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Summer Newsletter – Week 5!

Hello all!

It has been a great week here in the 12123! This has been a jam-packed week of fun and excitement as we are cruising through the summer.

I want to fill you in on some of the all-camp events this past week:

Friday was a special night for Camp as the camp gathered for our weekly Services. This week’s story from Paul was the famous “Uncle Lou Hated Rocks” story! It is a crowd-pleaser, with lots of Camp Schodack history in it! Ask your children about it in your phone call this weekend.

There was also our annual Rock Paper Scissors Tournament for anyone who wanted to participate. The Garden was full of energy as everyone cheered on their friends as the field of players got smaller and smaller. There was new champion crowned – Chris ACS – the first time a member of Head Staff has ever won the event!

We finally had some rain this week, but it certainly didn’t stop the fun! We had an all-camp Rainy Day Activity in the Playhouse – our traditional “Odds and Evens” event! The Whole Camp gathered to see who had the best luck. Dressed in his famous purple onesie, Owen tossed two large die in the air while the whole camp had to guess if the combined numbers would be odd or even. The winner, after guessing correctly for every single round while the whole camp cheered them on, won a prize for their bunk. It was a great escape from the rain with everyone dancing to music in between rounds.

Our weekly theme meal was “Country/Western Night!” All the tables were covered with red and white plaid tablecloths and the camp chowed down on pulled beef brisket sandwiches on pretzel buns with cornbread! Keeping with the theme, our Leadership Trainees (LT’s) had a Hillbilly themed-day for Challenge Day. They competed in relay races and a chili cook-off competition! Middle Boys also had a similar day, as they dressed like cowboys in the afternoon and had a western-themed afternoon searching for gold!

In activity news:

Exciting things are happening at Hockey as the camper-counselor tournament has been a big hit. Lots of teams have been competing across all ages of camp.

Ultra Leagues are really heating up too as we get nearer to the Playoffs. In basketball and soccer, those who signed-up to play in our more competitive sports league are playing their hearts out. It’s exciting to see who will make it to the championship round.

At Campers Choice, there have been a lot of fun, extra activities being offered! Creative Writing has been a great place for campers to write poems or short stories that get published in the Scoop, our camp newspaper! Fishing has also been a great way for our anglers to get some action. During Campers Choice, campers can sign up to catch fish at the lake! And of course the ever-popular Outdoor Cooking continues full steam ahead. Campers love cooking pizza pitas, banana boats, Belgian waffle sundaes and guacamole…just to name a few!

Trip Day:

On Tuesday this week, Junior and Middle went bowling and to a movie while Upper Camp went mini-golfing and to a movie. Our LT’s had a great three days in Montreal! This two-night trip was an amazing time for the LT’s and highlights included exploring Old Montreal, Jet Boating on the St. Lawrence River and visiting the La Ronde Amusement Park!

Everyone is practicing for tomorrow night’s “Bunk Plaque Night,” our final Triple Crown event of the summer. Each bunk will sing a song about the incredible summer they have had and show off a plaque representing their bunk name. Wish them luck!

I’ve included another copy of our daily newspaper from this past week below. Hope you enjoy it and I’ll catch you all next week!


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Summer Newsletter – Week 2!

Hello all!

It’s Brittney again and it has been an awesome week here at camp! We are in full swing in the 12123.

Let’s kick off this week’s newsletter with the exciting LT Carnival! On Saturday our amazing LT’s (Leadership Trainees) organized and ran an afternoon of carnival activities. The LT’s transformed the Playhouse and Garden into a popcorn-scented, carnival escape for the whole camp! A fan favorite was the snow-cone station (pictured below) where kids could choose from 6 different flavors to top off their tasty treat! The Dunk Tank, Fortuneteller, Games of Chance and Cotton Candy were also three of the busiest stations of the day.


Sunday was a huge day here at Schodack! It was Talent Show- the first leg of our Triple Crown Event. The Schodack Stage was flooded with talent as all our bunks performed a 5-10 minute skit. As always, the Junior Campers warmed our hearts with their dance moves and jokes. Middle Camp stepped up their game by really showcasing their talents, including many fantastic singers and even a violinist! There were a nice variety of acts in Upper Camp – funny story-lines that would have given Saturday Night Live a run for their money!

This week’s themed dinner was “Salsa Night!” We are lucky enough to have a professional salsa dancer on camp this summer- our very own, Chef Luis aka “The Dancing Gourmet!” At dinner lineup Chef Luis performed salsa for the entire camp and lead a dance party into the dining hall.


Notable Optional Trips:

* Tri-City Valley Cats AAA Baseball Game

* Cultural Trip to the opera – “Witches of Venice”

* Golf trip to play 9 holes at a local country club


In Other News:

* At Archery, campers have been shooting bull’s-eyes through bells and soda cans!

* Outdoor Cooking has become one of the most popular Camper Choice activities – brownies baked in orange peels, yummm!

* There was a Greg Maddux pitching contest at Baseball!

* Rocketry has been booming and had another a successful rocket launch this week!

* Kemp, the storyteller, returned for his 4th summer to host a night of stories for the whole camp.


To close out this week’s newsletter, check out the ridiculously picturesque fog that rolls through Schodack first thing in the morning and at night. Talk to you all next week!

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Summer Newsletter – Week 1!

Hello all!

