Newsletter 2: Summer 2024


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One week in and summer 2024 is already monumental! Our new PA system is setting the tune, with music ringing out from every corner of camp–reverberating off of the Welcome Center and back into the ‘dip.’ Echoing into a refrain of our favorite summer jams. A stretch of perfect summery days, ice cream in the afternoons and nights full of adventure and discovery have made for an incredible first week at camp.

Already, bunks have been gearing up for Talent Show. Auditions for Wonka JR went off without a hitch and the cast and crew are now putting their all into the sweet production. A patriotic feeling has swept across camp as well. First, with the 17th annual All For One, our first of many events put on by The LT Program. An afternoon of games themed around Warmth, Spirit, and Tradition wherein bunks compete in a series of games and challenges to rake in the most points. The winning prize: a forever place in The Book of Records and an early lineup at our highly anticipated July 4th BBQ!

Speaking of, our 4th of July was even bigger than ever before! We swapped out our usual green and white for the day, turning to stars and stripes instead. The morning baked into a festive, hot July afternoon full of pool parties, a camp-wide red, white and blue relay race put on by our Special Events Team, and the return of The Magen Boys group for a second summer in a row! The party was really on from there, with campers decked in merch and ready for the events to come in the evening. We had BBQ out on the lawn surrounding the dining hall, going over the day’s highlights between bites. The sun set and it was time for the most anticipated part of the night. FIREWORKS! As always, we got into our coziest sets of pajamas and brought our crazy creeks and blankets out to the fields overlooking the golf course. Our beloved July 4th sugar cookies were on the menu for dessert. As the last firework crackled and faded into the night a sense of peace washed over camp. It truly was one of the most universally cherished days at camp so far. It only sets the tone for all the other exciting days we still have in store this season.

Division Write Ups

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Junior Camp

Middle Camp




Camp is well under way for The Acorns!  It’s been full of exciting activities, new experiences, and friendship. Earlier this week, we went on a trip to Zoom Flume. It’s been a long beloved trip day and the Acorns were all excited to experience it for the first time!   The count down for talent show has also started for all 3 bunks. They have all been working hard for Sunday’s big event, planning dances and skits alongside their bunks.

Here are some of the things we’ve been up to this week…

  • The Acorn 1 Girls in G4 have loved their pool sessions with their CAIL Ashling (head pool). They’ve been learning new strokes as well as splashing around and having fun. The girls have also loved soccer with Joe and have been practicing their ball control.
  • The Acorn 2 Girls in G4b have been grooving in dance and loving arts and crafts with their CAIL Aoife. This week they got to make clay plaques and have also been decking themselves out in friendship bracelets and other beaded jewelry.
  • The Acorn Boys in B3 are enjoying baseball and basketball!Their favorite in-bunk activities so far include matches of top trumps and gibbet trading!

Night activity highlights with the Acorns were ‘build this!’ on the volleyball court and movie night!! We also had a successful camping trip which all Acorns took part in. S’mores for dessert around a toast campfire. A beautiful sunrise wake up. We all had a spectacular time!

We are looking forward to what the next weeks hold for us and all the exciting new things we’re going to experience 🙂 🙂


Junior Boys

It has been an exciting and action-packed first full week at camp for the Junior Boys! We kicked things off with an adventure trip filled with singing, ukulele playing, and delicious S’mores around the campfire with our favorite adventure dynamic duo, Nei and Jacob!

Trip Day was a blast at Zoom Flume where everyone splashed and dashed their way around all the rides and slides. Back at camp, friendly competition heated up as the Cherry Boys secured a last-minute victory in their handball game, while the Cottonwood Boys proved their pre-clean up hype up was real by taking home the Cleanliness Cup for week 1!

Meanwhile, the Basswood Boys and Cob Boys enjoyed a relaxing period of fishing by the lake, followed by some splashtastic fun at the pool.

We loved our special Fourth of July event on Thursday! We can’t wait to make even more unforgettable memories together this summer!

Junior Girls

It has been an AWESOME first full week of camp for the Junior Girls.

