longer than we amazon.com’ers are used to!!)

• Circle your calendar for the date that bags are required at camp – since we unpack all
campers in preparation for opening day, bags for first and full session
campers need to arrive no later than June 18th. (note: Second Session campers bring bags on Second Session Opening Day). The Camp Baggage service picks up bags the weekend of
June 16th, and FedEx/UPS need enough lead-time to meet our deadline. You’ll be
happier having the bags all packed and out of your home, not scrambling last minute
and paying overnight delivery charges!!

• Feel free to pack the minimum number listed (10 additional t-shirts rather than 16, for
example) if you know your child will not care which t-shirt he wears! If he has lots of
favorites he wants at camp, go for the 16!

• Remember that extra clothing or other items get stored away. You want your child’s
favorite t-shirt to be in her cubby, not packed away because you packed too many!
Counselors count everything they unpack. Items on the “do not pack” list (rugs, folding
tri-pod chairs, electronics, etc.) will be stored.

LABEL EVERYTHING!! Consider pre-labeling clothing through the Camp Spot – big time
saver! Sharpies work for most items, and silver sharpies are great for black/dark
clothing. Those waterproof stick-on labels you can get from a variety of sources are
great for inside shoes, water bottles, toiletries, tennis racket, baseball glove, crazy creek chair, etc. Remember that the first summer is the most time-consuming – many of the
items you purchase and label in year one will be used in future summers!

• We allow up to 2 storage containers that fit in cubbies (see cubby cube or plastic
shoebox in the clothing catalog for examples) but other storage boxes won’t have a
place in the bunk. Don’t forget to pack a shoe bag (extra space can be used for “stuff”)
and a laundry bag. Many campers use their backpack, hung at the end of their bed, for
additional storage!

• Consider packing everything in recycled grocery bags or extra-large zip lock bags–
shorts in one, camp shirts in another, socks in another. It’ll help you keep track of what’s
going in the bag, and it will be easier for counselors to keep like-items together when
they unpack your child! It’s a great time-saver and organizer!!

• Our counselors unpack everything at the same time so no need to worry too much
about which stuff goes in which bag. It’s helpful when organizing, however, to put
bedding/towels, any sports equipment/toiletries/stationary/shoes/crazy creek chair in
one, and all clothes in the other.

Consider pre-addressing stationery – even older campers appreciate address labels!
And if a pre-addressed envelope reminds your camper to send a letter to Grandma and
Grandpa, all the better!

• Pack toiletries in zip lock bags; it’ll help prevent spillage in transit!

• If you want a specific set of sheets on your child’s bed, put the pillowcase of that set you your child’s pillow before packing it! Or include a note! (and yes, twin sheets/comforter will work – not necessary to invest in cot-sized!)

• If your child will be bringing some of their required items on the bus (sneakers, or their
pillow) include a note – it will save you receiving a phone call!

• Put batteries in flashlights and fans – place extras in a zip lock bag, with a note saying
what they’re for so your child knows that AAAs are for the flashlight, Ds are for the fan,

• Don’t over pack! Put a copy of your inventory list / checked off packing list in the camp
bag – it’ll help us make sure everything comes back home to you at the end of their

Final Hint: Stay calm and enjoy the process of preparing your child for an amazing summer experience!!