Summer 2023- Newsletter 4


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This week of camp has been phenomenal! The two days we’ve been waiting all summer for finally arrived! Two-Day Tribals officially broke on Friday evening, right as the sun was settling over the horizon and painting the sky the most vibrant shades of pink, yellow, and orange that we’ve seen yet. It was as if nature itself knew that we were about to embark on two of the most fun-filled days of the summer so far. We dashed from the Rec Hall to the waterslide and splashed from there to a neon party in The Playhouse where Two-Day officially broke amongst a sea of conga lines and bubble machines. The fun didn’t stop there! This week we’ve also had more adventure trips, inter-camp games, a golf trip, a tennis tournament, a dance show, a winter-themed Challenge day and the world premier of Camp Schodack’s production of Matilda Jr!

Two-Day Recap

Our two teams this year were White Noise and Green Groove. We began the day in the only way you can on the morning of Tribals: a wake up from all Generals and Captains. Campers came to breakfast already painted and outfitted for a morning full of activities. A highlight of the first day of Tribals was the hatchet hunt. Clouds of woodchips could be seen in the air as both teams dug for a hatchet buried somewhere in a pit. The weather was once again our friend throughout the course of both days, which had been expected to be rainy but ended up being warm and sunny throughout the weekend.

On the second day, we took part in relays, bucket brigade, and ended the evening with the burning of the rope. The whole camp came together to cheer on their teams as the generals built fires tall enough to burn through three tiers of rope. The race came down to the wire (well…rope) with one team finishing within seconds of the other. We gathered in the Playhouse after dinner feeling accomplished after two full days of putting the most spirit possible into each activity. When the winners got announced, we all celebrated together, admiring the amazing plaques the art staff worked hard to produce and reuniting with our friends from either team. Two-Day Tribals were everything we’d hoped it would be.

Division Write-Ups

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Junior Girls

The Apple, Ash and Birch girls had another incredible week at Schodack. This week included all 3 bunks expanding their skills in all activities with big smiles on all faces. There was also lots of spirit during the 2 day tribals. All 3 bunks had a great time being split into green and white teams! They all mixed and competed but reunited together at the end to celebrate the fun of the 2 days!

Elemental was the trip day film this week which was thoroughly enjoyed and was topped off with some great bowling skills down the alleys!

The apple girls have been improving their shooting skills in archery and have been hitting lots of bullseyes. They have also been enjoying their pool sessions splashing around and feeling more confident in the water.

The ash girls have also had a busy week and a big highlight for a lot of the bunk has been the dance recital as they showed the camp their moves. As well as dance they have been tumbling around and climbing the ropes in gymnastics.

The birch girls are having a great time practicing for their glee mix up for lip sync. The bunk have still been enjoying flag football and while been scoring touchdowns they are still laughing and having fun.

All the bunks have spent a lot of time together at the lake to catch up with their friends while pushing each other to try new things.

It’s been another exciting week with the junior girls and in the blink of an eye the first session is almost over. What a great time we have all had making memories and trying new things. We are all looking forward to Matilda the musical and continuing to support our friends in the other bunks.


Junior Boys

It has been a fun-filled week for the Junior Boys this week as first session comes to a close.
Friday spelled the break of 2-day tribals as we went Back to the Future, Marty McFly breaking 2-day with a futuristic colourful rave in the Playhouse! The next 48 hours were filled with Hatchet Hunting, Rope Burning and Bucket Brigading, with White Noise beating Green Groove by the narrowest of margins, with just 9 points separating the teams! Both teams came together at the end to sing friends as the camp reunited.
All the Junior Boys went on Trip Day to the movies to see Elemental, and then had a great time bowling and hanging out!
The Apple Boys tie-dyed in Arts and Crafts while the Ash Boys had a great time at Volleyball. The Birch Boys had fun launching arrows at Archery and dunking their Division Head with water at the Gathering!
With Lip Sync just round the corner, the Junior Boys cannot wait for more camp shenanigans!

Super Junior Girls

The Super Junior Girls had a very enjoyable week at Schodack!

2-Day Tribals broke on Friday causing Saturday and Sunday to be full of special events.
The Hazel girls had a competitive game of basketball on the JCP.
The Hemlock girls had some fun playing tennis games with Joco!
The Fir girls played an intense game of steal the bacon and the Cherrywood girls had a great game of kickball on the main lawn!
We also had a hatchet hunt, the dashes, the medleys and rope burning! 2 day tribals was full of excitement and had plenty of spirit!

