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Karen’s Korner: Clothing Exchange at the NY-area Winter Reunion!!




Taking It To A New Level!

As many of you know, we have offered a CLOTHING EXCHANGE over the last few years for out-grown Schodack gear. Through the warmth and generosity of Schodack families, we have been able to recycle Schodack clothing by arranging for families to send too-small Schodack gear with their duffles, which we then re-distribute as requested to new and returning families. You get to clear your drawers of outgrown clothing and exchange them for more appropriate sizes!


For Summer 2016, we’d like to offer an easier way to donate/receive Schodack clothing. At this year’s NY/NJ winter reunion we will provide a table where you can donate/pick up CLEAN, STILL-WEARABLE Schodack clothing.  Bring your outgrown Schodack clothes, and feel free to take what you can use for next summer!  Whatever remains behind will be brought to camp and distributed through our traditional spring CLOTHING EXCHANGE for returning and new families.

We appreciate your help in recycling Schodack gear and hope you will participate! See you at the reunion!

Karen’s Korner – 2015 Clothing Exchange!!!!



Once again, the warmth and generosity of Schodack families has fueled the CLOTHING EXCHANGE – many of you have written to offer out-grown Schodack clothing for other families to use. If you have gently-used clothing that your child has outgrown and that you’d like to donate to someone else, send me an email with the style/color/size and I’ll match it up with families looking for camp gear.

Then, simply pack the clothes in a plastic bag marked “clothing exchange” and pack it in your child’s duffel. When we unpack your camper’s duffels, we’ll take the donated clothing and distribute it as needed.

For those of you who are looking for camp clothing, send me an email with what you’re looking for (i.e. green zip-up sweatshirt, size youth small) and I’ll try to find a match. If I find a match I’ll let you know, and we’ll then make sure the clothes, with your child’s name written inside, get to your child’s cubbies.

We’ll keep the extras washed and folded and ready if we need them!


Happy Packing!!