With the first week of summer ’16 complete we are rocking and rolling in the 12123!! We have been fortunate with amazing, sunny weather and camp is in full gear. Returning campers are back in their second home and new campers are falling in love with the wonders of camp.

Fourth of July is always a jam-packed day of entertainment here at Schodack. Everyone started the day by dressing in red, white and blue to show our USA Pride! After a morning of activities, the camp gathered at the flagpole to kick off our annual Fourth of July special activity – “All for One.” Our First-Year LT’s ran the event, creating 18 different small activities for the campers to do all around camp – US Trivia (fun US trivia), “Corn in the Hole”, cookie decorating, skittle sorting and a dance party event…everyone had a great time! Dinner was also a highlight of the day as the Dining Hall was transformed into a sea of red, white and blue for our first themed-meal of the summer – American BBQ! The night ended with an all-camp trip to a major fireworks display nearby. Phew…what a day!




Notable camp-wide events:

*With all the hot weather, we had our first “Blister Day” of 2016 this past week! The whole camp gathered poolside to cool off and splash in the pools.

*At archery, the Golden Bow competition took place this past week. There was an expert sharp-shooter declared in each age division.

*Interested campers went off on inter-camps to compete in tournaments for soccer and tennis at nearby camps.

*Scho-Karts has introduced their new licenses for the summer! Campers love getting a physical license when they pass the driving test!

*At mealtime, lunch rides were very popular this week. Campers enjoyed horseback riding to a picnic for lunch or dinner.

*Paul and Linda took campers on their first Cultural Trip of the summer. They went to MassMOCA and everyone loved seeing the modern art!

*At the lake, we are continuing our “Wake of Fame!” Those who cross over the wake get to write their name on a giant plaque for all to see!

In the meantime, bunks are busy practicing for Talent Show (the first leg of Schodack’s Triple Crown), which is happening this Sunday. The camp is anxiously awaiting coming together to sing “Breakaway” and “In the Air Tonight” in the Playhouse before the big event! We cannot wait to see all of camp’s stars on stage very soon!



Junior Camp

The Mic Mac Girls cooled off this week by having an impromptu sprinkler activity. They ran and danced through the sprinklers!

The Junior Girls have been crushing it at hockey this week on our new sleek court.

All of the Junior Camp Boys were in the running to win this week’s cleanliness cup, but the Inca boys took home the prize!

Some Junior Boys spent Wednesday’s Camper’s Choice trying to get into the Book of Records at basketball through the “Bump Tournament.”

Middle Camp

A lot of our Middle Camp Girls are working hard on this summer’s play, “The Lion King.”

Wednesday night’s Night Activity for Middle Camp was a fun night as campers gathered in the Playhouse for “Dancing With the Staff!” They dressed up their counselors and choreographed a dance for them to perform.

Upper Camp

The Senior 2 Boys won the “All For One” special event, earning the most points for participation and success in the various activities. This was their 3rd year in a row being victorious.

Senior Camp has been enjoying “Senior Choice”, where all bunks in the division come together and can choose out of multiple activities. This has been great for Senior Camp Bonding!


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Summer Newsletter – Welcome to Camp!

Hello! My name is Brittney Lief, this is my 11th summer at camp and I am thrilled to be writing this summer’s newsletters each week! Schodack is a family tradition for me – I am a second-generation camper (both of my parents and my older brother attended Schodack) – and during the year I attend the University of Rhode Island where I study film and journalism. In addition to the newsletters, I am on the Leadership Trainee (LT) Staff as a counselor in our teen training program.

I want to give you a heads-up for what to expect for these newsletters each week. Each Friday (prior to the weekend phone calls which start next weekend) a newsletter will be posted to the Blog to give you an update on what is going on at camp. We’ll also send out an email reminder letting you know when we post it. Camp events, trips and activities will all be discussed! We want to keep you in the loop about exciting things happening at camp so make sure to stay tuned each week!

It has been an exciting week here at Camp Schodack to say the least! After a fun 10 days of orientation the staff could not wait for the buses to arrive.

Opening Day was filled with smiles and anticipation as we kicked off our 60th summer! As they took their first steps off the buses, campers were greeted with welcome signs and cheering counselors who immediately took them back to their bunks so everyone could start meeting each other. After tours of camp and name games by group, the traditional opening day meal of grilled cheese and tomato soup was served in the Dining Hall.


The afternoon was filled with swim tests, bunk photos and a welcome meeting with the Krouner family. After dinner was the Counselor Show with the whole camp in the Playhouse where our staff showed off their skills and passions through skits and performances and filled the night with laughter and cheering. There was a lot of talent on display, especially when our Head Staff showed us the “evolution of dance” in a skit where they demonstrated all the most popular dance moves from the past few decades! Paul and Matt’s version of “You’ve Got A Friend In Me” with Linda on piano was also a big hit, as was the “the bean skit” where a group of staff replayed the same scene over and over with different accents and timing – it was hysterical. After such a full day, everyone was ready for night snack and bed so it was back to the bunks to turn in for the night.


It’s been an amazing start to Summer 2016. Talk to you all next week!


Summer Newsletter – Week 1!!!!

Screen Shot 2015-07-04 at 7.30.49 AM




















It’s been a wonderful first week and we’re excited to share some of what’s been happening around camp! Each week we send out a newsletter that highlights a certain area of camp and gives some details about what each age division has been up to.