Every Junior Girl LOVED Zoom Flume! It was perfect water park weather and they went on so many fun water slides!!

The Basswood Girls had a great time making Mac and Cheese at Cooking!! It was so yummy! The Cherry Girls loved playing Fire Ice Water and learning new skills at Gymnastics! The Cob Girls had a wonderful Archery period. Some girls stayed at archery for campers’ choice to compete in the Golden Bow Tournament! The Cottonwood Girls had fun sharing their favorite dance moves and learning a dance during their dance period!

All of the Junior Girls are extremely excited for LT carnival on Saturday and SO excited to perform their Talent Show performances on Sunday!

We can’t wait for another fun-filled week in the 12123!!


Anna Lieb <3

Middle Boys

The Middle Boys are having a phenomenal first week of camp – it’s been a whirlwind of fun and exciting activities! We started off the week with our first trip day– this week we went to Zoom Flume. The Tulip, Sassafras, and Larch boys became water warriors, conquering the Black Vortex and the Cyclone slides!

Back at camp, the competitive spirit was high during camper’s choice, with the kick-off of the Ultra Leagues. Our very own Waiters brought the heat on the basketball court, taking down Scatico in an epic night activity! During change your counselor, the middle boys and girls counselors got dressed up by different bunks! Let’s just say, some extra makeup wipes were definitely needed that night.

The Middle Boys have been diligently honing their skills in camp activities like basketball and soccer. They’ve also been tackling the brand new ninja warrior course, showing off their agility and determination. With all this fun packed into just the first week, we can’t wait to see what exciting adventures await them next! Get ready for another incredible week, Middle Boys!

– Max

Middle Girls

Howdy partners, 

The first week of camp has ended and it has been amazing! 

On Sunday the middle girls had a special ultra leagues soccer game. 20 middle girls took the field while their bunkmates cheered and supported from the sidelines. It was a very successful game and there will be more to come for sure! 

On Tuesday we had our first trip day to Zoom Flume! It was a day full of waterslides and foam pits, enjoyed by all. 

The Larch Girls had a Taylor Swift party in gymnastics while the Tulip Girls raced up the warped wall at Schodack’s new ninja course. 

The Yew Girls are crushing it at basketball periods and the Sassafras Girls are working on their soccer skills. 

All the Middle Girls have made it down to the lake, getting right back to waterskiing, banana boating, knee boarding and kayaking. 

On Wednesday night Middle Camp had ‘Change Your Counselor’ as their night activity. Everyone was smiling and laughing as the girls dressed up the male counselors and the boys dressed up the female counselors. They then took to the runway and were judged on their looks and preformance. 

With Triple Crown commencing on Sunday, the girls have been working hard on perfecting their dances and skits for Talent Show! 

It has been a great first week of camp full of exciting activities with a lot more to come!

Hannah 🙂

Senior Boys

I’m thrilled to share all the exciting things the senior boys have been up to during their first week at camp. The Senior Boys, living in the Quad made up of C1, C2, and C3, have had an action-packed start to the summer.

The boys have been enjoying a variety of night activities. They’ve had a blast playing human bingo, getting competitive in bombardment, and showcasing their creativity and entrepreneurial skills in a fun game of Shark Tank.

Senior 1 had the incredible honor of leading Fire Circle this week after winning a competitive Night at the Races. They did a fantastic job, setting the tone for a memorable evening.

The boys also had a wonderful trip to Lake George, where they not only enjoyed the beautiful scenery but also indulged in a bit of shopping.

On Sunday, they participated in an all-camp event called All for One, filled with fun games. It was a great day, and the boys gave it their all, earning points and making new memories along the way.

As we gear up for the 4th of July, the excitement is palpable. The boys are eagerly anticipating tonight’s fireworks, and we have a fantastic celebration planned.

We’ve had such a fun and eventful week, and your boys have been absolute stars. They’re making memories, building friendships, and having a great time.

I can’t wait to see what the rest of the summer brings!


Senior Girls

The Senior Girls have had an amazing first week at camp, completing so many fun activities.

All bunks have headed down to the lake, practicing wakeboarding, waterskiing and kneeboarding, as well as taking turns riding the banana boat.

