The Schodack Recycling Initiative – LT Community Service




This past summer saw the founding of the Schodack Recycling Initiative. The Leadership Trainees (LT’s) collected as many used bottles and cans as they could, stored them in special containers and brought them to a local recycling center, where they received 5 cents for each one.

The LTs were responsible for organizing who would collect the bottles and cans on most evenings, and for keeping track of the funds as they came in.

After the summer was over some of the LTs looked into finding a suitable organization to donate the proceeds to, and found Caps of Love, an organization based in Florida that provides wheelchairs to children in need and are also very involved in the recycling of plastics. A check was sent with an accompanying letter about our efforts this past summer.

The Recycling Initiative was new, but also just one of many ways the Leadership Trainees help out and make a difference both around camp and in the community at large.

The Schodack Recycling Initiative is not just a resume builder – it goes to the heart of being an LT; challenging yourself, making a difference and looking to help.


Clear eyes, full hearts….  -Owen