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Farewell, Summer 2018

The campers have departed and summer 2018 has come to a close. Thank you to our entire Schodack community – campers, parents and staff – for another incredible experience this summer. We will miss you all and hope your camp memories keep you warm until Opening Day next year.

With love,
The Krouners

Final Summer Newsletter!!

Welcome back families for, sadly, our last newsletter this summer. With only a few days of the summer left, campers are spending every waking moment making the best of the summer and making everlasting memories. The campers are in for an exciting next couple of days because Tribals has officially begun. However before we discuss Tribals, we had some exciting events leading up to these 5 days of fun.

The whole camp gathered around the pit to watch an incredible battle between the Hulk and Thanos.

On Saturday we had the final leg of Triple Crown, which was Bunk Plaque Night (known as BPN). Every bunk went up on stage to sing a song that described all their memories from the summer accompanied by their beautiful plaques made in the art shack. A huge shout out to the Algonquin Girls for winning Triple Crown for Junior Camp. After BPN, we had a beautiful day of activities on Sunday and then on Monday we were off to Six Flags Great Adventure Amusement Park.  This year for the first time campers had the opportunity to go to the water park at Six Flags, which was very refreshing because it was definitely a hot day. Upper Campers had the option of strolling through Saratoga, followed by a “cool” afternoon at the Ice Skating rink.

The Algonquin Girls celebrating their Triple Crown win.

The sun was once again shining bright on Tuesday for an afternoon of Counselor Switch Day! Counselors from all the bunks switched with each other for afternoon activities, which is always a highly anticipated event, enjoyed by staff and campers alike. Later that night we had the annual LT Show where all 93 LTs performed with 14 acts for the whole camp. Some fan favorites were dances from Danya Taub, Talia Kunin, and Campbell Weise, LT Classmates, Maya Waldman on the flute, Lanie Kotler and Lindsay Shachnow’s singing performance, and the Waiter Backward Video.  Also a notable mention to Emma Levy and David Zimiles for being amazing hosts of the show. Straight out of the LT show is when the Tribals festivities began, so let’s get to it.

The Second Years singing their “2nd Year Song” as a farewell to the LT Program. We can’t wait to see you guys on staff.

Some of the LTS performing the “Broken Record” Dance.

Throughout this whole week we have had numerous visits from some of the good and evil Marvel characters to ring in the Tribals spirit. We knew Tribals was in the air when Thanos (Baz ACS) started to steal all the Schodack Infinity Stones, which caused a lot of mayhem around camp. One very exciting part of the series of Tribals Fakes was when Black Panther (Pharoah, Senior Boys DH)  came to give the campers special cake, but Thanos spoiled his plans. Instead of cake, the kids got to have a food fight! Right after the LT show, we thought Tribals was about to break at the Old Basketball court where all the superheroes tried to fight Thanos. However, Thanos came out victorious and campers were sent to bed with no night snack because Thanos had crushed all the cookiesl. Just when we thought Thanos stole all the infinity stones and the 5 Day Spirit, campers were woken up by surprise at 1 am to see Spiderman (Hipster Mike) and the Scarlet Witch (Halle, Middle Girls DH) who took us on a journey all throughout camp that lead us to the Amphitheatre to see Thor (SPEC Josh Baker) take down Thanos. Finally with the arrow in hand, Josh broke Tribals and the spirit prevailed.

The Hulk and Thanos battle it out in the pit.

Color war is finally here. Josh Baker finally broke the arrow!

Straight after the arrow broke in two, campers finally received their night snack, and then the much anticipated readings of Generals, Captains, and Head Lieutenants were announced. For the next 5 Days, Carly Ashner (Senior 2 Girls GL) and Jonah Malter (Senior 3 Boys GL) will be the Generals for Iroquois Evolution (the Green Team) and Annie Rotman (Senior 3 Girls GL) and Jake Mechanic (Waiter Staff) will be the Generals for A Seminole Moment (the White Team). Joining the Green Team from the LT Program are Captains Kelsey McGuire and Campbell Weise and the Head Lieutenants are Darah Greenbaum and Emilio Garcia. For the White Team, the Captains are Will Polen and Macy Katz and the  Head Lieutenants are  Kate Petosa and Adam Kliegerman.