In their cooking periods, the bunks all made Mac and Cheese, with some girls returning to make candy apples in campers’ choice too! All bunks have also had a go on the new Ninja Warrior course, which has become a new favourite for many.

Away from activity periods all bunks have been planning and practicing their Triple Crown performances, ready for Talent Show on Sunday.

We all enjoyed our first trip day, a day at Lake George. Everyone had the opportunity to play a game of mini golf, before looking around the town, getting some food and looking around the shops, with plenty of Lake George clothing coming back with us! We finished the day with a pool party.

Sunday saw us participating in All for One, which was an amazing event run by the LT’s. The Senior Girls tried all stations to earn points for their bunk.

We loved fireworks to celebrate the 4th of July and the Special Event afternoon where we had a scavenger hunt, dance party and time at the pool.

It has been another great week for the Senior Girls and we are looking forward to what the next week has in store!



The phrase longest days but shortest weeks aptly describes the LT Program at Camp Schodack – so much packed in and yet we wake up and a week has passed! All For One went off – with a hitch not of our making (a downpour) – with campers and LTs rallying to finish the event which rewards participation! Since then, our first Challenge Day was spectacular – Pirates Day –  aaaaarrgh – had the whole camp excited as the LTs dashed about in all directions in their Red, Blue, Yellow and Grink colors. Trip Day was spent at Lake George for the First Years while many of the Second Years helped the younger campers enjoy the thrills of Zoom Flume. Today we will have welcomed the local day camp Hope 7 to a 5 hour visit which will have been run entirely by the LTs from planning the events through the emotional waves goodbye at the end. This weekend we will put on the Carnival for everyone before taking to the boards with the first leg of the Triple Crown – Talent Show. The LTs are a huge positive presence on camp and the campers look forward to the times that the LTs come and spend days with them at activities or on trips. Onwards!

More From The Week

Zoom Flume was our first trip of the season. It was the perfect way to kick off the string of warmer days we’ve been experiencing recently. Candy apples and mac & cheese were prepared throughout the course of the week over in the Camper Kitchen. Our adventure team lead several on-camp overnight trips for junior campers and also hit the trails of Ooms Pond for a day hike! There’s also the Foodie Focus group, which held their first meeting of the season this week. Campers sat down with Matt to discuss our menu for the season and give their ideas on what they’d like to see at meal times. There was also a preview of a potential change to our mid morning snack rotation. More news on that soon! The pool staff are starting up K-swim again as well as the introduction of a swim club that meets during Camper Choice periods. Over in the art shack, campers have been getting their hands dirty with clay creations. The golden arrow tournament is currently under way at Archery. It’s been a great first full week of activities!

Ultra Leagues & Intercamps

The summer season at Camp Schodack kicked off with a bang as our campers engaged in thrilling intercamps, starting with the highly anticipated “Waiter” basketball and “CIT” soccer matches. The theme for both events was a “white out,” creating an electrifying atmosphere as the stands were packed with enthusiastic fans. Our Waiters, faced off against Camp Scatico in a spirited basketball game. They dominated from the start, displaying impressive defensive skills and capitalizing on fast break opportunities to secure a 42-27 victory. On the soccer field, our CITs showcased their prowess with Chayse Elkin scoring four goals, Jordan Mailman adding one, and Cami Elkin leading a stellar defense. Abby Moriarty’s outstanding performance as goalie resulted in a shutout, leading the team to a triumphant 5-0 win.

Our boys going into 6th grade also had their moment to shine, traveling to Camp Greylock for a competitive basketball tournament. While they didn’t come out on top, their effort and sportsmanship were truly commendable. The boys played with heart, showcasing their skills and determination against tough opponents. More importantly, they had a great time, forging new friendships and creating memories that will last a lifetime. The experience was a fantastic opportunity for them to bond as a team and gain valuable experience for future competitions.

Scoop Of The Week +

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And with that, you are all caught up on everything that happened this week at camp! We’ll be back next Friday with more stories from the week including LT Carnival, Talent Show, and much more!!!