Trip day this week was bowling and a movie, which took place on Tuesday! The Super Juniors had the opportunity to watch Elemental or Spider – man and then we headed to the bowling alley where strikes we scored left and right!

Finally on Wednesday night the activity counselors hosted their award show for the first session of the summer and the 2023 dance show took place!

We can’t wait to see you all on Saturday for Visiting Day, and welcome our second session campers on Sunday!

Hannah 🙂

Super Junior Boys

The Super Junior Boys have had their most eventful week yet!


2-day tribals broke featuring Eli McFly and a Back to the Future theme. Right before tribals began, there was a whole camp-wide party in the playhouse with light-up glasses, light-up batons and glow sticks everywhere! The energy was ELECTRIC! All thanks to the wonderful DJ, Eli SPEC. We saw new games for the activity periods including pool olympics and grasketball, and the same old, great events like the dashes and the medleys. Shout-out to Jacob Barahona from the Hemlock boys for placing first in the dashes! Overall, while Green Groove put up a great fight, White Noise took the win this year!


Trip day this week was bowling and a movie! The Super Juniors saw Elemental and Spider-Man, two great picks for movies. The concession stand was jam packed to get the perfect movie snack. After the movies finished up, we hit the lanes and bowled out hearts out! What a day!


The Cherrywood Boys have been playing lots of cards and loving activities. The Hemlock Boys have put their campfire music players to good use playing competitive games of freeze dance. Hazel boys have been practicing their solving skills with different versions of Rubik’s cubes. The Fir boys have been jibbit trading and playing cards. All great ways to spend time here at camp!

Middle Girls

The Middle Girls had a fantastic time this week at Schodack!

2-Day Tribals was upon us and after several fakes had already taken place, it was finally time for the break! The whole camp had a glow in the dark party in the Playhouse when tribals officially broke. On Wednesday some of the Middle Girls won FIRST PLACE in a Softball intercamp! We are all so proud of them!

The Mulberry Girls had a great time watching Lemonade Mouth to prepare for Lipsync!

The Juniper Girls had a blast making sweet pizza with chocolate syrup and other fun toppings at cooking!

The Laurel Girls had fun playing Volleyball during tribals and are working hard to win the second leg of triple crown.

The Palm Girls had a fun time at Arts and Crafts making watercolor paintings!

We all had a blast this week at camp and can’t wait to for lip sync and whatever else next week has in store.

Xoxo, Anna

Middle Boys

Middle Camp had a fabulous week at Schodack! Bunks and activities were filled with smiling faces and camp cheer!
For our trip day this week, we made our way to the bowling alley and the movie theatre! The boys started the day at the bowling where there was plenty of friendly competition and even a few strikes! We finished the day at the movie theatre where we watched the new Indiana Jones Movie.
Time was a little whacky this week with “Back to the Future” tribals breaking! It was a fun-filled 2 days of competition where ultimately “White Noise” defeated “Green Groove” in a tight battle.
 The Juniper Boys have been loving playing scrimmage at soccer, their teamwork and goal-scoring are second to none, and they also always welcome anyone to their games of Gaga on the JCP.
The Mulberry Boys spent a lot of time out on the baseball field practicing for an intercamp game! A few of the boys from Laurel and Juniper also joined to travel and compete in Scatigo. They battled in two tough games where we fell short in extra innings.
The Juniper boys had fun activity-filled days, with tennis, basketball, and even some time at the lake where the banana boat was a hit! Chess has also been becoming more and more popular in the bunk.
This weekend we have Lip Sync, the second leg of Triple Crown can wait to see you all up there again!

Super Seniors

The Super Seniors had a brilliant time this week at Schodack! Packed with fun filled activities and some glorious weather.

2 Day Tribals was upon us and after several fakes had already taken place, it was finally time for the break! All of camp ran from night activity to the Playhouse to see the 2 Day break and the colour war begin. The first day of Tribals was packed with so much excitement. The Super Senior Girls started off Tribals with a MasterChef inspired cooking challenge. The made a starter, main and dessert, impressing the judges and showing their culinary skills. The Super Senior Boys followed on with their own challenge later in the day and made some great dishes.

