Summer 2023- Newsletter 5


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This week, we got to welcome more campers to their summer home, and within minutes the JCP was already roaring with energy from tetherball matches and ice-breaker games. It was perfect weather the entire afternoon as activities picked back up. Big reunions and blossoming friendships were happening all around camp as the day went on. In the evening, we cozied together in the Playhouse for our second Counselor Show of the year. As always, Camp Schodack Staff were ready to wow all of camp with skits, songs, and dances.

There hasn’t been a beat missed this week. The next day began with an electric energy that carried throughout the day. The smell of cookies wafting from the Camper Kitchen was mouth-watering. Even over at basketball, you could hear the satisfying clang of a baseball connecting with the bat and the following explosion of cheers as campers delighted in their bunkmates’ victories. This week, our LTs got to meet their 2nd Session Littles! All new bigs and littles got to meet up during a camper choice! Some hit the game room or climbing tower while others tried out archery or bracelet making in the art shack. Throughout the week, bigs have been checking in on these camp newcomers and have given them the warmest possible welcome to camp!


Wettest Day Ever!

The wettest day ever began promptly after breakfast on Tuesday morning. There were splashes big enough to rival even the biggest waves down at the lake, sweet treats, and giant waterslides! We began the day with water-themed relay races and a new spin of capture the flag wherein all participants left the game drenched with water. We then moved over to the pool for an all-camp pool party that ran right into lunch. After lunch, the moment many had been anticipating all morning finally arrived: Giant Waterslides!!

That afternoon, we dried off and got ready to host two basketball inter-camp games with our Middle Girls and Boys againts Crane Lake Camp. We gathered in The Garden together to watch the match unfold. Some say that the cheers from Camp Schodack campers could be heard all the way down Krouner Road. In the end, Camp Schodack walked away with two wins! It was the best way to cap off the day.

Division Write-Ups

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Junior Camp

Super Junior Camp

Middle Camp

Super Seniors


Junior Girls


The junior girls have had a jam packed week here at Schodack! The second session has started and all spirits are high. All of the campers were very excited to welcome their new bunk mates and build new friendships!


All 3 bunks have had a fantastic time at the wettest day ever sliding down the slides and eating their kona ice! We tried many new flavours!!


The apple girls have been tye-dying their white camp shirts and have turned the bunk colourful! All the girls have had a blast at the lake practicing their water skiing, knee boarding and they have been loving the banana boat.


The ash girls have been continuing to enjoy dance and gymnastics as well as practicing their tennis skills! Their highlight of the week was making cookies in cooking with laughs all around!


The birch girls are loving schokarts zooming around the track! They have been spending a lot of time with the horses and continue to show their love for them! Climbing has also been a massive hit for the birch girls as they continue to make their way to the top of the tower!


The second session is off to a great start with all campers making new friends from all 3 bunks! They are thrilled to have pool and lake together and love their time all together!

Night activities have included “build it” at the volleyball court where the bunks created their favourite part of camp in sand art! They have also had a successful bonfire full of chatting, joking and smiling while making s’mores!


We can’t wait to fill you in with all the exciting activities and adventures next week brings!



Junior Boys

Another busy week for the Junior Boys at Schodack!

The second session began on Sunday with the Counselor Show led by Eli SPEC. We saw staff lookalikes, dances and the iconic Bean Skit.

Junior Camp also enjoyed “Build It” on the volleyball court for night activity, with some inventive and contrasting designs.

We had the wettest day ever on Tuesday, with some fun waterslides and capture-the-flag battles.

The Junior Boys cannot wait for the next week, with BPN on the horizon!


Super Junior Girls

Second session has begun!!


The Super Junior Girls said goodbye to their first session friends and welcomed the second session with open arms!


Last week we celebrated our first session campers by having a silent disco and a huge ice cream party!


We had our first visiting day in 4 years and it was amazing! Everyone was in high spirits and it couldn’t have been a better day.


The second session SJG’s all got the chance to go to the lake this week! They had fun swimming, banana boating, kneeboarding and a few even tried waterskiing!


