Another great week at Schodack for the Junior Boys!

On Monday they all had an awesome Lake session, paddle-boarding, waterskiing, kayaking and banana-boating their way around the lake. They had All for One and Trip Day to enjoy, as well as the first whole camp One Leg or Two, where the Birch Boys won the luxury of a pizza party. It was to be a successful week for the B4 bunk, as they were also this summer’s first winners of the Cleanliness Cup!

Ash Boys had a great time at soccer playing with their counselors and made birthday cards in Arts and Crafts. The Apple Boys had a wonderful trip overnight with the adventure team where they ate s’mores and stargazed.

The boys had their chance to get into the book of records, attempting headstands, cartwheels and jumping to go down in Schodack history. The afternoon was full of spells and wonder with Eric the Magician, who left the campers amazed by his magic.

We cannot wait for the rest of the summer and what that has in store.