Campers react to the unbelievable Tribals Break:

“Even though they woke us up at 1 am, the plot of the fakes were very intriguing. It was dope. – Ben Perle, Senior 3 Boys

“It was very weird because it was in the middle of the night. But I loved it.” – Sadie Appelbaum, Mic Mac Girls

“It was super cool that we got woken up in the middle of the night. I was really happy.” – Eli Grubin, Menominee Boys

“It was super surprising… I wasn’t expecting it to be in the middle of the night.” – Leo Green, Algonquin Boys

“I was just so excited the entire time.” – Gordy Munk, Algonquin Girls

“All I have to say is, Wow.” – July Goldstein, Naskopi Girls

After campers were awarded with late sleep on Wednesday, and Day 1 of Tribals came in full swing with a morning of activity periods such as Euro Handball, Basketball, Water Volleyball, Gaga, and so much more. In the afternoon we had Hatchet Hunt where Generals, Captains, and Head Lieutenants battled it out in the pit for the hatchet. Ultimately, Jonah Malter grabbed the hatchet out of the pit after an intense brawl with Jake Mechanic. Straight out of Hatchet Hunt we had some rain showers, but that didn’t stop activities as we had numerous indoor activities such as Basket Dodgeball in the Garden and a Spelling Bee in the Playhouse. Later that night we had part one of Surf & Turf with the 32nd Annual Marathons, which is a race in the softball, basketball, soccer area that gets longer as each division progresses. Huge kudos to everyone who participated in this event.

What a squad! Generals, Captains, and Head Lieutenants pose up after an intense Hatchet Hunt.

Day 2 of Tribals obviously began with another Tribals Wake Up from the Generals, Captains, and Head Lieutenants. In the morning we had activity periods, and then in the afternoon we had Part 2 of Surf and Turf: the Individual Medleys. Later in the afternoon, we had the dashes, which is a race across the soccer field, sing practice, and Track Meet for night activity.

Here are some of the upcoming Tribals Events:

-Carter’s Challenge

-Apache Relay


-Bucket Brigade

-Family Feud

Division Spotlights of the Week:

Mic Macs: The Mic Macs have had another amazing week here at Schodack! This past week has had so many fun events which started off with Bunk Plaque Night! The boys and girls both did an amazing job and had the whole Playhouse bopping along to the tune of their songs. Then a few days later the boys and girls joined in on the dance recital. The boys went up as a bunk to show off their moves in front of all of Junior and Middle, while the girls had a number of routines that showed off their spirit and amazing ability! Also we had a rainy day which didn’t put a damper on the girls’ time here as they played in the rain and in a huge puddle that formed near the dining hall. Also this week we had another amazing few tribals fakes which saw Thor and the rest of the Avengers battling Thanos for the spirit of camp and tribals! In the end Thanos was defeated by Thor and tribals was broke!!! Their reactions were pure amazement and joy when seeing the breaking of the arrow knowing we were in for five days of big events and activities! They haven’t stopped cheering since! – Allison

Junior Girls: Happy Tribals to us, happy Tribals to us, happy Tribals dear Camp Schoodackkk, happy Tribals to us! One of my all time favorite camp memories is two nights ago waking up the Junior girls to break Tribals! Picture this, head staff do a fake to the entire camp on Tuesday night where we send them to bed with no night snack, little did the Junior Girls know they’d be woken up at 1am with a night snack waiting for them at the end!! Muhahaha! I was dressed as the Marvel Comic character Gamora and at 1am being woken up by a green woman saying “wake up it’s Tribals time” must have been so confusing! Their face was a picture and their spirit was magical. They got ready really quick with excitment so infectious I couldn’t help but smile the whole time! I can hear the Junior girls playing now and having fun; we don’t want this summer to end!! I wonder what they’ll think one day when they look back at that magical night. I hope you all had a brilliant week, know that we love and care for your girls so much- thank you for sending them to Schodack! – Maria

