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Head Staff Announcement – LT Coordinators

Last but not least….our fabulous LT Coordinators! Check out this incredible team!!!!




Dontae Wilson, LT Coordinator

This will be Dontae’s 7th summer at Schodack and we are so thrilled to have him back! He works as a therapeutic home supervisor with children in Las Vegas, Nevada during the year and can’t wait to return for his 5th summer on Head Staff after being a DH for the past 4 summers.

Fun Facts: A man of many nicknames, D-Train is also known as “Mr. Clean”, so he is sure to help keep the Waiter Bunk spic and span this summer. He can always be found playing Tennis during 3rd Camper’s Choice!





Rupesh Shah, LT Coordinator

Having been in upper camp the past two summers as a Senior and Super Senior Group Leader, Ru is incredibly excited to return to camp and be reunited with all of his former campers as their LT Coordinator !!

Since his first summer at camp, Ru has embraced Schodack as his home away from home – so much so that he moved from London to New York after his first summer to Au Pair for one of our wonderful Schodack families!

Fun Facts: Ru has a Bachelors of Science in Forensic Investigations and when he was volunteering in Asia he dined with Her Royal Highness Princess Rym Ali of Jordan. Ru is also passionate about humanitarian work and inspiring children – since 2013 he has volunteered on several projects around the world from teaching children to helping people rebuild after Hurricane Sandy.





Jamie Weiss, LT Coordinator

2016 will be Jamie’s 13th summer at Schodack. Woah! Throughout her camp career she has been a camper, CIT, and counselor and cannot wait to take on the role of LT Coordinator! During the year, Jamie studies History and Education at UMass Amherst but spends most of her time counting down the days until camp begins.


Fun Fact: Jamie is the second person in her family to be an LT Coordinator (her sister was in 2013) and this is a first in Schodack history!


The Schodack Recycling Initiative – LT Community Service



This past summer saw the founding of the Schodack Recycling Initiative. The Leadership Trainees (LT’s) collected as many used bottles and cans as they could, stored them in special containers and brought them to a local recycling center, where they received 5 cents for each one.

The LTs were responsible for organizing who would collect the bottles and cans on most evenings, and for keeping track of the funds as they came in.

After the summer was over some of the LTs looked into finding a suitable organization to donate the proceeds to, and found Caps of Love, an organization based in Florida that provides wheelchairs to children in need and are also very involved in the recycling of plastics. A check was sent with an accompanying letter about our efforts this past summer.

The Recycling Initiative was new, but also just one of many ways the Leadership Trainees help out and make a difference both around camp and in the community at large.

The Schodack Recycling Initiative is not just a resume builder – it goes to the heart of being an LT; challenging yourself, making a difference and looking to help.


Clear eyes, full hearts….  -Owen

Staff Spotlight: Andrew Lief’s Guest Blog Post!!




Growing up, I knew one weekend every summer I would be taking a trip up to camp with my parents (both Schodack alumni) and my sister, Brittney, for the annual alumni weekend. This was a trip that I always looked forward to.

This trip allowed me the opportunity to play any sport I wanted to and to be able to run around on what I thought was the biggest field of grass in the world (which I later learned was called Siberia).

Fast-forward to today, I am preparing for my 13th summer at camp after spending eight as a camper and four on staff. This summer, I will be one of the Leadership Trainee (LT) Coordinators and I could not be more excited.

I can’t wait to work side-by-side with Owen, Nisha, our tremendous staff (AB, Michael, Schechter, Jamie, Maya, Sydney) and all of the awesome LTs we will have this summer. We have a lot of fun things planned for this summer that will make it one that will truly be unforgettable!



(Left; a very young Andrew visiting camp for the first time)



(Right; Andrew working on the moves that would later make him an Ultra Leagues Legend)





Not only will working with this year’s LTs be awesome, but I also can’t wait to be on staff with the LTs from 2013.  I had the honor of being their counselor in 2013 and we had an incredible summer, so I’m very much looking forward to seeing them on staff this summer.

Of course, spending another summer with my sister is an added perk of coming back to camp that I will always cherish. You my dawg, Brittney.

Camp is approaching rapidly, so I’m looking forward to continuing to prep for this summer, but deep down inside I’m still that kid who has the desire to play any sport I want and run around in Siberia!

Can’t wait to see everyone in 105 days!