Change of Bunk and Team Names

Hello Schodack Families,

In recent years, Camp Schodack has moved away from the use of Native American images and names. This process began with our logo change in 2018 and will continue this summer as we will no longer use Indigenous tribal names to identify our bunks or teams. Throughout the year, we met with a group of dedicated alumni to discuss issues related to diversity, equity, and inclusion at camp. This naming change is part of that ongoing work and reflects our acknowledgment of the negative impacts of cultural appropriation.

The Mahican Native Americans stewarded this land for centuries before our family arrived. The iconic stories and traditions rooted in this history are meaningful to generations of our campers and we will never lose them. Discussions and land acknowledgment ceremonies will continue at Schodack because we know they make our campers feel a greater sense of place and they also help educate our campers about the rich history of the land. The change is that we will no longer use Native American names and imagery to identify members of our community.

We are excited to announce that our bunks will now be named after one of the favorite features of Schodack… our magnificent trees! Our camp property has thousands of beautiful trees and they contribute to the history, stories and tradition that make our community so special. We love imagining our campers identifying with the imagery of our beautiful trees during their time at camp.


The Krouners

See a list of this summer’s bunks below:

Junior Camp

Aspen – Cedar – Chestnut

Super Junior Camp

Elm – Hawthorn – Maple – Oak

Middle Camp

Pine – Spruce – Sycamore – Walnut