Work at Schodack

Responsibility and Reward

By working at Schodack we can guarantee two things: you will work harder than you ever have before AND you will have the most rewarding summer of your life. Whether you work in a bunk or an activity area you will become a role model for children who will look up to you and make a lasting impression on your life. Our staff can’t believe how quickly the summer flies by and many choose to come back summer after summer.

We require staff training in the weeks leading up to the campers’ arrival. All staff attend this training and it provides invaluable information about the Schodack experience. You learn all the details of being a staff member, find out about the campers in your group, and have fun getting to meet and bond with your fellow staff members. By the time orientation is over, you feel you are fully prepared for the campers’ arrival and you have made many new friends on the staff. We may also require additional training or preparation from you prior to your arrival at camp.

Schodack is also a completely drug and alcohol free community, and we have a consistently and strictly enforced zero-tolerance policy.

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