Karen's Korner – Schodack Meetups


untitledSchodack Sightings started a few years back in response to the number of Schodack campers I would run into on the streets of Manhattan during the year. This latest one – a picture of three Senior 2 girls – is particularly appealing, as it was a random meet-up during a matinee performance of “School of Rock,” the day before school began. All it took was an intermission email from one of the girls – “I’m at School of Rock” – for all three to realize they were at the same performance!

It’s fun to post pictures on social media – Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. – but there can be a downside to the impulse to share these moments with the world. We’ve all seen the party and sleepover pics that are a painful reminder to those not invited that they were left out. When everyone isn’t included, feelings are bound to be hurt.

We love and encourage camper get-togethers during the year – what can be better than a sleepover with camp friends?! – and we know how hard it is to invite everyone, every time. But we hope that the message we share throughout the summer – be kind, be inclusive, be thoughtful – continues throughout the off-season, and that Schodack campers make an effort to include all of their bunkmates in get-togethers. We know sometimes this is impossible and/or impractical, but sometimes it’s just as easy to invite everyone, and in those instances, we hope your camper will do just that. An upside is it will make posting those photos that much easier!

Parents play a big role in this, and we encourage you to reach out if you have any questions or concerns about any of this. We appreciate all your help in keeping all of our campers feeling loved and cherished by all their Schodack family!