On Tuesday we had an on camp trip day. It was ‘The Wettest Day Ever’. During the morning we had relays, water Capture the Flag and spent some time at the pool.

In the afternoon we had 3 amazing water slides set up on camp. We also had a visit from Kona Ice!

We ended the day with a movie night and supporting middle camp as they played some basketball in the garden against Crane Lake!

It was a water filled day which was enjoyed by all the Super Junior Girls!


Can’t wait to see what next week has in store for the Super Junior Girls. It’s bound to be a good one!


Hannah 🙂


Super Junior Boys

A stupendous week for the super junior boys!

We welcomed the second-session campers the first night with some amazing performances by our counselors for the counselor show! We had some dances and hilarious skits put on for the campers, including a multiple minute headstand from Olly Ropes!

Special Events Day was the wettest day ever, featuring relay races with water, pool time, and 3 inflatable water slides. One water slide was a 36 foot drop that launched the kids into a big inflatable part of the slide to cushion the landing. The height didn’t stop the super junior boys- they had no fear! As a snack, we had another visit from the Kona Ice Truck and filled our bellies with colorful cups of ice! To end the night, we watched the middle camp girls and boys defeat the teams from Crane Lake! The boys helped with the crowd, doing the wave and cheering on Schodack.

The night activities have been tons of fun with bombardment (another version of dodgeball), an awesome pool party, and movie night!

The boys all went to the lake where the second session and new campers got to try the banana boat, waterskiing, knee-boarding, kayaking and paddle-boarding! The banana boat is always a popular pick for the boys.

We have so much more to come and plenty of fun, special nights coming up! See you next week!



Middle Girls

What a busy week at camp! From Lip Sync to Visiting Day to welcoming our Second Session campers, the past week has flown by!

The Middle Girls absolutely delighted us with their impressive Lip Sync performances that truly blew the crowd away. From Taylor Swift Medleys, Lemonade Mouth, Legally Blonde and Zombies, all of the Middle Girls did wonderfully!

Many Middle Girls competed in a basketball intercamp against Crane Lake winning 29 – 14! The rest of the Middle Girls had a great time watching their friends play as their night activity!

The Juniper Girls had a blast at dance both learning a dance and getting to choreograph a dance!

The Laurel Girls put on an incredible Lip Sync performance of Legally Blonde, taking home first in the Middle Camp Division!

The Mulberry Girls have already started learning their song for Bunk Plaque Night!!

The Palm Girls had a great time at gymnastics playing Fire, Ice, Water and playing Simon Says on the balance beam.

We can’t wait to fill you in on what we get up to this week!

Xoxo, Anna


Middle Boys

Yoohoo Schodack Families!

The Second Session has gotten off to a stunning start!

With the sun high in the sky, Middle Camp has jumped right into activities.

We started off the week with our first home inter-camp Basketball games of the year versus Crane Lake!  After a victory by the girls team, the boys went up hoping to continue the winning streak. While the game was tight down to the final half, in the end, the boys pulled through with a win and the spirit in the Garden was at an all-time high!

The Juniper boys had a blast at the “Wettest Day Ever” going down the mega slide countless times all while eating some Kona ice! A few of the boys also spent the day on a white water rafting trip!

The Mulberry boys have spent many hours on the basketball court playing pick-up and 2 ball. We also had a crew of campers just get their Scho-Kart licenses so they can tear it up on the track.

The Laurel Boys were enjoying the camper-counselor tennis tournament! There were many intense matches ending with a Laurel boy winning the championship!

BPN is around the corner and the Middle Boys could not be more excited! All of the bunks are ready to put up a fight for the first place title, but in the end it’s the Schodack warmth, tradition, and spirit that really matters.

Middle Camp is looking forward to an amazing next few weeks of the second session here at camp!


Super Seniors

The Super Seniors all had another great week here at Schodack. We went straight into our first Visiting Day in 4 years. All the campers had the best day with their families, catching up, eating great food, and just having a super fun day. That night we all enjoyed fire circle and the staff Basketball game.

