Schodack Sightings!


Check out where Schodack campers have been spotted in the past few weeks!

Ben Gardy on the Highline in Lower Manhattan…Matt Shearer on the ice at CityIce Pavilion…Julia and Jacob Friedman at Camp Schodack for Fall Fest…Cory Halpert at the basketball courts in Riverside Park…Sasha Kudon, Darah Greenbaum, Janae and Zora Hemmings on the soccer field (shown below on the left) Alec and Craig Carroll with Sydney and Andrew Rolnick in Chicago (shown below on the right)…Carly Ashner and Lianora Villarreal-Halprin on the Newton South soccer field…Julie Silverman at our Needham winter office!





We love hearing about (and seeing) what Schodack campers are up to throughout the fall. Send us emails and picture updates so you can be in the next edition of “Schodack Sightings!”