Junior Boys:  The Junior Boys have been the stars of camp, rocking it out on stage and at activities. Last week started out with our Chinook Boys performing Wavey in the dance recital on Thursday night, after working on their act throughout the summer. The whole bunk stepped on stage to a crowd of adoring fans and did a really great job. For Bunk Plaque Night, Arapaho Hyperdrive, Algonquin Rebirth, Chippewa Men Making History, and Chinooks & Crannies sang their own songs for the whole camp—they and their staff had written the lyrics about their summer experiences, and each bunk learned and practiced it together, preparing for this final Triple Crown performance. I’m really proud of how much effort they put into their work, how each of their songs was both poignant and entertaining, and how much fun they had on stage. Congratulations to the Algonquin Boys, who earned 2ndplace that night! For our penultimate week of camp, we became a united front, having plenty of playdates together: at the pool, where we took over for an entire period all to ourselves, creating Junior Boy whirlpools and jumping in; at baseball, hockey, and euro handball, we joined forces to form larger teams and have more competitive play. During our Junior Boys bonfire, campers roasted marshmallows and made s’mores while their counselors and I told funny stories to them around the campfire. After much anticipation, we loved the Tribals Break, when the Avengers saved the spirit of camp from the evil clutches of Thanos. Such an incredible week—now it’s time to take advantage of Tribals and these final days together; we’re going to miss each other so much! – Berg

Middle Boys: This may have been the most exciting week for the Middle Boys yet! It all started Saturday night with Bunk Plaque Night. The Naskopi Boys placed third with their BPN Naskopi Forgiveness, and the Menominee Boys took home the gold with Menominee Moonlight! Then on Sunday, the boys took a trip to the fjords up north for Viking Day! Activities for the day included raft racing, water balloon battles, archery relays, and team banner making. The fun kept coming the next day as we traveled out to Six Flags for a day of roller coasters and games (and, of course, the annual haul of oversized sized stuffed animals). Then on Tuesday night, after enjoying a stellar show put on by the LTs, we were awoken to the sounds of The Immigrant Song, and after a suspenseful battle between Thor and Thanos, Tribals finally broke! Day one of Tribals was full of excitement and friendly competition, and we can’t wait to see what the rest of Tribals and the rest of Camp will bring. – Kaish

Middle Girls: There’s always so much energy on camp the week leading up to Tribals. Though the kids don’t know exactly when the five days will begin, there is a palpable excitement that carries through to the end of the summer. BPN was an amazing way to end off the summer’s Triple Crown events; watching the girls smile on stage and sing their summer stories was truly a touching moment. Another week highlight was our Middle Girls Ninja Day, where we cancelled normal activities and had the girls enjoy a special afternoon. Some highlights of the day included a ninja-themed dance party in the Playhouse, an exciting game of Assassin (essentially an elevated game of tag), and an ice cream party! It was so much fun to take a break from the daily routine of camp and bond with our division. Finally, Tribals! After a surprising break in the middle of night, the festivities have begun and the girls could not be happier. This time of camp is always a bittersweet one, with the end of the summer looming right around the corner. For the next week, though, the girls will enjoy a packed few days, spend time with their best friends, and end the summer on a high. – Halle

Upper Boys: Hello once again, Schodack Family! It’s a bittersweet moment as I write this, knowing it’s my last time doing so. I have felt so privileged to get to spend another summer at this magical place and honored to work with these boys again. I have worked closely and watched these kids grow over the past 5 years. That is, and will forever be, a highlight of my life. Last week we had our special Waiters-In-Training day and I marveled at how this division has come together as a whole. On that day there were no Senior 1, 2, and 3 bunks…just Seniors. They competed, played and worked together as one unit and it warmed my heart to witness. From the 3 on 3 basketball tournament to playing 4-Square in the rain to the Mega Clean-Up, the staff and the kids expressed how memorable of a day it was. This week Tribals has begun in a spectacular way, reinvigorating everyone. Thank you all for sending your children to Camp Schodack, it has been my pleasure… – Uncle Ro

