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Exciting News From Camp!


We are thrilled to announce an exciting staffing update for next summer!

Alyssa Applebaum, a Physical Education teacher, varsity-level coach and former Division 1 collegiate soccer player will be switching roles to take over as our Sports and Activities Coordinator.  With her strong background in sports and fitness, Alyssa will oversee all of our Sports and Activity Programs.

Alyssa, who grew up as a camper and staff member at Schodack, played Division I Soccer at Syracuse University, where she also received her B.S. in Communications. For the past 13 years, Alyssa has taught Physical Education to preschool, elementary, middle school and high school students at Rutgers Preparatory School in Somerset, NJ.

Continuing her passion for individual and team sports, Alyssa also has an extensive coaching background in Soccer, Lacrosse, Basketball, Tennis and Volleyball at both the middle school and Varsity level. After three years as our Health Center Coordinator, we are thrilled that she will now be in a position to run clinics in various sports throughout the summer and personally train our Activity Counselors on the most successful ways to provide fun and engaging athletic instruction.

Alyssa will be joined by her sons, Spencer (4th-year camper) and Carter (1st-time camper), at camp this summer as well, so please join us in welcoming Alyssa into her new role for 2018!!!

2016 Head Staff Announcement – Activity Counselor Supervisors (ACS’s)

We are very excited to announce this next group of Head Staff Members for next summer…the ACS’s!! This great duo has a tremendous amount of both camp and professional experience that will make them wonderful supervisors of our Activity Areas this summer! Welcome Izzy and Chris!!!



Returning for her fourth summer at Schodack, Izzy has experienced camp from many angles – as a bunk counselor, as a member of our ropes team and now in her second summer on Head Staff as ACS. Izzy has tremendous knowledge of all the activity areas throughout camp and brings wonderful versatility to our Leadership Team. Izzy is a Physical Education teacher in the UK during the year and can’t wait to return to Schodack in June!









For the past two summers, Chris has been a wildly popular member of our tennis staff and he is thrilled to make the step up to Head Staff in 2016. An overall sports enthusiast, Chris has played tennis at a regional level back home in Scotland and loves to coach as well. For a fun fact about Chris – he once went on a grueling week-long trek through mountains and volcanoes in Iceland…he says it’s one of his favorite adventures! Chris could not be more psyched to join Head Staff 2016!!!!


Head Staff Spotlight: Sports at Schodack!

Throughout the year we all love to look at photos from camp, speak to friends and generally reflect on great camp memories. Equally we find ourselves wishing that summer could come around quickly, taking us back to the place that makes us happiest. Around this time every year, it starts to dawn on me that camp is drawing closer and closer, along with the overwhelming feeling of excitement.14451_10151859965256584_10743441_n

Now entering my sixth year at camp, I’ll be embarking on a new challenge as Schodack’s  “Team Sports Coordinator.” It’s a job I’m very focused on completing with due diligence and enthusiasm. I am delighted to be in a supervisory role, and aim to bring my experience as a personal trainer and collegiate soccer player to great use this summer. My position gives me the opportunity for a new level of mentoring for campers and staff; a platform which I find extremely rewarding.

On top of focusing on my activity areas, another main goal of mine is to have a positive impact on camp, for both staff and campers. I aim to achieve this by being full of positive energy and exuberance and by giving help and advice whenever needed.

There are so many aspects of the summer I look forward to. First, Tribals, one of the most exciting parts of camp. Talking from a very personal level, there is nothing more special than the spirit of the green and white teams competing and coming together to embody the true camp experience. I am also thrilled at the chance to meet new people from around the world, participate in all the activity periods with the kids and the staff, organize the sublime ‘Ultra Leagues’ and the inter-camp games. And of course there is the craziness of the dining hall, the songs and cheers, Triple Crown, the USA vs. International Soccer Game and much more.

Speaking of inter-camp games….I have already been hard at work getting us signed-up for some awesome tournaments and sports at other camps. We’ve got 15 planned so far in various sports and for all age groups with more to come!

For me, this year marks a significant milestone in my camp history. It is not just the activities that I look forward to, I am equally excited for things like the sunshine (I’m British), the smell of the grass, talking to friends both new and old, seeing the sun set from atop the corral hill and star gazing on the clearest of nights.  As they say, it is the simple things in life.

I’m really excited to be back and I can’t wait to see you all there! Bring on Summer 2014!