That night we all enjoyed our final fire circle of the first half, wearing our new Lake Placid gear and enjoying the tradition. The next day saw a Super Senior Survivor Challenge. Competing as green and white, we had a brilliant sliding puzzle and some relays to bring so much fun to the event. They all had a blast and really got into it, working as a team, and showing off their best puzzle skills.

Next up we had the dashes which saw a great number of Super Seniors race, making the whole division proud. Nothing was left as they all sprinted over the line. Then we followed up with the Medleys, with the Super Seniors making a good impression with their swimming skills. A super fun afternoon was had by all, with a Super Senior Girls game of water basketball and Super Senior Boys game of water volleyball. They all had a great time and got into the spirit of Tribals. At the end of the night, we all sang friends and said goodbye to another year of 2 day.

To finish off our fun week, we all went on trip day. We took the bus to Saratoga and enjoyed a day of exploring, eating, and spending time with friends. For night activity we all had viewing and showed off how well our lip sync ideas were coming along.

Wednesday all the Super Seniors had a fun day in the sun and practicing hard for lip sync. They had some exciting activity periods and then ended the day with the dance show and AC awards. We all had such a fun day and the best week here at camp. I can’t wait for lip sync and whatever else next week has in store.


As we approach Visiting Day the LTs continue to perform amazingly well all across camp!

2-Day Tribals was a welcome change of pace and LTs were seen to the fore in a number of all-camp competitions, winning the dashes and medleys and participating at a very high percentage rate.

Monday saw the second of our incomparable Challenge Days – this time the theme was Swinter -Winter Festivities taking place during the summer. The competition remains hot to see which of the four teams will earn the coveted visitors’ t-shirts at the end of the summer.

Tuesday saw a great and loaded trip day, ending up with bowling at the East Greenbush lanes before a rainfall of epic proportions saw a cautious ride back to camp.

Preparations are well under way for Visiting Day and before that each LT will have their mid-season evaluation about how they are doing in the program. (No cause for alarm – all doing well!)

Friday Night sees the second jewel in the Triple Crown and both Waiters and CITs are working hard to come up with unforgettable performances which the whole camp can enjoy.

Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday, where the LTs will be on display, holding the line and preventing the campers and parents from meeting up before the stroke of ten.

Matilda Jr!

After weeks of anticipation, the morning of Camp Schodack’s Matilda Jr arrived to much excitement. Upper camp got a first look at the show, with Super Seniors and LTs enjoying a private dress rehearsal ahead of the big performance. We very quickly came to understand that we were in for one of the best productions Schodack has ever put on. There was perfect lighting, costumes, a creative stage design, and incredible effort from all involved. What came next was completely unexpected:

Gabriella Pizzolo of Stranger Things fame came to surprise all of the cast and crew. The actress had her big break on Broadway, where she starred as Matilda and preformed the role multiple times a week. Pizzolo was welcomed to camp with a spirited chorus of our welcome song before jumping into a great discussion about her journey as an actor.

Finally, it was time for the big show. The Playhouse was packed full of campers excited to finally see what the cast and crew had been spending so many of their Camper Choice periods working on. We were delighted by the presence of our very own Rachel Lewis on stage for the opening scene. In practiced accents, campers sang about miracles, eating cake, and revolution. An arc of books floated above the stage (a feature that many of the crew had been so excited to execute.) Between scene changes, letter blocks were arranged on the stage to spell out different words related to the scene. There was also a very impressive effect when conveying Matilda’s telekinetic powers. Altogether, the camp was in awe of the entire production.


More From The Week

Our Adventure team took on Woodford State Park in Vermont for a Middle Camp overnight trip. They feasted on tacos and enjoyed a peaceful hike around the park. There was also a kayaking trip that went out this week. There was a tennis doubles tournament, a golf trip, and two inter-camps this week for baseball and softball. There was also much to celebrate this week with our first session coming to an end very soon. We held a dance recital and the Activity Counselors presented awards. Finally, after Matilda Jr we held Celebration. The night started with the return of a camp favorite: silent disco. The playhouse was once again transformed for a night full of energetic dancing. Campers then moved over to the Rec Hall to view the photo and video slideshows. The night ended with an ice cream dance party hosted by Doug Herbst! It was the perfect way to cap off what has been a fantastic first session.


Scoop Of The Week

Here is one of our most popular issues of The Schodack Scoop from this week!



And with that, you are all caught up on everything that has happened at Camp Schodack this week! We will be back next week with more updates including the start of second session, our second counselor show and concert, plus so much more!