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Alumni Spotlight: Jon Carter’s Guest Blog Post!

Carter at the start line of his famous event, Carter's Challenge!

Carter at the start line of his famous event, Carter’s Challenge!

My Return to the 12123…

To Paraphrase Dwayne Johnson, aka ‘The Rock’…”Finally, Carter has come back to Schodack!”

Seven long, cold, camper’s choice-free years had passed before I finally set foot back on that hallowed turf that has been a 2nd home for so many of you and one that I considered a first home for a long time after spending years working year round with Paul, Matt, Owen, Karen & Peggy.

To say that I was excited would not do justice to the overwhelming joy that was building up inside me as I booked my flights. I contacted old staff and campers and harassed the year-round team to make sure that I could come to Schodack not just as a visitor, but as a member of the team – ready to put my energy, skills and experiences to use and once again be a part of the magic that happens every year in Nassau, NY.

When I last left Schodack (finally having a Tribals Plaque to call my own with the greatest Co-General ever in Julia Kaplan) I quoted a song lyric in my yearbook article saying that, “There has never been any place quite like this one, and for once in my lifetime, maybe I’d be foolish not to stay.” To return to Schodack this summer reminded me of that feeling, but it also hit home that the joy of camp being 2 months and not 10 (as so many of us have wished for in the past) and the fact that eventually most of us have to leave to take on other challenges is that we get to grow up, find someone to share our life with, have a family and then share with those new family members the greatest place in the world…Camp.

Camp is and always will be the best education I have ever had. I remember reading Will Borowka’s blog talking about how he knew he was ready for college because Camp had prepared him for it. I feel the same about every challenge I face and I will always try to share Schodack with everyone I know and meet.

I could write about my love of Camp for pages and pages, but I’ll keep it short and just say, I want to thank the all of you who were at Schodack this summer for the amazing welcome that I received, in particular the Head Staff who let me wonder around like I owned the place and the Waiters that welcomed me on my very first night!

Finally, I’ll leave you with my top 3 Schodack moments and a final thought:

  1. Breaking Tribals as Willy Wonka – because we made something truly amazing happen that night for staff and campers alike.
  2. Every time I drive around the corner toward Camp, pick a song to play and start the countdown…10, 9 ,8…
  3. My very first night at Camp, sleeping in B3. I was anxious, excited, a little scared and having no idea what was about to happen for that summer. I’ll forever be a little jealous of everyone that gets to relive that feeling.

My final thought is that I think I will always teach everyone I know the importance of learning the difference between a lump in your oatmeal, a lump in your throat and a lump in your breast. Life is lumpy. Life is unfair. Luckily for all of us, Camp Schodack will be there to help teach us to tell the difference.

Good night, Sig.



2015 Head Staff Announcement – Activity Counselor Supervisors (ACS)!

We are very excited to announce our final group of Head Staff Members for next summer…the ACS’s!! This great trio has a tremendous amount of both camp and professional experience hat will make them wonderful supervisors of our Activity Areas this summer! Welcome Max, Izzy and Katie!!!



Max Bradley, Team Sports Supervisor

Back for his 7th summer at camp, Maxie has been a Soccer Counselor twice, Group Leader, LT Staff Member, Substitute Activity Counselor (SAC), 2-Day and Tribals General and is now back for his second summer on Head Staff as Team Sports Coordinator! Brought to the US on a collegiate soccer scholarship, Max brings wonderful experience and versatility to our Head Staff and will be the leading face of Ultra Leagues and Inter-Camp games!







Izzy McAree, ACS

For the past two summers, Izzy has been an invaluable member of our staff (both as a Ropes Counselor and as Bunk Staff) and has great knowledge of all our activity areas throughout camp. Innovator of the “12123-GO” Challenge (a complete-at-your-own-pace) series of challenges that incorporates every activity area on camp, Izzy always brings fresh ideas to camp. Izzy is working on becoming a Physical Education teacher during the year and can’t wait to return to Schodack in June!







Katie Woodrow, ACS

Katie was a standout Group Leader last summer for our Middle Camp Girls and is very excited to join our Head Staff in 2015. In an impressive display, she also transferred her considerable Netball talents to the Basketball court during our Visiting Day Staff Game. As a year-round High School Physical Education teacher, coach and athlete, Katie will bring lots of professional experience to her role this summer.






Head Staff Spotlight: Sports at Schodack!

Throughout the year we all love to look at photos from camp, speak to friends and generally reflect on great camp memories. Equally we find ourselves wishing that summer could come around quickly, taking us back to the place that makes us happiest. Around this time every year, it starts to dawn on me that camp is drawing closer and closer, along with the overwhelming feeling of excitement.14451_10151859965256584_10743441_n

Now entering my sixth year at camp, I’ll be embarking on a new challenge as Schodack’s  “Team Sports Coordinator.” It’s a job I’m very focused on completing with due diligence and enthusiasm. I am delighted to be in a supervisory role, and aim to bring my experience as a personal trainer and collegiate soccer player to great use this summer. My position gives me the opportunity for a new level of mentoring for campers and staff; a platform which I find extremely rewarding.

On top of focusing on my activity areas, another main goal of mine is to have a positive impact on camp, for both staff and campers. I aim to achieve this by being full of positive energy and exuberance and by giving help and advice whenever needed.

There are so many aspects of the summer I look forward to. First, Tribals, one of the most exciting parts of camp. Talking from a very personal level, there is nothing more special than the spirit of the green and white teams competing and coming together to embody the true camp experience. I am also thrilled at the chance to meet new people from around the world, participate in all the activity periods with the kids and the staff, organize the sublime ‘Ultra Leagues’ and the inter-camp games. And of course there is the craziness of the dining hall, the songs and cheers, Triple Crown, the USA vs. International Soccer Game and much more.

Speaking of inter-camp games….I have already been hard at work getting us signed-up for some awesome tournaments and sports at other camps. We’ve got 15 planned so far in various sports and for all age groups with more to come!

For me, this year marks a significant milestone in my camp history. It is not just the activities that I look forward to, I am equally excited for things like the sunshine (I’m British), the smell of the grass, talking to friends both new and old, seeing the sun set from atop the corral hill and star gazing on the clearest of nights.  As they say, it is the simple things in life.

I’m really excited to be back and I can’t wait to see you all there! Bring on Summer 2014!