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Camp is just a few days away and we are so excited about all the new additions to our facility this year. Take a look!!


We completely renovated five bunks during the off-season. Campers will love the open layouts and how they sparkle!

CampSchodack-G4 Interior-EmmanuelAbreu (11)

CampSchodack-G4 Interior-EmmanuelAbreu (9)




























We tripled the size of our gymnastics pavilion and filled it with all new equipment, including a spring floor, uneven bars and a 40 foot tumble track. As you can see, staff have been loving the new space and we can’t wait to see campers tumbling and jumping away!

CampSchodack-Gymnaseum-EmmanuelAbreu (12) CampSchodack-Gymnaseum-EmmanuelAbreu (4) CampSchodack-Gymnaseum-EmmanuelAbreu (2)


Need to cool off? How about our brand new 170 foot waterside down the Horse Corral Hill!?!?! WOAH!!!!!

CampSchodack-Waterslide-EmmanuelAbreu (2)



Check out our beautiful new Gazebo, which is sure to become a favorite hangout spot this summer. Although he won’t let us name it after him, this Gazebo is in honor of Owen Pennant Jones and his incredible 30 years (and counting) at Schodack.

CampSchodack-Gazebo-EmmanuelAbreu (6)CampSchodack-Gazebo-EmmanuelAbreu (5)CampSchodack-Gazebo-EmmanuelAbreu (9)


We are loving our new outdoor patio. This area is a wonderful extension to our dining hall and offers a cozy spot to enjoy a little outdoor dining!

CampSchodack-Patio-EmmanuelAbreu (2) CampSchodack-Patio-EmmanuelAbreu (1)

Thanks for checking out some of our new stuff. We can’t wait for Opening Day and the start of our 59th summer!!!!!

Camp Improvements Update!

David, Terry and Steve, our year-round team of maintenance workers, have been very busy this year! Like always, we are constantly updating and improving the physical layout of camp, but this off-season we took on particularly exciting projects!

Look at some of what we’ve done:

*Our 3-year goal of adding a beautiful deck to every bunk on camp has been successfully completed! By adding on to G1a, G5, G6, G7, G7a and G4b, now every camper bunk has a beautiful outdoor space to hang out on!

*Bunks B, B1, B2 and G1 have all undergone interior renovations! Campers in each of these buildings will love the newer open floor plans and enhanced lighting.

*Sadly, the beloved “Stop-SIgn Tree” by the Office succumbed to old age and had to be removed, but in its place is beautiful new landscaping and plantings all along the edge of the main lawn.

photo(A look at the HUGE deck that covers the whole G6 and G7 complex!)

photo(The brand new deck for G7 and G7a)