Upper Girls: Summer may be drawing to a close, but Senior Girls are still powering through special activities and keeping spirits high! Bunk Plaque Night Saturday was outstanding – all four bunks sang clever, thoughtful songs about their bunk staffs and summers, and their dance moves were incredibly well-coordinated. On Sunday, we spent the afternoon in The Well with the Messiest Day Ever, featuring an egg toss (where every cracked egg resulted in an egg to the head), a syrupy-cereal-sorting relay, Toss Your Own Caesar Salad, and a race up the hill on an oily, soapy tarp. Needless to say, the girls lather-rinsed-repeated ad nauseum in the shower. Monday we split between Six Flags and Saratoga, enjoying food and entertainment before returning Tuesday to Counselor Switch Day in the afternoon, during which the girls enjoyed giving make-overs to their male counselors. Tuesday night the girls experienced a gentle and loving wake-up call from myself at 1:03 am, leading to the break of Tribals! With only six days left of camp, I’m thrilled to spend this last week enjoying the summer sun and rolling green hills with a group of girls who have made every second of the season so fulfilling! – Shira

Here is a copy of today’s Schodack Scoop and other funs pictures from the week:

You could say “Messiest Day Ever” was a success!


The Mic Mac Boys steal the show with their swag dance moves at the Dance Recital.

Some of the Senior Girls and CITs during their Basketball Intercamp against Crane Lake.





We had a blast at the Food Fight!

The Green Team cheers as General Jonah Malter grabs the hatchet.

A moment of excitement after crossing the finish line during the dashes.

What an exciting Track Meet we had.

Campers participating in the Individual Medleys. Also a great way to cool off on a hot Tribals day.

Some of the Chippewa Boys getting ready to compete in Tribals.











Summer Newsletter: Week 5

Hey everyone, I’m back again to bring you another update from the Foothills of the Berkshires. As always, we had loads of fun this week filled with endless laughs, memories and even a little rain. From Fire Circle, to Special Event Afternoon Sundays, to a variety of activity periods, we kept busy here at camp.

Here are some noteworthy events from this week:

The Algonquin Boys led Fire Circle this week with the theme of Perseverance. The whole camp bolted out to Rachel Platten’s Fight Song after the boys spoke of their theme. Straight out of Fire Circle, we held our annual Rock, Paper, Scissors competition or in the words of Owen Pennant Jones, Rock, Paper, Snerson in honor of alumni Evan Snerson’s lasting legacy as a 5x RPS winner. This year CIT Danya Taub came out victorious in this infamous competition with a notable mention to Jake Ackerman from the Chippewa Boys for coming in 2nd place.

The final round of the Rock, Paper, Scissors Competition. You can really feel the intensity of this moment!

The Algonquin Boys speaking about their theme of Perseverance.

Carter and Matt battle it out in Rock, Paper, Scissors.

On Saturday, the whole camp enjoyed the  LT Carnival featuring the Wimblesquare Tournament, a Dunk Tank, a Slip ‘N Slide, the always -favorite cooking decorating, as well as a host of other fun booths.

Monday night was Western Night, and campers were serenaded by special guests Paul Rosenberg and his Traditional Music Band at dinner line-up. Following a delicious meal of homemade cornbread, pulled brisket and corn on the cob, campers joined the fiddlers for a traditional hoedown in the Playhouse. Paul and his band played and sang live fiddle music as campers learned new dances and songs that filled the playhouse with spirit and laughter. Campers came dressed in their flannels and jeans and had lots of fun learning traditional western and folk dances.

The campers enjoying a special lineup where Paul Rosenberg and his band led them in a dance.