With great weather, Sunday was a brilliant start to the second session.

Monday saw a new week here at camp, and a very exciting one for the Super Seniors. We headed off to an amazing local property where we had the best burgers, hot dogs and chicken grilled by Jamie and Doug. That evening they all had a pool party and hung out with friends. With such a relaxed evening, everyone headed to bed ready for a fun day the next day.

The next morning, we all woke up and had a bagel breakfast, followed by a lounge by the pool and swim to cool off. For lunch we had the best pizza and started to pack our things to head over to our next activity of the day. The Super Seniors loaded the bus and headed out for a very fun game of mini golf. We were all split into mini groups and played some very competitive games. We headed back to camp to drop out bags, then headed straight back out for some good food. We had a mix of Chipotle and Panera, and all the campers were very pleased with their choices.

To end our fun trip day, we all went to see the Barbie movie. It was so good, and all the Super Seniors had snacks and drinks. We finally headed back to camp and went straight to bed after a great few days.

Wednesday was a great day for activities. The Super Senior girls had cooking, and the Super Senior boys had Arts and Crafts. These are favourite activities for these bunks, and they really enjoyed themselves. We ended our day with a viewing of The Summer I Turned Pretty in the rec hall with snacks.

The Super Seniors have some very exciting things planned for the rest of the summer, and we can’t wait.



What a week for the LTs! It began with an incredible performance on Second Session Arrival Day.  To see the LTs’ unity, teamwork, dedication and sense of accomplishment was wonderful.

The LTs were front and center greeting the new campers – some of them took buses at 2:45 am to greet campers in NYC, Westchester and Needham, while others helped arriving campers find their bunks, and everyone unpacked the new arrivals so that the transition to meeting new camp friends was a sooth as possible.

Then there was the Big Little event at Camper Choice where the LTs met with their Little Sisters and Brothers to help welcome them to camp!

This week featured a trip to a special Air B and B – CITs the first night and Waiters the second – events which sandwiched an excursion to the Tri-State Valley cats minor league baseball.

We turn our attention now towards the visit of Hope 7 Day Camp – where the LTs put on a program for campers from the city of Albany and the second Carnival, which we will present to the camp on Sunday, including a grand ‘horse racing’ competition.

Several LTs are scheduled to be in the Schodack concert on Friday night – which should be quite the occasion – and I am sure several of our cohort will attempt to win camp’s grandest competition (in that it’s open literally to everyone) – Rock, Paper, Snerson on Saturday night. Do you know, some people still think that competition is about luck?!



More From The Week

Over at the Art Shack, tie-dye creations are finally being hung and ready to wear. There’s been an explosion of color all around. Some campers have even co-ordinated the colors of the beads in their hair (via Somi’s Salon) to their new creations. We held a camper counselor tennis tournament on Wednesday. Duos floated over to the court in matching outfits, tennis rackets in hand as they prepared themselves for an afternoon of friendly competition. By the end of the day, only two duos remained: Sam Tennis and Jack Balsam of the Fir Boys vs Max DH and Eli Zausner of the Laurel Boys. Both pairs gave their all in the final match but the win ultimately went to Eli and Max. Our Adventure team traveled up to Woodford State Park once again for another overnight trip. There was also a peaceful Kayaking Trip earlier on in the week.

Hope 7

Our LTs recently hosted a group of campers from Hope 7 for a day full of activities. Hope 7 is a volunteer based enrichment program that offers a camp experience tailored towards education. The summer camp program seeks out counselors in training and provides them with hands-on experience and an opportunity to serve. Our campers for the day had a blast, going from Arts & Crafts to the climbing tower and even got to spend some time in the pool and on the waterslide. Our LTs did a phenomenal job of taking the lead and showing these campers a fantastic time.

Scoop Of The Week

The Schodack Sleuth is an ongoing guest columnist who chronicles the many secrets of Camp Schodack Staff. Officially, this is a parody. But there is still hope that Canteen Fairies really do exist.




And with that, you are all caught up on everything that has happened at Camp Schodack this week! We will be back next week with more updates including the