Also on Monday the LTs had their final Challenge Day of the summer where the athleticism, creativity, and enthusiasm of all past Challenge Day themes were combined to bring “All Star Day.”  The day began with a 7am Army Day wake up by their staff members, and then they channeled their inner country persona for the classic Challenge Day event where they dig for worms in a huge mud pit (this one was a personal favorite of mine) for Country Day. They also had a paint fight, a cooking challenge (because is it really Challenge Day without a cooking event?), then had an event from Gambler’s Day. We can’t wait to find out who are the winners of this year’s Challenge Days and as always Go Grink.

The Camp Schodack Dance Team’s hard work has finally paid off as the whole camp enjoyed watching the Dance Recital on Wednesday night.

Oh Canada! Last night the LTs came back from a fantastic 3-day trip to Montreal, Canada where they devoured Poutine, explored New and Old Montreal, got some swag Roots Apparel, went jet boating, and went to La Ronde, a Six Flags Amusement Park. Many of the LTs even came back to camp with treats for their bunks, such as Maple Candies, which they really enjoyed. Below are pictures of the jet boating experience. Truly a surreal moment. 

While the LTs crossed international borders, the rest of camp enjoyed their own Trip Day with trips to the movies and bowling for Junior and Middle campers, and a movie and  scenic 2 mile hike at Schodack Island State Park for Upper Camp.

Congrats to the Mic Mac Girls for winning the Cleanliness Cup this week and for the second time! Keep it up ladies.

Throughout this whole week we are hosting the Bonus Ball Tennis Tournament. The tournament is held during Camper Choice periods and the goal of the game to to accumulate as many points as possible. Every 3rd point is a bonus point, which is why it is called the Bonus Ball Tournament!

The final leg of Triple Crown, Bunk Plaque Night (BPN), is this Saturday. Bunks have been practicing their amazing songs all week and plaques have been brewing in the art shack.

Once again Tribals is in the air as this whole week there have been many Tribals fakes. Campers are anticipating the return of the whole Marvel Universe to help us break Tribals.

SPEC Josh Baker dressed up as Thor.

Division Spotlights of the Week:

Mic Macs: This week was another great week for the micmacs! We had a great trip day to the movies and bowling followed by a week of fun activities.  Yesterday we had a big division event called “Messiest Activity Ever.” We found gummy bears in whipped cream, skittles in flour and ended with a giant micmac egg toss.  We also got to perform the dances we have been working on all summer with Elicia dance at the camp dance recital. We are so excited for BPN on Saturday. We can’t wait to show the rest of camp all our hard work! – Allison

Junior Boys: Another spectacular week for the junior boys! Not only have we been rocking it out at activities—everything from archery and soccer to the climbing tower and horseback riding—but we’ve also had excellent special events. At the Carnival, we loved playing in a huge bouncy-castle waterslide, hanging out with mimes, and trying to win carnie games run by our leadership trainees. On Monday for night activity, we line-danced and sang along with a hilarious hoedown band, doing the Cowboy Walk and hearing different types of string banjos and wood instruments. On trip day, we went to the movies, to see either Hotel Transylvania 3 or the new Teen Titans movie, and afterward hit the bowling alley for glow in the dark bowling. We’re having an amazing time and can’t wait for Superhero Day and Tribals around the corner! – Berg

Junior Girls: The girls have had another wonderful week here at camp! The week was full of so much fun and excitement, the girls this week “snuck out” with their counselors to the hockey courts and old basketball for some great bunk bonding time, and star gazing! The girls had a great time eating their cookies under the stars looking for all the constellations they could. The LT’s then put on an amazing carnival with so many different games, and activities such as face painting, fortune telling, dancing to some of the best tunes, cookie decorating and so much more! The girls then put on their dancing shoes, and plaid for a night of line dancing and a wonderful hoedown! The girls got to learn some new line dances and enjoy some classics such as the cupid shuffle, and cotton eye joe! And on trip day the girls went to see a movie and then go bowling! The girls had the option to see Hotel Transylvania 3 or Teen Titans! Both of which the girls had a blast seeing and to add to the excitement they were able to have their favorite movie snacks, and right after were off to bowling. Bowling was a great time where they got to listen to blasting music while having the neon lights and black lights on in the alley. Thanks for reading! – Maria

Middle Boys: We had another AMAZING week here at Schodack! The middle boys had a fun packed week, starting off with alumni day. So many of our campers got to see some old friendly faces around camp, as so many of their former counselors came back to say hello and bring some unexpected excitement to the weekend. The following day we had such an amazing afternoon with the LT’s putting on a wonderful carnival! There were tons of games, and activities such as cookie decorating, basketball, dancing, mimes running around, face painting, fortune telling, and so much more! Then Monday night everyone put on their best plaid and cowboy boots for the hoedown, where we learned line dancing of all kinds to current and past time favorites! Then trip day came around and we went to bowling and a movie! Bowling was a blast as black lights were going, the lanes were lit up, and music was blasting! And to end the day we had a thrilling time at the movies where the boys went and saw Ant Man and the Wasp or Hotel Transylvania 3! As they came out the campers were left with excitement and joy from watching such great movies and having their favorite snacks! And as the week is coming to a close the boys are working hard on perfecting their BPN for this weekend! – Kaish

Middle Girls: It has been such an incredible week for the Middle Girls Division! The girls have been having a blast with their hush buddies, writing clues and giving gifts like drawings and string bracelets to their friends in other bunks. They are all looking forward to the big reveal in the next couple of days! It has been so nice watching the girls get fully into the swing of second session; despite a couple of rainy days, the girls have been enjoying a normal camp schedule and loving all of their favorite activities (gymnastics, lake, swim, and arts & crafts being some of the most popular). The girls have also worked hard preparing for last night’s s dance recital, where each bunk performed a routine from their dance sessions! Things are about to get crazy for the home stretch here at camp, with the Variety Show, BPN, and Tribals coming up around the corner. We can’t wait to finish the summer on a high. – Halle

Upper Boys: Scho-dack Fam-i-ly!!! I hope you all have been enjoying your week. We sure have.  The highlight reel of the past seven days is phenomenal. Night Activities was definitely where the most activity was this week (no pun intended…ok it was slightly intended). Just a few nights ago, we threw on some flannels and bandanas and had ourselves a good old fashioned hoedown. I must admit some of the boys were apprehensive at first but after five minutes we were all in the swing things, learning some new moves. If I had to pick my favorite day of the week however, it would definitely be today. With the LT’s away in Canada Senior Camp stepped up to the plate and volunteered to serve the meals. I beamed with pride as we set up the dining hall flawlessly, serve the meal efficiently, and cleaned up pristinely. The future of the LT Program is for sure in good hands. This next week should only get more exciting as I have another Senior Boy Special Event Day up my sleeve. Can’t wait to fill you guys in, until next time… – Uncle Ro

Upper Girls: Another incredible week for the Senior Girls! We spiced things up Sunday night with our first-ever Senior Division Debate Night, hosted by myself and Pharoah! We split into 12 teams and debated hot-button issues such as “Should camp build a second tunnel?” and “Should senior campers have to compete against the LTs in Triple Crown events?” The healthy, good-spirited competition lifted everyone’s energy throughout the fifth week. Wednesday, we got rained into the Rec Hall for a movie afternoon, and Thursday night we played Just a Minute to test our improvisation skills and enjoyed stop times to quiet down at the end of a rainy week. We’re so excited for Bunk Plaque Night this Saturday (all of the girls’ BPNs are phenomenal!) and to launch into end-of-season special activities! – Shira

Here is a copy of today’s Schodack Scoop and some other pics from the week:


The Chinook Boys getting ready to play the very popular game of 9-Square.







The Senior 3 Girls getting ready for a fantastic day of activities up in the 12123.










The Naskopi Boys getting creative in Arts & Crafts.





The Chinook Girls and the Art Staff having a great time.
















Senior Boys playing some hoops in the Garden.


Division Head Allison Worms leads the Mic Macs in a special event!